Robert Spencer: David Petraeus and the New Style of American Politics


At PJ Media this morning I discuss the ill new wind blowing in American politics. This whole episode is reminiscent of the fate of Hitler’s Minister of War, Field Marshal Werner von Blomberg. Blomberg was one of the most sycophantic supporters of Hitler in the entire German military; it was he, not Hitler, who originated the loyalty oath that German soldiers took to Hitler personally, rather than to the German state. But by 1938 he had fallen out of favor for opposing (on tactical, not philosophical grounds) Hitler’s plans to start wars across Europe and thereby seize huge expanses of territory. Hitler was able to force him into early retirement and exile after his marriage to a much younger woman who turned out to have a sordid past, including posing for pornographic photos and possibly even prostitution.

After ridding himself of Blomberg and the Commander-in-Chief of the army, Werner von Fritsch (who was at the same time accused of homosexuality), Hitler thoroughly reorganized the German military, bringing it firmly under his control — and that had been the objective all along, not any genuine concern for the moral character of Blomberg or Fritsch. Are Petraeus and Allen the Blomberg and Fritsch of the Obama Administration?

“David Petraeus and the New Style of American Politics,” from PJ Media today:

If you
believe David Petraeus really resigned as CIA director over an
extramarital affair, you probably also believe that Muhammad filmmaker
Mark Basseley Youssef is in prison because of a parole violation. It is
much more likely that both Petraeus and Youssef herald the dawning of a
new style in American politics — or else Barack Obama is the luckiest
man alive.

It has already been widely noted that the timing of Petraeus”s
resignation was perfect for Barack Obama: on the same day that the House
Foreign Affairs Committee announced that it would be calling the CIA
director to testify about the ever-widening Benghazi scandal, he
abruptly resigned over an extramarital affair. Now Petraeus won’t be
testifying, and one of the most important witnesses as to what really
happened when jihadists attacked the U.S. consulate in Benghazi, and who
ordered those who would have defended Ambassador Chris Stevens and his
colleagues to “stand down,” has been removed from the scene. Petraeus
had already said that he issued no such order, which makes it strongly
likely that Obama himself did so; but now Petraeus won’t be around to
say so one way or the other.

Obama was just as lucky that Mark Basseley Youssef, the apparent
producer of the Muhammad video that Muslims blamed for their recent
international orgy of riots and murders, turned out to be a marginal
character with a criminal record. Obama, Secretary of State Clinton, and
other Obama administration officials denounced the film repeatedly and
vehemently, but according to Charles Woods,
father of Navy SEAL Tyrone Woods, who was killed in Benghazi, Clinton
went even farther, saying of the Muhammad filmmaker: “We”re going to
have that person arrested and prosecuted.” But there was just one
insuperable obstacle to this Sharia-compliant scenario: the First
Amendment “โ€ until, lo and behold, it turned out that Youssef was on
probation and that one of the conditions of his probation was that he
not use the Internet. And so now he is serving a year in prison for the
probation violation.

The Feds got Al Capone for tax evasion when they couldn’t make more
serious charges stick, and when they couldn’t imprison Youssef for
violating Sharia blasphemy laws, they got him for violating probation.
Or maybe Mark Basseley Youssef really did have the bad luck to land
probation officers who were unusually scrupulous. Maybe it is just a
total coincidence that suddenly they decided that this probation
violation was the one that they could not and would not tolerate, while
untold numbers of other violators of probation still roam free today.

There is more.

Obama's First Political Prisoner "โ€ on The Glazov Gang
More blue-on-blue revelations: General Allen had "inappropriate communications" with Petraeus mistress's rival
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    There is no reason to continue defending Petraeus. A man holding such fatally important position should know how to control himself. Shame on those who defend him out of political affiliation. You must not call bad good. It’s asinine.

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    The Blomberg-Fritsch crisis was used by Hitler to rid him of his useful idiots.

    That’s their fate, the usefulness is drained and only the idiot remains.

    However they did live. Compared with what we’d now call the SA’s top management they got off easy.

    I refer to ‘The Night of the Long Knives’, during which any and every man who was in a position to organise opposition to Hitler and more importantly Himmler’s SS, namely the SA was bumped off.

    This included it’s head, Ernst Roehm, a flamboyant, freebooting homosexual who aided Hitler’s rise to power immensely.

    Once out of favour his homosexuality, completely overlooked during the useful period, was suddenly verboten and for that ostensible shift of judgement he was summarily executed by the SS in his prison cell.

    Obama’s single minded ruthlessness knows no friends, merely assets in his arsenal of power and the only survivors will be the old cadre of uber-loyalists, Jarret, Power and the Chicago claque.

    He’s not executing people in cells yet but if Petraeus stonewalls completely we all know the reason why.

    If I were him I’d keep a close eye on my pet rabbit and an even closer eye on my back.

