Christmas in Indonesia: Savage Muslim mob pelts Christian worshippers with rotten eggs, bags of urine and dung

Will the Islamophobia never end? “Rotten Egg Attack Mars Indonesia Christmas Celebration,” from AFP, December 25 (thanks to Lookmann):

More than 200 Indonesian Muslims threw rotten eggs at Christians wanting to hold a Christmas mass near land outside Jakarta where they plan to build a church, police and a witness said.

Some 100 Christian worshippers intended to hold a mass near empty land where they hope to build a church, about 30-kilometers east of the capital, in a project barred by district government and community members in 2009.

Since then, worshippers from the Filadelfia Batak Christian Protestant have held Sunday services under scorching sun outside the property.

On Tuesday, however, local community members blocked the road near the land, Andri Ananta, a local police chief on Jakarta’s outskirts, told AFP.

An AFP photographer witnessed furious locals “” men and women wearing Muslim headscarf, with small children in tow “” physically blocking the road and throwing rotten eggs at the gathering worshippers.

Ananta said police managed to convince the Christians to drop their plan and return home.

…instead of telling the Muslims to cut out the savage behavior.

“We tried our best to avoid any clash and the Christians agreed to leave,” he said, adding 380 police and military personnel including an anti-riot squad were deployed to the area.

Church leader Reverend Palti Panjaitan said the incident came after a Christmas Eve attack on Monday evening when “intolerant people” threw not only rotten eggs but plastic bags filled with urine and cow dung at them.

Everything had happened while police were there. They were just watching without doing anything to stop them from harming us,” he told AFP.

The country’s high court last year overruled the district government’s 2009 decision, but constant intimidation from Muslims in the area has delayed the church’s construction, church officials said.

“The subject peoples … are forbidden to build new churches.” (‘Umdat al-Salik, o11.5). Islamic law also forbids Christians to repair old churches.

Indonesia’s constitution guarantees freedom of religion but rights groups say violence against minorities including Christians and the Ahmadiyah Islamic sect has escalated since 2008.

Ninety percent of Indonesia’s population of 240 million identify themselves as Muslim but the vast majority practice a moderate form of Islam.

Oh, well, then! Will that Vast Majority rein in those “intolerant people”? And maybe pick up the Christians’ dry-cleaning bills? Too much to ask?

Nigeria: Muslims murder six Christians at Christmas service
Indonesia: Jakarta Archbishop complains about how hard it is for Christians to get permits to build churches
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  1. says

    380 police and military personnel including an anti-riot squad were deployed to the area.

    That was needed in case the Christians got out of line…It takes all that to control an unruly mob of Christians, those Christians are really tough…

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    An extreme Muslim lies loots robs rapes maims and murders publicly. A moderate Muslim supports extreme Muslims.

    One Islam, one prophet, one psychosis.

  3. says

    …. One islam, one false-fuhrer, one psychosis ….

    Well said. The definitive totalitarian ideology / zealotry.

    Fourteen hundred years of sexually-deranged Muhummud-imitating, mattress-munching, pillow-biting, turd-burgling, brother, sister, goat and little-boy-buggering, raping, sodomizing, sexually-mutilating and mass-murdering madness masquerading as a “religion.”

    “Radical” islam is The Beast.
    “Moderate” islam, its Trojan Horse!

  4. says

    Utterly sickening,it is obvious Islam is no religion for the 21st century.That is why it is obvious to spread the word,like here:

    “Watch the Sami Zaatari(Muslim) vs David Wood(ex-Atheist,Christian) Debate:”Is Muhammad a Good Role Model for Society?”


    “Muslim and Mughal Emperor of India Jahangir killed the Supreme Holy Man of the Sikhs Arjan Dev in 1606,one Reason being he Refused Islam”

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    Muslims — the riled up ones, at least — cannot let Christmas go by without trying to exert their Islamic supremacism.

    Of course, were there multiple attacks by Christians on Muslims during Ramadan, we’d never hear the end of those episodes — over and over again via every mainstream media outlet.

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    In countries where the Islamic religion has become a majority, there is intolerance. I do not know of any situation where authorities apologize for it. They believe they are the supreme rulers, so this is perfectly appropriate.

