Gaza kids simulate firing rockets at Israeli civilians

Learning to hate and love death. “These will be the future Palestinian leaders.”

“Watch: Gaza kids simulate rocket launch,” by Elior Levy for Israel National News, December 12 (thanks to The Religion of Peace):

A generation comes of age: A video posted on social networks shows a group of Palestinian kids in Gaza simulating the firing of mortar shells at Israeli communities.

Four kids are seen walking in a line along a fence meant to simulate the Gaza border fence. One child is carrying a pipe and another is holding what is meant to serve as a launching pad.

Two other kids equipped with toy rifles serve as guards protecting the two “launchers.”

The video then shows the group preparing for the “rocket launch” and then quickly assembling their gear and escaping the scene. The children appear to be taking the exercise very seriously and putting great effort into doing everything according to protocol.

Viewers who watched the video posted comments that praised the group. “These will be the future Palestinian leaders,” one web-surfer wrote. Another remarked that “Hamas is a school that reaches martyrdom, courage and sacrifice.”…

Video below the fold.

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