1. If there were only one copy of the Qur’an in the whole world, I would agree with Robert.

    But with probably hundreds of millions of copies in existence, one could burn millions and millions and millions of copies with plenty remaining to be read.

  2. A word of advice for Predrag Cosovic’s defense lawyer.

    Your client did not burn the Qur’an. He burned the 1924 version of the Qur’an chosen by a committee that met in Cairo to decide which one of the many ‘readings'(qiraya) would be chosen as the Qur’an for mass publication in Arabic.

    That means that the Uthman Qur’an(s) were very different from the one used today. Today’s version is known as Hafs an Assim.

    So, did your client burn the Qur’an? No, he burned one of many versions of the Qur’an. There is no definitive version currently in existence.

    Therefore, he can be freed due to a defect in the charge made against him. The charge assumes there is only one Qur’an. That’s false!

  3. “I am not in favor of book-burning. I’d rather people read and know the Qur’an, and thereby understand what we face as Infidels. ”

    Luckily, this isn’t the year 1212, when books were rare; so today — particularly with the Internet making available millions of indelible digital copies of not only the Koran, but also the infinitely superior Bible, or the Baghavad Gita, or the Zend-Avesta, not to mention Black Beauty, Macbeth, Cat’s Cradle, A Tale of Two Cities, Ulysses (Homer’s and James Joyce’s), the collected stories of Edgar Allen Poe, even embarrassingly cheap Harlequin romances (at only $11.96 if you register now!), etc. etc. ad-your-booklearning-life-is-your-oyster — we can do both! What a concept!

  4. There is a difference between calling out “Fire!” in a crowded theater and calling out “Arsonist!” at the annual “Psycho Arsonists’ Convention.”

    There is a difference between burning a book bought with one’s own money and prohibiting purchase of that book altogether.

    But most importantly, there’s a difference between arresting someone for offending someone else’s sensibilities and having any pretense to freedom of speech.

  5. Burning one’s own copy of the Qur’an is not a statement in support of censorship. It’s a statement of defiance toward Islamic totalitarianism.

    If one burned other people’s copies of the Qur’an without their permission to do so, that would be a sort of censorship.

  6. I recently moved, and decided not to take my Qur’an with me — dead weight, given that one can access about 40 English translations of the Qur’an on line for free.

    Anyway, when I realized I was abandoning the book, on a lark I threw it on the floor and started stomping on it. I then invited a friend who was standing there to do so also. He stomped on it, and agreed with me that it felt surprisingly good to do so. Why? Because the Qur’an is such a concentrated locus of oppression, in particular oppression of free speech. Stomping it was not akin to any kind of censorship, but the very opposite: an act in support of free speech and in defiance of Islam’s pervasive culture of censorship.

  7. Why does Serbia – the same country that has lost not only Srpska to Bosnia, but also Kosovo to the Muslims – why does that Serbia – feel any need to pander to Muslims? If anything, Serbia should be the one place in the world where all anti-Muslims should feel free to go and express themselves about Islam in a way they couldn’t anywhere else.

  8. He burned the quran? ..yay a man after my own heart!

    Perfect, since muhammad is currently *burning* in hell. Fitting end to such an evil man, and to such an evil and unholy book, as well.

  9. Buraq; I need to know if I downloaded the quran and then deleted it; would the muslims then own my computer ???? or worse ????

    On the serious side;

    If they created all these different versions of the quran, did they destroy them ? If they didn’t, by just having these different versions of qurans, wouldn’t that destroy any credibility to the quran their currently using.Sorry for any confusion.

    I’ve been educated by every post here on JW.Thank you all information and a chance to help those in need .

    God Bless
    Keep safe

    The polls close in 3 hrs 58 min . May God help us !!!!!!!!!!

  10. Yes, for example, at Amazon, one can download a great many books for free. First I downloaded a free Kindle app onto my laptop. Then I set the Kindle app’s “color mode” to sepia, and set “brightness” to dark as possible, which settings permit one to read for a very long time without eyestrain. One also sets the text to the size one pleases. Just finished reading a free download of Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice. Now have starting to read a free download of Austen’s Persuasion.

  11. Traeh

    you wrote, of your experience – indeed, experiment – of tromping on an old Quran that you were throwing out:

    “Because the Qur’an is such a concentrated locus of oppression, in particular oppression of free speech.

    “Stomping it was not akin to any kind of censorship, but the very opposite: an act in support of free speech and in defiance of Islam’s pervasive culture of censorship.”


    Your treading on the Quran is similar to the act of burning the Black Flag of Jihad, which the EDL did at their latest protest in London (thereby executing a riposte to the many, many burnings of Israeli and US flags, and the burning of the Remembrance Day poppy, carried out by Muslims).

    The Black Flag of Jihad is exactly commensurate with, for example, the Swastika flag of the Third Reich. Whenever and wherever it is flown it is an open threat to all that non-Muslim humanity holds dear; a declaration of malevolent intent toward the lives, persons and property of every non-Muslim human being on the planet.

    And so, for a group of non-Muslims to take that hideous black rag and burn it in public is a wonderful act of defiance, and of condemnation of all the horrors committed by jihading Muslims.

  12. Thank you dumbledoresarmy, good to hear about the burning of the black flag.

    Though I and many others distinguish between burning one’s own Qur’an, and burning others’ Qur’ans (burning one’s own is a liberal act of defiance toward the death threats and violence that continually issue from Islam’s dictatorial culture around the globe, whereas burning others’ Qur’ans would be an illiberal act of censorship), I also have to admit that the resemblance in appearance between the two kinds of actions (both destroy the Qur’an), makes it unwise to publicly burn even one’s own Qur’an, since that action will inevitably be misunderstood as a statement in support of censorship.

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