    The only thing that keeps us safe is that we are better organized, more tolerant, and generally more attractive to those who really are more creative. It takes more than just oil money to retain smart people. It takes a culture of tolerant behavior.

    This is why Islam has produced so little in the last 1000 years. They deserve your pity for being so ignorant. And they deserve sound, memorable response to aggression.

    The only thing one can use to defeat supremacist behavior is to demonstrate that it is ultimately self defeating and that when most everyone else in the world is united against you, there is good reason.

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    Gunmen kill six in northeast Nigeria church attack

    Gunmen killed six people at a church in northeast Nigeria early on Tuesday, the third year running that Christmas services have come under deadly attack in the country, the military said.

    Nigeria gunmen ‘kill at least six Christians’ in Yobe

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    Christmas in Indonesia: Savage Muslim mob pelts Christian worshippers with rotten eggs, bags of urine and dung

    You know Indonesia is a “moderate” Muslim country, since they were merely pelting Christians with rotte3n eggs, urine, and dung”unlike their more excitable coreligionists in Nigeria, who were simply murdering Christians outright:

    “Nigeria: Muslims murder six Christians at Christmas service”


    Ananta said police managed to convince the Christians to drop their plan and return home.

    …”Everything had happened while police were there. They were just watching without doing anything to stop them from harming us,” he told AFP.

    The usual”police targeting the victims, rather than the aggressors.

    In the last few years, we have even begun to see this in the West, as well. The motives may”or may not”be somewhat different: where police in Dar-al-Islam are in sympathy with the violent Muslims, and police in the West are cowed by those same violent Muslims. Ultimately, though, it is enabling of Jihad in either case, and just emboldens Muslim violence against their victims.

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    You have to wonder…what came first, the rotten eggs or the angry Muslims?
    Rotten eggs aren’t always at hand when you need them. I don’t know where I could get hold of any at a moment’s notice.
    Did they save them especially for the occasion; is there a fast-rottening technique for angry-minded people to utilise; or were the eggs rotten and so these people found a use for them?
    Urine and faeces are easier to find, but the very act of gathering them up is bizarre and sickening.
    It’s the planning which is so particularly grotesque: Islam really eats away at Muslims’ minds and souls.

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    All of the Christians in these countries should just try to leave their country if they can. There is nothing in any religion that is worth dying for. If the Islamist don’t have the Christians to beat up on they will turn on each other. I don’t understand why they wanted to build a church in a Islamic area in the first place. Past experience should have told them not to do it. Any country this religion turns up in is bad news.

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    “Indonesia’s constitution guarantees freedom of religion” –AFP pro-Islamic propaganda

    No, it doesn’t guarantee freedom of religion. It restricts religious belief to a small select number of official religions, of which mainstream Islam, for the most part, is the only one protected. Also, it is illegal to openly be an atheist in Indonesia.

    …not that any of this would even register as problematic to the leftist multi-culturalists of the AFP.

    “…but the vast majority practice a moderate form of Islam.”–AFP pro-Islamic propaganda

    No they don’t, unless you consider pro-sharia, support for violence in the name of religion, female circumcision, popular support for Osama bin Laden, and several-years-in-prison punishment for “blasphemy,” among other things, to be “moderate.”

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    Well, I survived the 21st and the 25th…Allah missed me again…But I can’t post on the above link…I missed the girl with the long name who was all over the taqiyya weegee board, conjuring up long dead prophets…Haha…What she needs in an increase in inner struggle spiritual jihad…

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    Attackers kill 12 in Nigeria church assaults

    (CNN) — At least 12 people died in in northern Nigeria when attackers raided **two** churches during Christmas Eve services, police said.

    One assault occurred at the Church of Christ in Nations in Postikum, in Yobe province. Gunmen attacked worshipers during prayer, killing six people, including the pastor, and setting the building on fire

    Worshipers also were attacked at the First Baptist Church in Maiduguri, in Borno state. A deacon and five church members were killed

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    Unfortunately, before Muslims came on the historical stage, certain Roman regimes, and a Persian regime persecuted Christians horribly and violently.