Mona Eltahawy links her vandalism of AFDI ads to a sexual revolution, or something

MonaPinkCoat.jpgMona in her famous pink coat

“Journalist” Mona Eltahawy, who took pink spray paint to our AFDI pro-freedom ads because they labeled jihadists as “savages,” although she had nary a word of complaint when the New York Times and Hillary Clinton also labeled jihadists as “savages,” has written a poem in which she obscurely links her fascist vandalism of our ads to the savage sexual assault she endured in Cairo’s Tahrir Square, when her assailants, whom she characterized at the time as “beasts,” broke her arms.

Be forewarned: the poem is laughably and luridly obscene, calling to mind a twelve-year-old being deliberately naughty and obsessively repeating dirty words she has just learned; it can be found in its entirety here. It is not noteworthy for being horrid poetry, although that it assuredly is; what is striking about it is that this much-lauded pundit and commentator evidently thinks that in both Tahrir Square and the New York subways vandalizing our ad she was standing for freedom. She refers to the vandalism in this passage (in which I have bowdlerized her adolescent obscenities):

Pink is the colour of my spray paint,
Pink is the colour of my p***y,
You want to f**k me in my pink coat.

I don’t know who the unfortunate “you” is in the third line, but it most assuredly ain’t me, babe. In any case, I have previously praised Eltahawy for speaking out against the Muslim oppression of women, and suggested that she spray-painted our ad in order to get back into the good graces of her Leftist and Muslim friends and colleagues who had harshly criticized her for standing up for Muslim women.

This odd, lurid, embarrassing and barely coherent poem, although it parades in the dress of feminist sexual liberation, is actually another attempt to regain those good graces. For by portraying herself as standing up against both those who “broke my f***king arms” in Tahrir Square and against us who are standing against jihad savagery, Eltahawy is echoing the very common propaganda line that Islamic supremacists are employing today. They claim they are standing against “extremists on both sides,” as if committing acts of violent jihad and resisting that violent jihad were two sides of the same coin, and they’re standing in the tolerant middle, resisting both “extremisms.”

It’s an Orwellian sleight of hand, designed to enable the jihad by stigmatizing resistance to it. When Mona Eltahawy took pink spray paint to our ad, she wasn’t standing up against any kind of oppression; she was enabling the very same oppression that she had spoken out against earlier. In her poem, when she equates her spray-painting with her getting her arms broken in Tahrir Square, she is enabling that oppression again. Our ads are actually in defense of the freedom she so luridly and obscenely claims for herself in this poem — and in it, Mona Eltahawy has once again aligned herself with the forces of oppression she professes to oppose.

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  1. says

    Poor Mona

    Don’t normally make personal remarks but you have to wonder about the source of her sexual frustration; she was evidently at the back of the line when good looks were handed out. Same is likely true regarding intellect, so she’s had a raw deal both ways.

  2. says

    Uh huh…I bet Allah cringed when he read that…Mahound would like it though…He was into bed revolution, He had some of his best revolutions when in bed with Aisha…

  3. says


    The silly cow is even sillier than I thought. And that’s saying a lot.

    Presumably she thinks her sad little effusions are emblematic of how ‘liberated’ and ‘free’ she is, as a muslimah. So the **real** islam is liberated and free as well. Haha.

    Come on, moaning Mona, trot back to Egypt, and publish your ‘poetry’ ( dear me ) in the Egyptian blogosphere. This time they won’t just break your arms.

  4. says

    Actually I respect a woman who is proud of her private parts…so proud she writes about them in glowing terms…and publish it so everyone can be proud with her…Basically, I don’t think her private parts are all that special, but then I haven’t yet seen the movie, or the trailer…

  5. says

    Mona doesn’t know what she believes. She cannot think rationally about her home culture.

    “Me against my brother; Me and my brother against my cousins; my family against my tribe. My tribe against the world.” This is an old Muslim saying and Muslims live by it.

    When Mona was being raped by her brothers and cousins, she was against them. Now she is siding with them against the world. It’s the code of failed cultures everywhere, especially evident in Islamic ones.

  6. says

    It does appear that Mona has strayed from the straight path.

    Surely, by her thinking, her behavior, and her immodest dress, she believes herself above Allah’s commands.

    Tsk, tsk.

    That’s very bad, Mona. And you know what out of touch old Muslim men think of shirk.

