Palestinian Islamic Jihad leaders admit missiles came from Iran

Act of war. More on this story. “Palestinian Islamic Jihad Leaders Admit Missiles Came from Iran,” from MEMRI, November 16:

Following are excerpts from TV reports featuring leaders of Palestinian Islamic Jihad, which aired on various channels between November 15-20, 2012.

Al-Jazeera TV, November 20, 2012:

Palestinian Islamic Jihad leader Ramadhan Abdallah Shalah: With regard to the Iranian position — even if we have disagreements with Iran regarding the situation in Syria, I don’t think that we, as the Palestinian resistance, have disagreements with Iran regarding what is happening in Palestine, or regarding the Zionist aggression against the Gaza Strip. With regard to Palestine, we are in complete agreement with Iran. Iran has given us all the aid and all the support. The weapons that are fighting the Israeli aggression and arrogance in Palestine come mainly from Iran, as the entire world knows. This is no secret. These are either Iranian weapons or weapons financed by Iran.


Al-Alam TV, November 19, 2012:

Palestinian Islamic Jihad Deputy Secretary-General Ziyad Nakhala: We are on the brink of a great victory, Allah willing. This is a new stage in the conflict with the Zionist enterprise.

Show host: Do you believe that the missiles have changed the equation?

Ziyad Nakhala: Absolutely. This wonderful weapon has proven its significant role in battle. The missiles have changed the balance of power, and have proven to Israel that we can shell their cities like they shell ours, and that we can shell their military camps like they shell our children.

Show host: Are you firing the Fajr-3 and Fajr-5 missiles? Do you have these missiles?

Ziyad Nakhala: Absolutely. These missiles have restored the honor of the Palestinian people. We received these missiles from our allies and brothers in the Islamic Republic. They have generally given us these missiles, exerting great effort. These missiles have changed the equation in this conflict.


Mayadeen TV, November 15, 2012:

Show host: Are the Fajr-5 missiles produced locally or brought from outside Palestinian lands?

Palestinian Islamic Jihad leader Sheikh Khaled Al-Batsh: These missiles are 100% Iranian made, and are part of the legitimate aid that the Islamic Republic provides to the Palestinian people. This is well known and was announced in the media.

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  1. says

    Do the pales have a missile making plant/factory?
    Looks as if they have one. Because their mentor Iran says it only transferred Fajr-5 missile technology to Gaza as per IRGC chief .

    The commander of the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps has said that Iran did not supply Gaza with a Fajr-5 missile but transferred the technology to manufacture it to the Palestinians, who are currently facing a relentless Israeli military onslaught.

    Major General Mohammad Ali Jafari made the remarks in an interview with reporters in Tehran on Wednesday when asked if Iran had given Hamas Fajr-5 missiles, which were recently launched from Gaza into Israel.

    “We did not directly send these missiles to Gaza, but its technology was transferred from Iran to the resistance, and a large number of these missiles are being manufactured,” he added.

    Asked if Iran sends weaponry to Gaza, Jafari stated, “Iran provides technological assistance to help the world’s Muslims and the oppressed so that they can stand up to tyrants and the hegemonistic system, and what we did in Gaza was based on the same approach.”

    “We cannot send missiles to Gaza but have transferred the technology to all oppressed nations, including Gaza,” he added.

    Replying to a question about whether Iran is opposed to ceasefire between Gaza and Israel, Jafari said, “We want a ceasefire that will be in favor of the people of Gaza.”