Raymond Ibrahim: Muhammad, the Sexual Superman

Over at FrontPage Mag (via RaymondIbrahim.com), I discuss the supernatural libido attributed to the prophet of Islam and what that says about Islam:

Apparently the prophet of Islam, Muhammad, was something of a sexual superman””indeed, possessing the sexual appetite and potency of 4,000 mortal men.

According to Islam’s most trusted and traditional sources, the story is as follows: Muhammad used to visit and have sex with his nine wives in a single hour (other accounts indicate 11 wives in a single hour). This averages to about six minutes per wife (not counting traveling time from tent to tent). When one of Muhammad’s companions wondered at the prophet’s superhuman feats of libido and speed, another companion, the famous Anas, responded that the prophet had the potency of 40 men.

This account was deemed authentic enough to include in Sahih Bukhari””the most canonical hadith collection, second in authority only to the Quran itself””meaning that mainstream Islam accepts it as fact.

But alas, the matter doesn’t just end there.

Another, more fabulous, account says that Muhammad had the strength of 40 “heavenly men–”each of whom are said to have the strength of 100 mortal men. Strength for what, exactly? In the words of Islam’s prophet, “a [heavenly] man will be given the strength of a hundred men to eat, drink, feel desire [i.e., libido], and have sexual intercourse.”

Thus, according to Islam, when he was alive on earth, Muhammad had the sexual lust and potency of 40 “heavenly men,” which is equivalent to 4,000 mortal men.

Lest the reader think all this a joke (or a “hoax”), here is a video of popular Muslim preacher Sheikh Mahmoud al-Misri confirming all the above…

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  1. says

    From the article:
    “Incidentally, any Muslim offended by all this should consider: Who is truly responsible for defaming the prophet of Islam”people like me, for translating and sharing the texts of Islam and the teachings of its clerics, or the texts and clerics of Islam themselves?”

    This reminds me of another great article?
    “Who defame the Prophet?”


  2. says

    Jeepers, if old mo the pervert were alive today, he’d put Hugh Hefner to shame. Mo made up a “religion” to justify his perving, murdering, robbing, lying, raping, megalomaniacal ways.

    So, sorry, Mr. Spencer, I cannot agree with you that izlum is a “religion”. Mo dreamt up a total belief system and used “religion” to cover up the real reason he needed to in order to advance his sick fantasies into reality. I really believe it is as simple as that.

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    ”Muhammad used to visit and have sex with his nine wives in a single hour (other accounts indicate 11 wives in a single hour). This averages to about **six minutes** ( my emphasis, Jan ) per wife (not counting traveling time from tent to tent).

    Goodness. I think ”slam, bang, thank you ma’am” about covers it !

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    Ladies and gentlemen.


    Gunung Semeru, apparently stung to the quick by the hint (in psychologist Sennels’ article cited by me, above) that ‘Arab’ (that is, Arab *Muslim*) men are inadequate sexually, INSTANTLY responds with a reflexive tu quoque insult aimed at non-Muslim men, specifically (since he knows I am Australian, though possibly hasn’t figured out I am an Australian *female) Australians. He claims that *Ozzie men according to the muslimah prostitutes in Bali are to [sic] drunk to jig a jig, and stink of alcohol”.

    ‘Muslimah prostittutes in Bali?’

    That’s interesting, given that Bali’s population, last I heard, was officially about 93 percent Hindu, 2 percent other, and exactly 5 percent Muslim. If the ‘religio-cultural’ background of prostitutes in Bali mirrors that of the general population, one would expect that the typical or average prostitute in Bali (that is, nine out of ten of them) would be non-Muslim. But since Sennels’ story involved non-Muslim prostitutes criticising the sexual performance of Muslim men, gs has to reverse it by a story of Muslim prostitutes criticising the sexual performance of non-Muslim men. Why?

    Why would ‘gunung semeru’ who has sought to pose here as a British patriot and critic of Islam, feel such an instant and reflexive need to defend the honour of Arab Muslim men, or distract readers from the contemplation of their possible inadequacy, by making a counter-claim about the inadequacy of Australian non-Muslim men?