  7. says

    An egregious piece of contemporary “poetry”. Mona is sure not to win the literature Nobel prize for the next two hundred years. This “poem” is definitely beyond the pale, from two points of view art and taste. But I’ve got two recommendations for poor Mona. See a shrink and look for a lover who can give your longing p***y what she needs. Mona is desperate for being f…

    The lover needs to be very patient and used to nuts of course. Any volunteers? I don’t think we’ll find them among JW readers.

  8. says

    mona can make a lot of money off of her poem. have her call pornhub. here is the synopsis:
    she is at at train station late and spray painting afdi’s ad. noone is around except a young cop. he then arrests her for vandalism, she will then recite her poem to the cop. the cop then gets a H……on and the rest is clear.

  9. says

    “…I have previously praised Eltahawy for speaking out against the Muslim oppression of women, and suggested that she spray-painted our ad in order to get back into the good graces of her Leftist and Muslim friends and colleagues who had harshly criticized her for standing up for Muslim women.”

    As with the moderation of the Entrapped Muslim, Mona’s Islamocritical bonafides can’t have been more than paint-deep.

    Moral of the Story: we should never praise a Muslim. For anything.

    Surely, we’ve learned that by now (he said, of course rhetorically).

  10. says

    She is clearly mentally unstable,not too bright either.Still I don’t think we should be too harsh, she did go through a lot no one comes out of that completely normal.I’ve seen more of this mental instability among Muslim woman btw.The levels of abuse these woman suffer from birth is incredible,No Muslim woman i’ve interacted with I would say were “normal”.You have some who can step back and fully see the reality but most appear completely messed up.

  11. says

    What was she doing out of the bed? – She is hell of frustrated lady gloating about her pink assets in that porn-press-poem. I wonder if the local Imam had a chance to read it. I can imagine fatwa coming on from him. Whichever way, she ought to worry about her life in the hands of her “brave” brethren.

  12. says


    However, not surprising, as allah the impotent, whom Mona is in thrall to, was just as classy.

    Who can forget allah’s classy “metaphorical” poetry, “no person can ever reproduce,” which is trotted out by muslim supremacists as “proofs” that allah respects “women, Mary, Jesus, and Christians!”?

    Said poetry is found in the surah titled “Miriam/Maryam.” The title alone is trotted out by muslim supremacists as “Proofs” of allah’s respect.

    “Miriam” regales us with allah’s poetic prowess with such gems as “Mary kept her ‘p*ssy’ (farj/p*ssy/orifice not mahbil/vagina) untouched, and Jibreel’s “metaphorically” blowing into Mary’s p*ssy (farj, not mahbil). Ibn Kathir’s tafsir supports the “metaphorical” use of p*ssy rather than vagina or “private parts.”

    Our savage little poetess is simply reflecting the culture she was steeped in. She’s emulating her allah while defending her lovely culture from all of us “islamophobes.”

    And you’d better respect it, Mona, Mona’s pink p*ssy, allah’s “metaphorical use” of p*ssy, and the culture of pussy-loving savages it produces! Or else!

  13. says

    She’s very evidently lost in a rather unpleasant fantasy world.

    But not so altogether unpleasant that there aren’t men lusting after her there.

    She is also evidence that mohammedanism must drive some portion of the female population into insanity.

    Which is not all that shocking when you think about it.

  14. says

    Pink is the colour of my spray paint,
    Pink is the colour of my p***y,
    You want to f**k me in my pink coat.

    Mona Eltahawy is channeling Eve Ensler (of the Vagina Monologues) here”and doing it rather poorly.

    Does Ms. Eltahawy imagine she could talk about her p***y openly in what her native Egypt is becoming under the “Islamists””under a Shari’ah state? I wouldn’t recommend she try it”unless she wants to be assaulted again, or worse.

    Meanwhile, this brainless bint is opposing the very people here”Anti-Jihadists”who are preventing Times Square from becoming Tarir Square.


    In any case, I have previously praised Eltahawy for speaking out against the Muslim oppression of women, and suggested that she spray-painted our ad in order to get back into the good graces of her Leftist and Muslim friends and colleagues who had harshly criticized her for standing up for Muslim women.

    I think that is *exactly* what this is about. And while the poorly-written piece of posy, above, would likely do little to endear her to her Muslim coreligionists, it probably goes a long way toward endearing her to the “Occupy” crowd.