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    Good riddance Petraeus. Last year, as the commander of the US troops in Afghanistan, he had publically appealed to that little pastor in Florida, Rev. Terry Jones, to not burn Qur’ans. And just 2 months ago, when the anti-video jihad erupted, and Rev. Jones spoke out again, condemning the Muslims’ rabidity, THE top US military man, Chairman of Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Martin Dempsey, had PERSONALLY PHONED (!) Rev. Jones and urged him to alter his opinions (!!!). WHAT business do the generals have to interfere with a citizen’s freedom of speech?! One gets a sense that they would dearly want to become a military junta over us here in the US and ban us from saying ANYTHING that ANY Muslim won’t like. And in his memoirs “American Soldier” Gen. Tommy Franks, a former Commander of Central Command in charge of all military operations in the entire Middle East readily volunteers that every time he visited Saudi Arabia and other Arab Muslim tyrannies, he would whip out his pasport and show to his Muslim hosts (masters) that it does not bear an Israeli stamp, because he had never visited Israel. The servitude-dhimmitude toward the Muslims is so prevalent and commonplace in the top ranks of the US military that he does not even find anything embarrassing in admitting to it! And as the next Commander of Central Command in charge of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, Petraeus blamed his setbacks in those countries on … Israel (!!!) (“Israel keeps making the Muslims mad, so what can we do?”). This was his frantic cry to the Muslims: “Please, please don’t hate us! Hate Israel!”. The Central Command, in charge of fighting terrorism, that invited the highest-ranking leaders of the genocidal Islamic Jihad in the US to lecture them on the Islam and Islamic world! Sami al-Arian, THE top leader of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad in the US, Khalil Shikaki, a brother of the overall top leader of Islamic Jihad Fathi Shikaki, and Ramadan Shallah who eventually succeded Fathi Shikaki after he was done in by Israel on Oct. 26, 1995. The Trio From Hell had incorporated 2 twin “scholarly” Muslim “non-profits” ICP and WISE in Tampa, then obtained a contract with the University of South Florida and began “educating” students there AND the top generals and other military personnel at Central Command that was supposed to fight terrorism. Educated by hard-core, high-ranking murderous, genocidal Islamic terrorists! Steven Emerson tells the full story in detail in his book “American Jihad”.
    With those Four-Star Whores in command of our US military, no wonder we have lost wars in both Iraq and Afghanistan. And the CIA are even worse. The former CIA director and Defense Secretary Robert Gates had immediatelly joined Petraeus in blaming US defeats in Iraq and Afghanistan on Israel! He has some nerve! As Deputy CIA director, then acting CIA director, then CIA director, it was HE, Gates who was in charge of Afghanistan jihad against my Old Country Russia. HE created bin Laden and al-Qaida. With conciliatory Gorbachev in charge, the Soviet Union had appealed to the US as early as 1987: “Ok, we give up! We are quitting! But let us join together in finding a political solution in Afghanistan. Let us try to install there a more-or-less conventional government, not Islamic fundamentalists who are not only our enemies, but yours as well”. But Gates and the rest of Reagan clique, and the Bush I clique that came next, did not want to here it! They did not want to make arrangements with the Soviet Union! They wanted to go down in history as the ones who defeated it! The US kept arming the jihadis even after the Russians had pulled out. The Russian-installed president Najibullah of Afghanistan kept reaching out to the US with desperate pleas for friendship, but the US was not interested. It wanted a “clear-cut victory” that will look good in history books. It had achieved the “clear-cut victory” in 1996, when the jihadis took Kabul, captured Najibullah and his brother, bloodily battered and tortured them, castrated them, and hanged them from electrical power pylons near a traffic circle. The whole story is described accuratelly and in great detail in the book “Ghost Wars” by Steve Coll.
    And guess who are now dealing with those very jihadis? Who are dealing with al-Qaida, the Haqqanni network, Gulbuddin Hekmatyar and the Taliban? Instead of acknowledging the dramatic lessons of Afghanistan and admitting his own responsibility for the disaster, sociopath Gates is now trying to dump all the blame on … Israel! Hypocrisy is not just his second nature, it is his only nature!
    He is not alone in the denial about the lessons of Afghanistan. The State Dept., the entire Obama administration continue repeating them! AND getting the same kind of results! AND lying and denying about them! Blaming it all on the video and that little guy Nakoula!
    But this is what has actually happen:
    1) The Obama administration had resolutely sided with “the Arab Spring” jihad in Libya, intervening militarily on the jihadis’ side and helping them to seize power;
    2) Ambassador Christopher Stevens went out of his way helping the jihadis;
    3) The usual “gratitude” from the jihadis. Sensing that he is at risk of suffering Gaddhafi’s fate, Stevens began frantically asking the Obama administration for security;
    4) The Obama administration, totally wedded to the idea of being on the good side of the Muslims, refused, terrified of offending the jihadis by the very presense of American troops;
    5) The carefully planned jihad attack commenced on 9/11, a symbolic day for all jihadis. Stevens’ calls for help became frantic. Still, the administration refused to send any troops or readily available armed drones. The CIA at the nearby annex were ordered to “stand down”. They, too, were soon attacked. There were no “video protests” during the whole thing, Obama administration’s lies nonwithstanding.
    This is the truth Obama administration dearly wants to keep from coming out. Yes, it was a very convenient timing for them that Paula Boardwell had suddenly started an e-mail catfight with Jill Kelley, “another woman close to Petreaus”. What, was he cheating on his mistress with yet another mistress?! The FBI became involved, Petreaus’ adultery became public, and he had resigned in disgrace. Conveniently.
    Still, the Obama administration refuses to learn the lessons that came from aiding jihad against anyone, anywhere. The same Hillary Clinton who posed smiling and flashing a victory sign with the future murderers of Amb. Stevens and 3 other Americans, had just had another photo-op hugging Hashim Thaci, the leader of the rabidly racist, sadisic, genocidal Kosovar Albanian KLA terrorists, the biggest drug dealers in Europe, the creators and runners of the biggest child sex-slave industry in the world, the evil people who had butchered hundreds of captive civilians to extract and sell their organs. Still aiding Muslim terrorists everywhere. Such is the abominable reality in our United States of America, England and other Western democracies:

