1. “In and out of prison numerous times during his career, Turabi said he read Obama’s books behind bars.”

    Coinceientally, that’s where Barry Soetero belongs too!

  2. Sorry OT:

    Here’s more on obama that I found this morning on Drudge Report …

    *Proof: Obama Refused to Call Benghazi ‘Terror,’ CBS Covered Up*

    “In an astonishing display of media malpractice, CBS News quietly released proof–two days before the election, far too late to reach the media and the public–that President Barack Obama lied to the public about the Benghazi attack, as well as about his later claim to have called the attack “terrorism” from the beginning.

    CBS unveiled additional footage from its 60 Minutes interview with President Obama, conducted on Sep. 12 immediately after Obama had made his statement about the attacks in the Rose Garden, in which Obama quite clearly refuses to call the Benghazi an act of terror when asked a direct question by reporter Steve Kroft:

    KROFT: Mr. President, this morning you went out of your way to avoid the use of the word terrorism in connection with the Libya Attack, do you believe that this was a terrorism attack?

    OBAMA: Well it’s too early to tell exactly how this came about, what group was involved, but obviously it was an attack on Americans. And we are going to be working with the Libyan government to make sure that we bring these folks to justice, one way or the other.

    CBS News held onto this footage for more than six weeks, failing to release it even when questions were raised during the Second Presidential Debate as to whether Obama had, in fact, referred to the Benghazi attack as an act of terror before blaming it falsely on demonstrations against an anti-Islamic video. The moderator, CNN’s Candy Crowley, intervened on Obama’s behalf, falsely declaring he had indeed called the attack an act of terror in his Rose Garden statement, and creating the impression that Romney was wrong.

    That exchange turned what would have been an outright win for Romney in the debate into a narrow win or possibly a loss–and it discouraged him from bringing up the issue again in the next debate or on the campaign trail. CBS News could have set the record straight, but held onto this footage, releasing it just before the election–perhaps to avoid the later charge of having suppressed it altogether.

    Fox News’ Bret Baier, who has been following the timeline of events closely, noted in his analysis this morning:

    These are two crucial answers in the big picture. Right after getting out of the Rose Garden, where, according to the second debate and other accounts he definitively called the attack terrorism, Obama is asked point blank about not calling it terrorism. He blinks and does not push back.

    Understand that this interview is just hours after he gets out of the Rose Garden.

    How after this exchange and the CIA explanation of what was being put up the chain in the intel channels does the Ambassador to the United Nations go on the Sunday shows and say what she says about a spontaneous demonstration sparked by that anti-Islam video? And how does the president deliver a speech to the United Nations 13 days later where he references that anti-Islam video six times when referring to the attack in Benghazi?

    There are many questions, and here are a few more.

    Why did CBS release a clip that appeared to back up Obama’s claim in the second debate on Oct. 19, a few days before the foreign policy debate, and not release the rest of that interview at the beginning?

    Why on the Sunday before the election, almost six weeks after the attack, at 6 p.m. does an obscure online timeline posted on contain the additional “60 Minutes” interview material from Sept. 12?

    Why wasn’t it news after the president said what he said in the second debate, knowing what they had in that “60 Minutes” tape — why didn’t they use it then? And why is it taking Fox News to spur other media organizations to take the Benghazi story seriously?

    Whatever your politics, there are a lot of loose ends here, a lot of unanswered questions and a lot of strange political maneuvers that don’t add up.

    Actually, the conclusion to be drawn is quite simple: CBS News, in an effort to assist President Obama’s re-election campaign, corruptly concealed information about two critical issues–namely, a terror attack and the president’s dishonesty about it. When the players in the Libya scandal face investigation, so, too, should CBS News and those in the mainstream media who have wantonly assisted the administration’s shameless lies.”

  3. Well, look at the bright side. If Obama is re-elected, the march towards an increasingly hardline Islam will continue, potentially disabling the Islamic countries with ever greater anarchy. Offhand, I can’t think of too many other bright sides, unless you want to live under Sharia some day so that you can beat your wife with impunity and maybe pick up some sex slaves.

  4. if a man way over in the sudan can see obama is a pushover, lets hope the voters in ohio can see the same thing…..and vote right!

    what is the daughter studying? how do people like this still get allowed in USA? who is watching the border door? sudan is a TERRIBLE place for killing Christians. very sad. CHRISTIANS from Egypt, Sudan, Nigeria, etc. should be invited to America, NOT ANY moslems. very sad.

  5. Turabi might well be somewhat more moderate than Obama. He doesn’t have the Marxist element; he is pretty much an Islamic zealot without the two-faced Alinskiness of Obama, and he changes his mind publicly and openly. I don’t know…when I look at his face I don’t get a sense of quite the level of creepiness as with the smug mug of Obama.
    (Is that “hate speech”?)

