Canada: Islamic supremacists trying to shut down anti-jihad blog

Once again, the Islamic supremacists mobilize against an effective counter-jihadist. “Doing It Right: My Support For Israel Has Pissed Off All The Right Radical Muslims,” by Blazing Cat Fur, December 23 (thanks to Anne Crockett):

Lawfare: Canadian Muslims planning to shut down my husband’s blog

The Islamist lawfare jihad against me has begun but I will not quit, we
battled and defeated Section 13 because we knew that it would be used
against anyone who dared speak out against the threat of radical Islam.
Muslims from Canada’s Radical Shia community are now raising funds for
my current lawfare opponent, Canada’s leading proponent of Section 13.

I am especially hated for my support of Israel – I quote:

“…while the case is being prepared there is an opportunity for you
to contribute to legal action against this hatemonger who has insulted
Prophet Mohammad (SAW), Quran and continues to spread hate against
Muslims and other sections of the society who disagree with his
extremist Zionist ideology. He is an equal opportunity hater and a
Zionist fascist who, following the footsteps of his settler brethren has
played a significant role in damaging the harmonious inter-faith
relationships in Canada.”

I am proud that my work has contributed to hate crime investigations of the East End Madrassah, and also of CASMO,
both organizations are affiliated with Iran’s proxies in Canada,
organizations that openly operate within Canada’s Shia community under
the direction of Iran’s Ahlul Bayt society. Organizations that openly hate Jews and Israel.

I am also proud that I played a significant hand in our government cutting off funding to both the target=”_blank”Canadian Arab Federation and Palestine House, both are among the most anti-semitic organizations in Canada.

I am proud that my work resulted in the another anti-semitic
organization, the Canadian Islamic Congress, being exposed and denied an
opportunity to spread Taqiyya at Canada’s Department of Defense.

I am proud that my work continues to expose the hatred being spread
among the Muslim community in Canada. Such as this young girls hate
screed in the video below, at a prominent Shia Muslim madrassah, Wali ul Asr, located in Brampton Ontario.

If you can, please donate via the Paypal Kitty Treat button on the sidebar.

That is, the sidebar here.

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    I fully expect 2013 to bring an ever more intense war against free speech — especially free speech that “insults” Islam.

    If the West doesn’t wake up soon, a new Dark Age will be upon us!

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    ‘The future must not belong to those who insult the Prophet of Islam’…Rasool Obama to the UN…
    The man who wears the ‘Golden wedding Ring of Allah’, has spoken…Of course, he doesn’t run Canada…yet…

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    Free speech is nearly dead in American–Islam or no Islam. Businesses can’t say Merry Christmas. They obey and you get Happy Holidays instead. Nativity scene in public is banned. Crosses on Veteran cemeteries are banned. Never mind about Islam. We are already screwed.

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    Thank God we’re not muzzled yet, and never will be, if I have to fight on the streets. Long live Blazing Cat Fur !

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    “Islamic supremacists trying to shut down anti-jihad blog”

    So what? Open another one, and another one, and another one…it’s free!

    For every blog they shut down, we should open at least three identical blogs. Do the math!

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    The is how the article on the Muslim Perspectives website should have been written (

    Posted on December 22, 2012

    As a great source of information to our fellow stealth jihadist Muslims who have “immigrated”in Canada, we must once and for all set the record straight by telling the truth and set taqiyya and propaganda aside. Many of our readers will not like what they are about to read, but Allah willing they will get over it quickly. In a rare moment of candor, we are going to tell the truth, once and for all. – Jeff Saikaley

    Please forward to others – content warning, extremely offensive and hateful Westernophobic material in links.

    As most non-Muslim (Kafir) Canadians are aware, our organization Muslim Perspectives is the notorious source of the Westernophobic hate propaganda and is the source behind propagandized stories on East End Madrassah and a number of other hate propaganda campaigns against Westerners, Canadians, in particular. Some of our posts are as follows (content warning, very offensive and hateful Westernophobic material)

    One of our posts on Prophet Mohammed (Shit be upon him), we ran a cartoon competition in Canada which did not truly reflect the fact that he was a pedophile, butcher, murderer, slaver, terrorist, war lord, and much worse – which as we all know is more accurate!!!

    One of our posts on Quran where we showed Quran being flushed down a toilet, which we have to admit, is where it belongs!!

    One of our posts on Wahab-e-Qalbi (AS), one of the terrorists of Karbala who was only following the Sunna of Muhammad when he murdered yelling Allahu akbar!!!!

    A number of Kafir Canadian individuals and organizations are currently in process of preparing a case against under the hate speech ( and defamation laws (, however, while the case is being prepared there is an opportunity for you to contribute to legal action against our hate mongering organization that has insulted all Western democratic values, the Christian Bible and continues to spread hate against Canadian Westerners and other sections of the Canadian society who disagree with their extremist totalitarian Islamic ideology that is attempting to take over, dominate, and eventually subjugate all of Canada under Sharia Law.

    We admit that is an equal opportunity hater and a totalitarian supremacist fascist organization that, following the footsteps of our so-called Prophet Muhammad (shit be upon him again), has played a significant role in damaging the harmonious inter-faith relationships with Kafirs in Canada. Commentators on our blog often openly call for violence against Canadians (which have been recorded and saved by our lawyers). It is organizations like our that provide the foundation for hate crimes like the over 20,000 jihad murders since the 9/11 attack by Muslims in USA and we must do our part to hold ourselves legally accountable. Freedom of speech does not mean freedom to hate speech and freedom to incite violence, even if we are totalitarian Muslims who have an innate desire to convert, subjugate, or kill all Kafirs. We feel really bad!

    One of the leading human rights lawyers, Richard Warman, who has a great track record against a number of racist bigoted organizations like our, sued other Muslim organizations for defamation 3 years ago, the case is going for trial in February 2013. We must support Richard’s case against us by contributing to it financially and ensure that our is finally held accountable for hate mongering.

    Contributions can be made out to “Caza Saikaley in trust” and mailed with a note indicating that it is a contribution for the Warman v. case at:

    Jeff Saikaley

    Caza Saikaley LLP
350-220 Laurier West
Ottawa, Ontario K1P 5Z9

    I am writing a check to him so that I can do my part to hold this bigoted organization accountable and send a message to other hatemongers that we will defend our right to live in Canada as equal citizens without all of the institutionalized Muslim hatred against Kafirs. No amount is too small and donating any amount is better than ignoring this message. I hope that you will do your part today.

    Please forward this message to other Kafir Canadians as well.

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    It ain’t that simple, Sahlah.

    It’s not just that BlazingCatFur’s blog would be shut down, it’s that its operator would be left bankrupt. Tens (or hundreds) of thousands of dollars in legal fees have a way of destroying one’s carefully planned budget.

    BlazingCatFur goes where few others fear to tread. He deserves our support.

    But, the idea of opening many other anti-jihad blogs is a good one.