    Also, comparing those who “broke [her] f***king arms” to those who peacefully speak out against those savages who broke her arms and those like them, could not be more grotesque. But then, the far left has never been long on logic…

  15. says

    Pink P****, eh!?

    Well, now we know where Mona hides the can of spray paint when she goes out for a night of vandalising anti-jihad posters!


  16. says

    YE, GODS!

    So, I stop by Jihad Watch to wish Mr. Spencer a Merry Christmas — and find that Mona Eltahawy has become even more unhinged.

    Is she smokin’ somethin’?

    Because, if she’s not, she needs to be confined. IMO

    Isn’t she an award-winning journalist? Wikipedia lists the following:

    Special Prize for Outstanding Contribution to Journalism, Anna Lindh Foundation, 2010

    Samir Kassir Award for Freedom of the Press, for opinion writing by the European Commission (2009)

    Cutting Edge Prize, for distinguished contribution to the coverage of the Middle East by Next Century Foundation. (2006)

    Distinguished Visiting Professor at the American University in Cairo (2006)

    What to say to her poem?

    Mr. Spencer had a great response:

    I don’t know who the unfortunate “you” is in the third line, but it most assuredly ain’t me, babe.

  17. says

    I don’t think I have to worry about her cropping up on Garrison Keillor’s “Writer’s Almanac” anytime soon. That’s good, as it will keep me from driving under the wheels of the nearest 18-wheeler, just to make the words leave my brain.

  18. says

    James Taylor wrote a song about Mona. It was about his pet pig.

    The part about ending the pig’s life, of course, I don’t intend to convey by citing it; but I do like the part about Mona being a little piglette that gets big and fat:

    Mona, Mona

    There was so much of you to love

    There was so much of you to take care of

    Mona, Ah Mona

    Well you got too big to keep

    And too damn old to eat…

    When you where just a football

    At your mama’s side

    I reckon everyone figured you

    For a bar-b-que when you died…

  19. says

    Mona’s poem marks a new low for poetic expression …

    and the same holds true for her *art* work.

    Hey hardware stores should post a foto of her frowny face alerting sales associates not to sell her any spray paint.

  20. says

    Mona says “Me so horny”
    Too bad for most Egyptian girls–
    Theirs is blood red
    It was the Muslim FGM razor
    Mona could not care less
    She paints the town pink with her delusions

  21. says

    She’s Egyptian, one must remember.

    She’s Egyptian, from a Muslim family.

    Now, what do we know about Islamic Egypt?

    That an estimated 90+ percent of its women have been subjected to FGM – that is, clitoral excision, and sometimes also the cutting off of other fiddly bits down there. Most of the ones who haven’t been thus mutilated, would probably be Coptic Christians: the Copts are about 10 percent of the population, so, assuming there are roughly even numbers of male and female Copts, maybe 5 percent of Egypt’s women are unmutilated (though there’s an overlap: since people in dhimmi populations mimic attitudes and customs of the surrounding Muslims, some Coptic women and girls may have been mutilated; do we have any Copts reading here who can comment?).

    There are some – probably very few – Muslim Egyptian women from nominal or somewhat less fanatical Muslim families who are unmutilated. Nonie Darwish, now an *ex-Muslim* (and the best thing Mona could do for herself, would be to emulate Ms Darwish) was among them (coming from a family that was in some respects somewhat westernised; she speaks of FGM as something that had happened to older female relatives, the generation above her).

    It appears that Mona is one of the lucky, lucky few, an *unmutilated* Egyptian Muslim female. Here

    she wrote

    “Along with an aunt who is four years older than me, I belong to **the first generation of women in my extended family not to have been subjected to it.** {my emphasis – dda}”

    and given the way things are going in Egypt, she will also most likely be among the last.

    The – exceedingly ill-expressed – pride in ‘p***y’ may be somewhat forgiveable, as having something to do with her awareness that she had a very narrow escape from something perfectly frightful; it’s ‘all there’, as is not the case for most women in her country of origin. Alas, however, though she’s ‘all there’ below the waist and proud of it, she is not ‘all there’ above the shoulders.

    I think the posters above who have spoken about Islam driving women mad are right on the money.

    Mona would need an exorcist (the real kind, not the sensationalised hollywood variety – see M Scott Peck’s People of the Lie and read the chapter called ‘of possession and exorcism’ to see what I mean), a cult deprogrammer, and a damn good clinical psychologist, all three together, to have any hope of getting out of the mental mess she’s in. And the thing is: she’d need to *want* help to free herself of Islam and of what Islam has done to her.

