Islamic “charities” that are “misinterpreting Islam” giving Taliban $200 million a year

That’s a lot of misinterpretation. But actually, there is no misunderstanding of Islam going on here at all. In Islam, zakat — the alms required of every Muslim — can and should be given to further the jihad. So it shouldn’t surprise anyone that there are so many jihad charities.

“Terror funds linked to shady charities,” by Sandeep Singh Grewal for Gulf Daily News, December 10 (thanks to The Religion of Peace):

HUNDREDS of millions of dollars a year are being channelled into the hands of the Taliban – much of it from the Gulf, an expert told the GDN yesterday.

Shady charities in the GCC continue to funnel cash to Afghanistan to fund insurgents, said Afghanistan Centre for Research and Policy Studies director Haroun Mir.

He accused Gulf countries of not doing enough to monitor bogus charity operations, which he accused of filling terrorists’ coffers with cash to buy weapons, equipment and conduct operations.

“The Taliban gets $200 million a year to carry out its activities and recruit young people to spread terror across the world,” he said on the sidelines of the Manama Dialogue, which ended yesterday at the Ritz-Carlton Bahrain Hotel and Spa.

“This huge amount of money is coming from somewhere and one main channel is bogus charities in GCC and Arab states, which collect funds that are used for illegal activities instead of noble causes.”

Mr Mir said people in the region were being conned into parting with their money by those misinterpreting Islam.

“Terrorists are using narratives based on grievances of people and misinterpreting Islam,” he said.

“The funds are flowing via ghost charities.”

The Muslim faith requires followers to make donations to the needy as part of an Islamic tax, known as “Zakat”.

However, Mr Mir said there was still no official authority that monitored where the money was going.

“Nobody has an idea where this money goes as it is being used by extremist groups to purchase weapons or recruit suicide bombers,” he claimed…..

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    So why do Americans, whose sons are being killed by those to whom this boodle is going, have to turn to the Gulf Daily News (and Jihad Watch) to learn of this, instead of to their own mass media?

    Yes, I know the answer. Because said media are not being run by true journalists but by treasonous lickpittle propagandists of the left.

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    “Terrorists are using narratives based on grievances of people and misinterpreting Islam,” he said.

    There seems to be a lot of that…The Taliban, Al-Qaeda, Salafists, the MB…and many more, all misunderstanding something about Islam…maybe Reza can exp-lain why the number of misunderstanders is growing…

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    This has been going on for years and very few Westerners know about it because of the MSM’s refusal to report it.
    Never, ever donate any money to any Muslim charity. They cannot be trusted.

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    1/5 of zakat goes to financing military (i.e. terrorism)

    Gradual Absorption (Ali Sina)

    Page 224 “… Even today, Muslims who earn their living through honorable professions are required to pay khoms and zakat. There are constant reminders to believers to “spend of your substance in the cause of Allâh” (Q.2:195) and exhortations to “fight for the Faith, with their property and their persons.” (Q.8:72)

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    Terrorists? Extremists? These are only devout Muslims. Let’s call a spade a spade. And can we use English orthography and spell it “Koran”?

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    Check out:

    “Collection of All the Articles about Islam in India(for Facilitating the Research of the Reader)”


    “The Temple of Krishna in Mathura,his Birthplace,one of the Holiest in Hinduism,was Destroyed by Muslims”

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    Yes. My own son is going back to Afghanistan and guess what he is going voluntarily. As for Khoms and Zakat my dad paid up all hid life and only to die needlessly by the same d…bag whom he paid because they denied him healthcare. They are whet we call in Farsi Zalloo. Zallo mean leach and they suck the blood out of you and live you to die for the sake of their pedophile prophet. Now you know we are in this for the long run and I am having a bad day today since my beloved Steelers lost yesterday.