Turkey’s PM Erdogan to visit Hamas top dog Mashaal in Gaza

Just a few years ago, Turkey was regularly held up in the mainstream media as proof that Islam and democracy, and even Islam and secularism, could coexist. Numerous commentators from all over the American political spectrum confidently held up Turkey as a model for what the Islamic world in general could and would surely forthwith become. Since then, Recep Tayyip Erdogan has steered Turkey toward Sharia, Islamic Jew-hatred, and a belligerent stance toward the West. But of course all the learned analysts who complacently pointed to Turkey as the model that the rest of the Islamic countries would surely soon emulate are never called to account for the disastrous errors of their analyses.

“Erdogan plans to visit Gaza with Mashaal next week,” from the Jerusalem Post, November 28 (thanks to Jerk Chicken):

Turkey’s Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan said on Wednesday that he plans to visit Gaza next week, Turkish paper Today”s Zaman reported.

Erdogan said he was invited to join Hamas leader Khaled Mashaal’s visit to Gaza on December 5, Today”s Zaman reported.

The Turkish prime minister has expressed willingness to visit Gaza several times in the past. Earlier this month, Erdogan told reporters he plans to visit Gaza soon, and that Turkish officials are conducting talks with officials in the Strip in order to make the trip happen, according to Today”s Zaman….

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  1. says

    Islam forbids individual liberty. Muslims will never have freedom, even if they wanted it or understood it, no matter how many elections they might have.

    Islam is diametrically opposed to freedom. Time for everyone to understand that. Also, understand that Muslims in a yet still free society are merely the Fifth Column of an Islamic army waiting to annihilate freedom.

    Europe is suffering now because of the deep infestation of Muslims. The worst problems are in the areas of most infestation. They destroy the social fabric of a country, then the industry, and finally, the history. They speak of destroying the pyramids. Do you think the Gothic Cathedrals not turned in to mosquestrosities will be allowed to stand?

  2. says

    They don’t know
    They don’t get it
    They don’t see it
    Gaza is the Arab frontline “defense” forces
    The West Bank is now a virus in the United Nations
    Israel is israel holy and mighty and will remain as is and grow until the end of history and beyond

    If it is the will of the One all thing !

  3. says

    I just read in BBC Farsi that the Iranian foreign minister is very upset that Egyptians have not granted him entery to Gaza. Not sure how Erdogan got permission.