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    Why any woman would want to have sex with probably the most revolting and evil man that ever lived I will never understand …ew it’s like becoming one with the devil himself. How gross!

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    Balinese society is complaining about the arrival of prostitutes from East Java who are disrupting existing cultural norms. Not only they operate illegally in public places, but they have even entered rural villages… Since the lokalisasi Brothel complexes in East Java were destroyed and burned by the mass, hundreds of WTS started their exodus to Bali to restart their business since Bali is considered a safe place.

    it has been estimated that this month about 700 prostitutes from East Java have begun to practice in tourist locations such as Kuta Sanur and Semawang. Besides working in closed places, such as hotels, bars and karaokes, they also operate on the streets, even in small hamlets… As a result there are now many illegal prostitution places… The daring and indecent attitude of these prostitutes is causing uneasiness among the people since they do not know and respect Hinduism and do not care if children watch their deeds… (Jawa Pos, l998e).


    For example, PKBI in Lampung noted that a large number of the women working as sex workers in that area were from rural West and East Java (Interview, 2002). Likewise, a government source in East Kalimantan indicated that the bulk of women working at the Kilometer 10 and Kilometer 17 lokalisasi were from rural East Java (Interviews, 2002).

    Religion: Given that the majority of the population is Muslim, it is not surprising to find many sex workers of the Islamic faith. However, women of other faiths are also represented in the sex sector.

    • Of the 631 sex workers surveyed in Bali, 95% of women were Muslim (Ford et al., 2000).

    • In a survey of sex workers in Papua, 50% of the sex workers in the entertainment business were from the predominantly Christian province of North Sulawesi and about 75% of sex workers in brothels were from the predominantly Muslim province of East Java (Wiebel & Safika, 2001:)


  7. says

    Yes DDA I am aware you are female.

    You quote Nicolai Sennels, without doing any research about muslim males.

    According to a new Danish research article, which has received international attention it looks like what Nicolai Sennels quote is the opposite to reality.

    If a man is circumcised, he faces an increased risk of experiencing delayed orgasm, and his female partner has an increased risk of not feeling sexually fulfilled.

    This is the clear-cut conclusion of a new Danish research article, which has received international attention.

    Some 5,000 sexually active men and women were surveyed about their experiences and possible problems with their sex lives. With a specific focus on circumcised men and their women, the results are startling.

    “Circumcised men are three times as likely to experience a frequent inability to reach an orgasm,” says one of the researchers, Associate Professor Morten Frisch from Danish research enterprise SSI.

    Research into the effects on women is unique
    This is one of only a few studies of the sexual consequences of male circumcision, and in one area in particular it is groundbreaking:

    “Previous studies into male circumcision have looked at the effects it has on the men. But scientists have never really studied the effects this has on the women’s sex lives,” says Frisch.

    “It appears that women with circumcised men are twice as likely to be sexually frustrated. They experience a three-fold risk of frequent difficulties in achieving orgasm, and an eight-fold risk of feeling pain during intercourse – also known as dyspareunia.”

    Circumcised men prefer it rough

    The study has received international attention. Politicians from California, for example, have been in contact with the researchers because they want to ban circumcision in their federal state. (Photo: Colourbox)
    There appears to be a very simple reason why circumcised men and their partners are having problems with their sex lives.

    The circumcised man develops a thin layer of hard skin on his penis head, which decreases the sensitivity. This means that in order to reach an orgasm, he needs to work harder at it, and that can lead to a painful experience for the woman.


    And as for Bali, it looks like you quoted Wiki.

    Unlike most of Muslim-majority Indonesia, about 93.18% of Bali’s population adheres to Balinese Hinduism, formed as a combination of existing local beliefs and Hindu influences from mainland Southeast Asia and South Asia. Minority religions include Islam (4.79%), Christianity (1.38%), and Buddhism (0.64%). These figures do not include immigrants from other parts of Indonesia.

    When I say prostitutes in Bali, the area they are to be found is Denpassar/Kuta.

    The population of Denpassar/Kuta is about 788,445 with approximately 68.4% of the population Hindu. Now for the scary part, At least 300 thousand Muslims who have become permanent residents in Bali do not have identity cards, and most of these live in the city of Denpasar. Then you have the seasonal workers.