  6. Why would any black Sudanese want to be a Muslim in light of the traffic in black slavery that Islam has perpetrated since the seventh century and for which it has never apologized?

  7. “In and out of prison numerous times during his career, Turabi said he read Obama’s books behind bars.”
    May he read many more books…behind bars!

  8. We pray for a good result in the 2012 Presidential Election in the words of the Founding Fathers:
    March 16, 1776
    “In times of impending calamity and distress; when the liberties of America are imminently endangered by the secret machinations and open assaults of an insidious and vindictive administration, it becomes the indispensable duty of these hitherto free and happy colonies, with true penitence of heart, and the most reverent devotion, publickly to acknowledge the over ruling providence of God; to confess and deplore our offences against him; and to supplicate his interposition for averting the threatened danger, and prospering our strenuous efforts in the cause of freedom, virtue, and posterity.”

  9. My thanks to PJG, gerard, Kepha, LemonLime, jewdog and gravenimage for their apt responses. Much appreciated. My question was semi-rhetorical (is there such a thing?) but still desiring of replies, which I most welcomedly received.

  10. Turabi, whose daughter studies in Philadelphia…

    If only his daughter’s African-American classmates knew that her father is responsible for innumerable black Africans getting gang-raped, enslaved, tortured and massacred.

  11. The “Arabs” of the Sudan are generally descended from Arab newcomers (men) and Nubian or black southern, or sometimes Ethiopian or other mothers. So you get a range of skin colours in the “Muslim” part of Sudan, all mixtures as well as pure Nubian or Darfur tribes. Colour doesn’t seem to matter as much as religious affiliation; sufi, Brotherhood-types, and those who see themselves as somewhat detached from all the frenzy but consider it a “blessing” to be Muslim.
    As all the Muslim women are genitally mutilated, black non-Muslim southern women are popular with the men as wives.

  12. Gravenimage and Lemonlime:
    Well, what would I know?!

    Islam operates at the institutional level – army, government, mosque – and the personal level, much more than, say, Communism. Some Sudanese men refused, at considerable cost (career, for example), to go to war against the non-Muslims, and thereby missed out on, or eschewed, the rape and booty and so on. They might marry a non-Muslim woman for – anatomical – reasons and/or maybe they just like them. But the personal choices SUPPORT the institutional growth purposes which are part of the design of Islam. Islam, right from the start, capitalised on men’s weaknesses. Thus it is perectly acceptable for Muslim men to marry a n0n-Muslim woman and raise children with her, as the children must be Muslim. In the back of their minds, they might think, “Aha! Slave booty!” But they have to support the women and children financially, just as they would a Muslim wife.

    I am not assuming anything “charitable”, LL. What WOULD be charitable would be if men made a stand aginst the mutilation of their daughters, such as threatening to leave their mothers if they forced the girls.

    I remind you of the courage it takes to leave Islam. When a German evangelist came to Khartoum and converted many Muslims to Christianity in around 1990, all went well until the government said they had to return to Islam or face jail.

    Ever been in a Khartoum jail as an apostate?

    On the good side, many men who converted to Islam in the south are now seeing their wives raise the kids as Christians, and they live under something of a cloud of shame.

  13. Sometimes, it’s about survival.
    Other times, it’s about which missionaries get to them first…it’s not easy leaving Islam, as you know.
    Then there is the power of dawa, which presents Islam as magestic, logical, and the source of a wonderful brotherhood.
    And very often, it’s polygamy, which so many tribal black people see as normal (thus conversions of black West Papuans from Christianity to Islam, despite the treatment the Indonesians have dished out to them.)

    Anyway, you know all this, and presumably your question was an expression of exasperation!

  14. Wellington:

    You wonder aloud why any black from Sudan could be a Muslim, so I’ll attempt an answer–even if I’m not that much of an Africanist.

    Not all colonizations and conquests have the benefit of infectious diseases to which the conquered peoples have no immunity. Hence, a lot of colonizations involve as much acculturation as actual colonization by the invading people.

    In Sudan, and much of Africa below the Sahara, “Arab” is a cultural term rather than a phenotypical one, and refers to peoples who identify with Arab culture and the Islamic religion. I understand that the name Bilad-us-Sudan means “Land of the Blacks”; with “Arab” probably better understood as “Arabized”.

    Having lived in Sinitic Asia, I’m not so puzzled by culture trumping color. Han Chinese north and south of the Chang Jiang (which you may know as the Yangtze) have been found to possess rather different genetic makeups, with the Northerners being genetically closer to the Mongols, Turks, and other Central and Northern Asians, while the Southerners are genetically closer to the Zhuang, Tai, Hmong, and other aboriginal peoples of southern China. What happened was that while the expansion of Han Chinese culture did involve some movement of peoples and mixing of genes, there was also a b it more acculturation going on, too.

