Jihad-martyrdom suicide bombers in Afghan police and military uniforms attack U.S. base, murdering five

Barack Obama and General John Allen should be prosecuted for the deaths of every one of the troops murdered by their Afghan “allies” this year. They are all victims of the politically correct unwillingness to accept unpleasant realities about Islam: that it teaches hatred of and warfare against unbelievers, the virtue of deceit in war, and the impermissibility of cooperating with or allying with infidels on a permanent and lasting basis.

“Suicide bombers attack U.S. base in Afghanistan,” by Rafiq Shirzad for Reuters, December 2:

JALALABAD, Afghanistan (Reuters) – Suicide attackers detonated bombs and fired rockets outside a major U.S. base in Afghanistan on Sunday, killing five people in a brazen operation that highlighted the country’s security challenges ahead of the 2014 NATO combat troop pullout.

Local police officials said bodies in Afghan police and military uniforms were scattered around the entrance of the airfield in the eastern city of Jalalabad after a two-hour battle. A Taliban spokesman said the militant group had launched the 6 a.m. assault.

The Taliban, who have been fighting U.S.-led NATO and Afghan forces for more than a decade, sometimes dress in uniforms for attacks.

Two suicide bombers died after blowing themselves up in cars, said Nasir Ahmad Safi, a spokesman for the provincial government.

Seven other bombers were killed in the a gunbattle with Afghan and coalition forces. Three Afghan soldiers and two civilians also died, said Safi….

“There were multiple suicide bombers involved,” said Major Martyn Crighton, a spokesman for the NATO-led International Security Assistance Force (ISAF)….

President Hamid Karzai’s government say Afghan security forces have made good progress.

Really? Where? Progress in what? Facilitating Taliban infiltration?

Afghanistan’s defense ministry spokesman said there were rocket attacks at the Jalalabad base followed by suicide bombings.

In a text message, Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid said : “This morning at 6 a.m. a number of our devotees attacked the major U.S. Base in Jalalabad city and so far have brought heavy casualties to the enemy.”…

"The Americans had convinced themselves that they could trust their Afghan colleagues"
Russia: Convert to Islam kissed her daughter goodbye and blew herself up at home of Muslim cleric who denounced violence
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  1. says

    Barack Obama…should be prosecuted…

    Yeah, yeah, the world’s problems originate on The Left, a fact easily verified on A.M. radio every weekday starting at noon.

    I guess there really is no such thing as nonpartison reporting.

    I’m gonna follow the trends and put my investment dollars into dunce caps; I see a massive demand forming.

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    Would the varied tribal advocates kindly just say no to the infighting and concentrate upon what might be considered the precisely identified historical problem.

    It was the prior administration that humiliated us with their sycophancy. And we are still paying a very big price tag, out of proportion to any conceivable benefit, from our two campaigns. Aside from massive fiscal burden, we failed to properly ration the precious national resource that is our military capacity and missed the boat in the Sudan. Review Hugh Fitzgerald’s articles upon the subject to revive justifiable outrage at the staggering incompetence and appreciation of the consequence of our doing nothing where and when doing something would have really mattered.

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    So, your love affair with The Right hasn’t worked out? So, this must be fault of The Left?

    Unless we exterminate the Pashtuns, the Taliban will be included in any peace accord. They may be unlikely to honor whatever agreements result, in accordance to Muhammadan tradition and precedents and inscribed theology regarding oaths rendered to unbelievers. We should leave anyway. And next time we feel inclined to insert ourselves militarily, it would be best to consult Sun Tzu upon the importance of quick conclusion.

    FWIW, it was George W. who remarked that we faced a situation completely new, when he learned that we were targets in a fourteen century old struggle. And who thought Iraq constituted a nation. And who sought the lowest income tax rates in a century and eviscerated the largest budgetary surpluses ever. And… You get the idea: proposing to fix blame according to partison lines is leading with one’s chin.

    And I’m really sorry the current President has not performed the janitorial function to your satifaction. My sore point is the Patriot Act, the first use of which was to gather evidence in a porn case in, I think, Nebraska. Now that that candiru has been inserted, I don’t know how it is to be removed.

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    As these these Jihadist who are or want to be suicide/homocide bomber. This is the result of the brainwwashing of people by the imams and Mullahs who mind program their student[victims] into the far-fetched and nonsensical Islam dortrine of a paradise with many virgins for the jihadist who dies for the cause of Islam. This false teaching of Islam has the outcome of much murder and mayhem. To put this in another way, as the French philosohper ,Voltaire, wrote “As long as men continue to believe in aburdites they commit atrocities.”

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    I guess there really is no such thing as nonpartison reporting.
    Or commenting, when it comes to your 2 cents.