    There’s one good thing, though: Sen. Dianne Feinstein, D-Calif. says she will call Petraeus to testify under oath before Congress on Benghazi anyway. Good of her, all the more so because she is a Democrat. Maybe, just maybe, the true story about this will be exposed before the American people, who MUST know about this travesty brought about by the all-pervasive dhimmitude of Obama administration.

    Ruslan Tokhchukov, EnragedSince1999.

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    While we’re wondering, it has been said that Mrs. Kelly liked to “socialize” โ€“ wonder, what was the political bent of those she socialized with?

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    Let’s not get too paranoid here.
    A CIA top honcho who is sleeping around, unless incredibly discreetly, is a fool, and you just can’t have a fool in that position.
    Don’t think for a minute that this has anything to do Obama wanting him out, or any such devious bs.
    And totally put off by that British creep on CNN who keeps whipping up the histeria.

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    Just read that the Florida gal involved in the affair, and her twin sister who also has a thing for the senior military, are the daughters of immigrants from Lebanon.

    Not automatically a problem, but certainly sends my antenna crazy.

    Both these ladies have spent, so i read, millions, to the point of virtually bankrupting their families, on giving super parties, champagne, string quartets, expensive expensive affairs, for seniour military people.

    Sounds like a lot more going on that sex.
    Very worrying.

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    Here’s something that buttresses the idea that Jill Kelley is a Putin mole exploited by Obama with full knowledge of her capacity to do damage control over Benghazi. I’m betting also that she is a sleep-around skank who has her claws in officers at MacDill AFB and beyond. Notice the silly grin on Petraeus’s face. Greenfield makes a very good point, saying that Lebanese Christians are as trustworthy as Libyan “revolutionaries.” Also, the whole Abedin/Hillary Clinton teacup storm is now forgotten. And, frankly, I longer view the FBI as an independent “crime-fighting” federal entity. It has become an American Gestapo with der Fuhrer defining what is a crime and what isn’t.

    It’s also likely that she’s a Brotherhood mole, as well. In power politics, especially when statists and socialists and other power-lusters are in the saddle, anything is possible.

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    Y’know, it really doesn’t do our cause much good when we repeat stupid stuff we hear on TV without checking it out or even subjecting it to the smell test first. By what stretch of the imagination does “quit your job” == “ignore this supoena”? I don’t know who started this rumor*, but it doesn’t even make sense. Does anyone think that Congress is going say: “Oh, he’s going through a tough time, let’s not call him to testify”?

    1. Petreus is going to testify.
    2. It won’t matter, because Congress won’t ask the right questions.

    (* but I’ll bet if I filter for “dumb”, “blonde” and “on Fox News”, I’d probably get pretty close.)

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    Here is what is very puzzling: how did they use such an unsecure mode of communication? i was at the cigar club last night and was having a drink with a friend of mine who is a retired FBI agent and who was in charge of the entire east coast and now runs a very high ens security firm. I asked him how is this possible? he said: they a bunch of f…idiots and he then pulled a cheap phone and said see this? I put 6 $$$ in cash and get minutes and I will buy at grocerry store and you can not trace it!!!!!!!!!!

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    “There is no reason to continue defending Petraeus. A man holding such fatally important position should know how to control himself. ”

    Actually, his personal peccadillos are a distraction. I don’t care what he does in his personal life, as long as he does his job of protecting America.

    I would unstintingly support a general and/or a CIA director (let alone a President) who has had bisexual orgies involving chihuahuas — as long as he was sufficiently anti-Islam.

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    “With those Four-Star Whores in command of our US military, no wonder we have lost wars in both Iraq and Afghanistan.”

    It’s even worse than that. We have lost peace in both Iraq and Afghanistan. I.e., we’re not even fighting wars there — we are trying not to fight, and only use weapons because certain Muslims (with the general aiding and abetting of the more amorphous Muslim population) keep exploding and otherwise killing us, and their own people.

    For over 10 years in Afghanistan, and nearly that in Iraq, we have been fighting while simultaneously trying not to fight — because our COIN strategy is not to fight Muslims, but rather to “win their hearts and minds”.