Petraeus to testify about Benghazi after all

The story says he will be asked about Broadwell’s possible intelligence breaches. And so this affair could still end up overshadowing the key question that he should be asked: if you didn’t order the CIA to “stand down” and not defend the U.S. consulate in Benghazi, who did?

“Petraeus to testify before Congress about Sept. 11 attack in Libya,” by Anne Gearan in the Washington Post, November 14 (thanks to Anne Crockett):

Former CIA director David H. Petraeus has agreed to testify to Congress about the Sept. 11 attack in Libya, keeping appointments made before he resigned in disgrace over an extramarital affair.

The appearance will reportedly take place Thursday behind closed doors. But his visit to Capitol Hill will mark Petraeus”s first time in the public view since he resigned Friday.

He is likely to be asked “” both by reporters on his way in and by lawmakers “” about any possible intelligence breaches involving his biographer, Paula Broadwell. Law enforcement officials said Broadwell is the woman with whom the retired general has acknowledged having an affair.

The FBI searched Broadwell’s home this week, seeking copies of classified documents that investigators have said she possessed. Both Petraeus and Broadwell have denied to investigators that he was the source of any classified information, officials have said.

Senate Intelligence Committee Chairwoman Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) told reporters Wednesday that Petraeus has agreed to testify. After his sudden resignation, acting CIA Director Michael Morell had been tapped to appear in Petreaus”s place.

“Gen. Petraeus is willing to come before the committee and the details will be worked out,” Feinstein said.

Several news outlets reported that Petraeus will appear as originally scheduled at closed-door sessions Thursday for the House and Senate intelligence committees. The subject is the deadly attack on the U.S. mission and a CIA base in the Libyan city of Benghazi.

Susan Phalen, spokeswoman for the House Intelligence Committee, said no appearance is confirmed. The Senate Intelligence Committee would not confirm the reports, but a Senate source said an announcement of Petraeus”s appearance is planned for later Wednesday.

Lawmakers of both parties have said they wanted to hear from Petraeus directly, despite his departure. Petraeus had a hand in shaping the Obama administration narrative of the attack, which shifted from a protest gone wrong to an organized terrorist assault. Petraeus also recently visited Libya on a fact-finding mission.

Sen. Susan Collins (R-Maine) said it was “absolutely imperative” that Congress hear from Petraeus.

“There are so many unanswered questions at this point,” Collins told ABC News on Tuesday. “He has a great deal of information that we need in order to understand what went wrong.”…

Petraeus testifies that CIA reported al-Qaeda involvement in Benghazi attack, but that line was removed
Obama's First Political Prisoner "” on The Glazov Gang
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    But congress may have to issue subpoenas to others in the administrative loop since they appear to be avoiding it. Namely Clinton,Clapper,Panetta,and Rice for starts.

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    “Gen. Petraeus is willing to come before the committee and the details will be worked out,” Feinstein said.

    I’m sure the details have already been worked out…They have had more than a month to get their stories straight…

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    I’ll give the Republicans this much: They will try and do the right thing, whether they succeed or not is another matter. The Democrats, by contrast, will obfuscate and, once again, put the interests of their party above those of the nation. During Watergate, many Republicans (e.g., Barry Goldwater) went to the White House and told Nixon he had to resign. No Democrat told Clinton, who perjured himself, suborned perjury and obstructed justice during the Whitewater/Lewinsky investigation, he had to resign. A greater contrast would be hard to find.

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    What a joke. Petraeus deserves the Ambassador Stevens treatment at the hands of Muslims for all the US blood he is personally responsible for spilling. He is the one responsible for the “hearts and minds’ strategy that has gotten thousands of US soldiers killed and horribly maimed for no end-success purpose whatsoever.

    This is all just a big game. These Congressional hearings mean nothing. The man is a traitor. He should serve life in prison.

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    Who is capable of trusting either Petraeus or Congress?

    Trusting Republicans to do the right things is like trusting Gary Hart was doing the right thing with Susan Rice on “Monkey Business.”

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    Wow the circus is in town with obama and petraeus both *MOCKING* our country and failing to defend her borders in Libya. Good leadership is key and this cannot be found in either of these men. What, are good and decent men truly that hard to find?

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    Here we have the MSM all over this story regarding petraeus and his mistress broadwell; yet their silence was deafening over the attack in Libya being carried out by al-qaeda terrorists. No surprise that the MSM has obama’s sorry back.

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    Petraeus just may redeem himself if he, first, testifies that the White House and State Department and Panetta lied, lied, lied, and second, if he comes right out and says, yes, the White House blackmailed me into toeing the party line. Third, he could also say that the White House, the State Department, Panetta, and others in the administration hate the military and that they are trying to conduct a purge of officers whom they do not like. “Night of the Long Knives,” anyone?

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    Did you guys know that the Petraeus mistress, Jill Kelley, is a “Lebanese American” and that her middle name is “Khawam”?

    You think that’s just a coincidence?

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    “And the Vietnam war was a just cause for the US, eh JWatch readers?”

    Why don’t you drag in Watergate, Hiroshima & Nagasaki, the “genocide” of American Indians, the Trans-Atlantic slave trade, witch burnings, Galileo’s trial, the Inquisition and the Crusades, while you’re trying to derail off topic? Might as well, the more the merrier.