Egyptian child preacher Muslim Sa’id: “When, Allah willing, the shari”a is instated, it will provide solutions to all the problems”

This obnoxiously indoctrinated child is in for a rude awakening, when Sharia is instituted in Egypt and it doesn’t solve all the nation’s problems. But in that event, he will probably not examine his core principles and discard his belief in Sharia; instead, he will probably just blame the Jews.

“Egyptian Child Preacher Muslim Sa’id: Instating Shari’a Law Will Solve All Our Nation’s Problems,” from MEMRI, November 2:

Following are excerpts from a video featuring child preacher Muslim Sai”d, which was posted on the Internet on November 2, 2012:

Muslim Sa”id: Yusuf said at the end of Sura Yusuf: “Oh my Lord! Thou hast indeed bestowed upon me some power, and taught me the interpretation of dreams and events. Oh Creator of the heavens and the earth, you are my protector in this world and the world to come.”


I’d like to know what you think about instating the shari”a. Instating the shari”a is the solution to all the problems of our Islamic nation. When, Allah willing, the shari”a is instated, it will provide solutions to all the problems.


People say that the shari”a is about lashing, stoning, and chopping off hands. I’d like to tell them that the shari”a is like a very beautiful garden, and the Islamic hudud punishments constitute the walls around this garden, keeping out the thieves.

The hudud punishments are lashing, stoning, and chopping off hands. So he is not saying that those punishments are not part of Sharia. He is just saying that they’re beautiful. Don’t believe your lying eyes. They’re not brutal or inhuman, they’re beautiful.

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  1. says

    shari’a is like a very beautiful garden,

    Yes, full of poisonous spiders, snakes and quick sand pits…Allah is very wise, he knows how to set traps for suckers…

  2. says

    Maybe he won’t think sharia is so beautiful when, in a few years time, he falls out with his next-door neighbour, and the next-door neighbour, in order to get rid of him, trumps up a false charge of ‘blasphemy!!’ against him, and the sharia punishment for blasphemy is duly administered, whether by said neighbour pre-emptively, or by his disgruntled neighbour at the head of a howling mob, or by the Islamic state solemnly proceeding to kill him.

    At least, that’s the way it works a lot of the time, Muslim vs Muslim, in Pakistan; so I don’t see why it won’t end up working that way in Islamic Egypt…

    Sharia is ‘beautiful’, alright; it offers almost unlimited opportunities for someone with a grudge to get rid of a person they’ve taken a set against. Just ‘off’ them preemptively and claim afterward they did one of the things that require death! death!; or else accuse them, then stand back and watch the Mob take care of the rest.