Pro-Hamas, anti-Israeli protest at U.S. Embassy in Malaysia

Another Friday, another day to somehow misconstrue the Religion of PeaceTM, Tolerance and 
Moderation also known as Islam. This time, Malaysian jihadists and their supporters marched to the US Embassy to protest the existence of Israel and its recent self-defense measures against Hamas and Palestinian aggression. From “Group protests against Israeli raids on Gaza at US Embassy”, The Star, 17 November 2012:
Shout for peace: Protesters marching towards the US Embassy at Jalan Tun Razak in Kuala Lumpur.

KUALA LUMPUR: A group of people staged a peaceful demonstration in
front of the United States’ embassy to protest Israel’s recent military
attacks against civilians in Gaza.

The group included members from the Pertubuhan Ikram Malaysia (Ikram) [Islamic Union], Pertubuhan Himpunan Lepasan Institusi Pendidikan [Union of Postgraduates of the Institute of Education] Malaysia and Aqsa Syarif and the public.

Marching from the Tabung Haji building to the embassy, they assembled at 1.50pm
for about 40 minutes outside the embassy, carrying banners and posters
declaring “End Gaza Killing”, “Boycott Goods of Israel and Allies” and
“Crush Israel”.

“Crush Israel.” Feel the Islamic warmth, love, moderation and peace!

Ikram deputy president Dr Mohamed Hatta Shaharom said the gathering was to protest against the recent Israeli military raids on Gaza.

Israeli air raids in Gaza over the past two days had taken the lives of
21 Palestinians, including six children and a pregnant woman.

in Bangi, Islamic Relief Malaysia urged Malaysians to support the Gaza
Emergency Medical Aid Fund set up to channel medical assistance directly
to the victims of the Israeli military raids.

Its country
director Zairulshahfuddin Zainal Abidin said the Islamic Relief network
aimed to collect some US$1mil (about RM3.07mil) worldwide to provide
medical and other supplies for hospitals in Gaza.

In a related development, Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Raza has received a telephone call from Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi to discuss the latest Israeli military assaults and air strikes in Gaza.

In the 15-minute conversation yesterday, both of them expressed their desire to work closely to end the current violence in Gaza, said a
statement from the Prime Minister’s Office.

Both countries also agreed to get international power brokers to influence Israel to stop its military aggression, it said.

You mean all 56 Muslim countries and all 1.5 billion Muslims are themselves too powerless–at least for now–to stop a small country of a few million recalcitrant Jews? 

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    If Israel was coming off worse in this Islamically inspired military conflict, would there be a rush to find peace brokers? Not on your life!


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    One thing that is always present in the clash between Israel and the Palestinian factions, No matter who was the aggressor,or who fired the first shots Muslims will instinctively always accuse Israel of being the aggressor.

    In the court of public opinion in the Muslim World apparently Hamas can do no wrong even though they have thrown over 500 rockets at Israels civilian population in the last week. The causalities would be at least 10 fold in Israel if it weren’t for the incredible technology of the Iron dome shield against the barrage of rockets.

    Israel is now in the greatest danger yet as it deals with the longer range Fajr 5 rocket that can easily reach Tel Aviv and already has. The Fajr 5 has also came close to Jerucsalem with its 72 Km range from coming from Northern gaza.

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    It is a sad commentary that we have so many in our Western Culture that are easily susceptible to the never ending barrage of propaganda that flows from Hamas and the Islamic World.

    The few times I have had words with those on the left, it is always clear that they reflect very little knowledge about what truly goes on over there between the Palestinians and Israel.

    One fellow got mad at me a few months ago when I asked him to locate Israel on the map after he had berated Israel for about 5 minutes, he refused to point it out saying it didn’t really matter where Israel was,—huh?. He did not even realize that Israel is so tiny that it is smaller then a postage stamp on a large envelope and it is completely surrounded by Islamic Countries–then We dropped it from there.

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    These morons Malaysians are willing to live under the yoke of Arab imperialism and don’t even know it. They have forgotten their own cultural heritage and have become slaves of Arabs.

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    V S Naipaul absolutely nails it in the chapters on Malaysia in his two books ‘Among the Believers’ and ‘Beyond Belief’.

    And in the other chapters, too, the ones on Indonesia, Iran and Pakistan: all non-Arab countries that are annihilating themselves, their pre-Islamic history and identity, under the spell of the Arab Imperial Religion, in order to become clones of the Muslim version of ‘being-Arab’.

    Both sad and horrible.

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    Yeah, those two were great books V S Naipaul wrote. If Muslims of these non-Arab countries (Egypt, Iran, Indonesia, Pakistan, and of course Malaysia) read the books and understand what they have lost by becoming slaves of Arabs it might do them some good and regain their humanity!!