    In 2008, Obama campaigned on the notion that he would “stop spending billions on these wars” which he vowed to end so that his administration could “fund infrastructure projects at home.” He’s done neither, and those lies can be thrown on the towering heap of BS along with his promise to cut the deficit in half.

    Obama is in his second term and still, like you, blaming Bush. He’s had YEARS to correct the errors of the Bush administration with regard to Afghanistan and Iraq. How many of these murderous attacks will be tolerated, yea encouraged, by Obama and Allen? They both have blood on their hands.

  6. says

    As much as I like the message here I see the blinders on here just about as much as I do anywhere else when it comes to political bias.

    I used to listen to Michael Medved a lot. However I got sick and tired of his unquestioning loyalty to the Republican party and his vile habit of dragging third parties through the mud. We’ve actually gotten to a point where the two party system might as well be a dictatorship. It’s almost as if its a tag team going back and forth fucking over the American people. (The amount of people in love with John and Ken is another example of this countrys stupidity.)

    A good example is when people talk about Islamic “blowback” or going balistic whenever people suggest Americas being paid back for it’s “Colonial” actions in the Mid East. It’s almost a sin to suggest that in relation to 9/11. Right or wrong there’s an element of truth in that theory. You don’t even have to read to catch a glimmer of the truth-just watch the movie Charlie Wilson’s War. As soon as the politicians thought they got what they wanted they bailed on our friends in Afhanistan. How close that is to the truth I don’t know. Just like I don’t know what the truth is about the CIA actually assasinating or helping to assasinate an African ruler just because he was a commie. Forget the fact that he was the best thing to happen to that particular area and people in a thousand years. He wasn’t American enough. I haven’t looked into that.It’s just a story I read in a book but the US, through the CIA, has insidiously influenced foreign politics for years. And they don’t always have the “peoples” best interest at heart; it was either the natural resources or some other ulterior motive we had for being there.

    I keep recommending the book Taken Into Custody by Baskerville to the sheep here at Jihad Watch. I’m actually pausing in my own mind at this point because it always takes my breath away to think about how close to a Police State this country is. Forget for a moment that for fathers the Constitution literally doesn’t exist the minute he steps into a family law court. Lets talk about the pot laws. Most sheep are too stupid or lazy to do the research and find out how monumentally benifical Hemp would be to this country were Marijuana ever to be legalized. It’s just heartbreaking what the American people have sacrificed in this governments self serving war on drugs. And we’re not even talking about the affects on me as a vet who’s tortured at the VA over pain med issues because the doctors are scared shitless of being nailed by the DEA for “over-prescribing”. I could cite articles and books like The Emperor Wears No Clothes but I know it won’t do any good.

    Just like I wonder if screaming about radical Islam will ultimately do any good. I’m 55. I was at city council meetings YEARS ago protesting illegal immigration before even this “push one for english” crap came up. But thanks to nobody listening Push one For English not only became a reality but so did a thousand other things related to illegal immigration. Now I see the hand writing on the walls when it comes to Islam and still…. ….no ones listening.

    In a few years we’ll be tripping over “foot baths” in public urinals.

    Our government is utterly and totally corrupt. So much so that I’ve recently started looking up Militias. At one time I did it for the fun of it. Now, as I’ve said before I keep praying to God that I’ll be ready or some scenerio like Vince Flynn’s book “Term Limits” will become a reality.

    I’ll say one thing more. I’m sure most people have heard of that “kid” Jordan getting shot because of “loud music”. I’m personally curious how many people here can take their head out of their ass and see the bigger implications. I’ll even come back here in a day or two to see if somebody’s smart enough to figure it out.

    (One of these days somebody will fix the crappiness of this site and put in a “somebody responded to your comment” button or function.)

    I think I might have been whining for no good reason; I’m thinking the articles are only partially submitted because if the whole article were used Jihad Watch would have to pay for it. That’s what I’m hoping anyway. I still see the print function is screwed up with the words coming out gobbledeegook half the time.

    What the fuck. I’ll put the answer to the “loud noise” insult.

    Quote from Kelly Payne on Facebook:

    “Larry Singleton you low life scum bag they were in their own car. If they chose to listen to loud music they have that right.”

    My Response:

    I dont know too many people who have been victimized by those expressing their “right” to blow peoples eardrums out who wouldn’t have sympathy for somebody who “just wanted it to STOP!!!!”

    Guess what? Some rude inconsiderate asshole didn’t get away with it for a change! Too Fucking Bad! Would I kill somebody for their loud music? Of course not. But it sure is nice to know I’m not the kind of lowlife sonofabitch that people are looking at wishing that they could.

    I would suggest everybody go to NoiseOff.org and check out the video “Disturb”. A promotional ad by Pioneer.

    These scumbags in their “Boomer CArs” are Audio Terrorists. PERIOD. They’re a plague on our society and peace of mind and OUR right to privacy. Especially when they ASSAULT us in our homes every time they “drive by’.