    Hence, I suspect that a lot of the “Arabs” of northern Africa, despite the protestations of some concerning descent from the early Caliphs’ tribesmen, are culturally Arab while genetically close to the Amazigh and Black peoples.

    In any case, the O’s garnering endorsements from the likes of Hugo Chavez and Hassan al-Turabi makes me groan to hear that the O has a slight lead in the polls. Still, I’m braving the cold tomorrow and voting for Romney, even though it won’t make a scat’s worth of difference in this deep indigo state.

  15. It’s not just black Sudanese who over the centuries succumbed to the psychosis of Islam. Millions of other black Africans did as well, and continue to. As did millions of Hindus. And millions of Persians. And millions of Europeans (Balkans), and millions of central Asians (Mongols, Turks), and millions of SE Asians (Malays, etc.). And millions of Mesopotamians (Assyrians, Egyptians, Arabs).

    I don’t think people fully grasp the colossal proportions of this mass psychosis, energized by terror and dysfunction, unprecedented in all history. As far as I’m concerned, though I’m agnostic, the phenomenon of Islam cannot be sufficiently explained by mere psychology, sociology and anthropology: there is something classically demonic going on here.

  16. Good question. Why would any black person have anything but disgust for Islam, with its history of slavery and massacres of blacks in Sudan and elsewhere? I think it’s because Islam is a power ideology. Its supremacism appeals to the powerless and those with low social status. Hence its success with American blacks, low-caste Hindus, prisoners and the socially marginalized. Nazism’s followers had similar problems with feelings of inferiority.

  17. Sudanese jihad leader linked to bin Laden backs Obama, “of course”

    When Obamam supporters smugly note that “if the whole world voted, Obama would win by a landslide”, is *this* the sort of thing they have in mind?…

    Wellington wrote:

    Why would any black Sudanese want to be a Muslim in light of the traffic in black slavery that Islam has perpetrated since the seventh century and for which it has never apologized?

    Dear Wellington, as Kepha notes, Hassan al-Turabi almost certainly considers himself Arab, no matter the evidence to the contrary.

    Brutal Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir constantly refers to himself as Arab, even though he is pretty much the same Sahel black African that his Christian and animist victims have been.

    It’s just the same with Pakistani Muslim who regards Hindus as short, physically weak, poorly endowed, what-have-you”even though his own ancestors were Hindu, in some cases just a generation or two ago, and he is clearly of the same stock.

    This is closely related to Stockholm Syndrome”although perhaps even uglier”where a victim comes to so identify with his oppressors that he does everything possible to become one of them. *Ugh*.

  18. lol! ..hey I wage war on dirty laundry every single day but I can’t get my whites THAT white! ..he must be wearing *neon* white! :)

  19. Yes, an Obama victory has one silver lining — the silver lining of the glinting Sword of Jihad becoming more and more conspicuous to all those Americans and Westerners in general still suffering from PC MC astigmatism.

  20. Scholarly analysis & inputs related to anything history,you can bet, it is kepha.[i read comments from bottom to top]

    Shaloms Sir Kepha!

  21. “As all the Muslim women are genitally mutilated, black non-Muslim southern women are popular with the men as wives.”

    Actually, from what I’ve read, Muslim men are sexually attracted to genitally mutilated pudenda, and often insist they be sewn up again after sexual intercourse has widened (and bloodied) them.

  22. PJG wrote:

    …As all the Muslim women are genitally mutilated, black non-Muslim southern women are popular with the men as wives.

    Good post, PJG”but I believe the last phenomenon you note springs from a different motive from the one you infer.

    One way Islam has spread is through the kidnapping, forcible conversion, and outright rape of Infidel women, and this has been absolutely *rife* in Sudan.

    It has, in fact, been used as an organized weapon of war by the government in Khartoum. This was one of the primary reasons South Sudan broke away.

    Even if the woman does not convert herself, any resulting children are considered Muslim.

    So, I believe the motive is less to find a non-mutilated woman who can enjoy sex, and more to spread Islam by subjugating and oppressing new populations.

  23. yes gravenimage, it’s not the un-mutilated aspect of non-Muslim women that attracts Muslim men — it’s the Slave Booty aspect.

    C’mon PJG, tighten up your belt buckle. Never assume anything charitable about Muslim motives, unless you have solid incontrovertible massive proof.

  24. Thanks for the moral support, lookmann. But, here in the USA, we don’t have titles of nobility. Since I’m male, adult, and not from the Deep South, not Hispanic (save for a smidgeon of Sephardi in my Dad’s line) just my monikker “Kepha” will do fine.

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