  22. says

    What a repulsive “poem”. Has the woman no shame? Where can she go from here? Marriage, children? Will she proud of her poem if her children read it? I think this poem is the start of a period of enhanced degradation for her…only unpleasant people will like her for this piece of abject yukkiness. It’s a career killer, I’d say, and party invitations will drop off…

  23. says

    She could take a class from the old radical Jerry Rubin( excessive usage of the “F*** word) or a nasty Brautigan poetry class and fail miserably. I suppose this is the chique look of the savage ala pink panther? Miskinah( poor thing in Hebrew) is a BIT over the top, confused and probably needs a nice hairy brillo pad male blow up doll? Okay I’m out.

  24. says

    Just read her “poetry”. Sounds like some of the crap I used to read when I was a kid. (I’m 55)What a sorry piece of writing. I’ll stick to Paul Laurence Dunbar, thank you very much. Read his “The Spellin’ Bee”. You’ll want to print a copy… …hmmm, what the heck:

    The Spellin’ Bee
    By Paul Laurence Dunbar
    I never shall furgit that night when father hitched up Dobbin,
    An’ all us youngsters clambered in an’ down the road went bobbin’
    To school where we wuz kep’ at work in every kind o’ weather,
    But where that night a spellin’ bee wuz callin’ us together.

    “Twuz one o’ Heaven’s banner nights, the stars wuz all a glitter’
    The moon was shinin’ like the hand o’ God had jest now lit her.
    The ground was white with spotless snow, the blast wuz sort o’ stingin';
    But underneath our round-abouts, you bet our hearts wuz singin’.

    That spellin’ bee had be’n the talk o’ many a precious moment,
    The youngsters all wuz wild to see jes’ what the precious show meant
    An’ we whose years wuz in their teens, wuz little less desirous
    O’ gittin’ to the meetin’ so’s our sweethearts could admire us.

    So on we went so anxious fur to satisfy our mission
    That father had to box our ears, to smother our ambition,
    But boxin’ ears wuz too short work to hinder our arrivin’,
    He jest turned roun’ an’ smacked us all, an’ kep’ right on a drivin’.

    Well, soon the schoolhouse hove in sight, the winders beamin’ brightly;
    The sound o’ talkin’ reached our ears and voices laffin’ lightly.
    It puffed us up so full an’ big “at I’ll jest bet a dollar,
    There wan’t a feller there but felt the strain upon his collar.

    So down we jumped an’ in we went ez sprightly ez you make “em,
    But somethin’ grabbed us by the knees an’ straight began to shake “em.
    Fur once within that lighted room, our feelin’s took a canter,
    An’ scurried to the zero mark ez quick ez Tam O’Shanter.
    Cause there wuz crowds o’ people there, both sexes an’ all stations;
    It looked like all the town had come an’ brought all their relations.
    The first I saw was Nettie Gray, I thought that girl was dearer
    “N’ gold an’ when I got a chance, you bet I aidged up near her.

    An’ Farmer Dobbses girl wuz there, the one that Jim was sweet on,
    An’ Cyrus Jones an’ Mandy Smith an’ Faith “an [sic] Patience Deaton.
    Then Parson Brown an’ Lawyer Jones were present – all attention,
    An’ piles on piles of other folks too numerous to mention.

    The master rose an’ briefly said: “Good friends, dear brother Crawford
    To spur the pupils’ minds along, a little prize has offered.
    To him that spells the best to-night – or “t may be “her’ – no tellin’ –
    He offers ez a jest reward, this precious work on spellin’,

    A little blue-backed spellun'[sic] book with fancy scarlet trimmin';
    We boys devoured it with our eyes – so did the girls an’ women.
    He held it up where all could see, then on the table set it,
    An’ ev’ry speller in the house felt mortal bound to get it.

    At his command we fell in line, prepared to do our dooty,
    Outspell the rest an’ set “em down, an’ carry home the booty.
    “Twas then the merry times began, the blunders, and the laffin’,
    The nudges an’ the nods an’ winks an’ stale good-natured chaffin’.

    Ole Uncle Hiram Dane wuz there, the clostest man a livin’,
    Whose only bugbear seemed to be the dreadful fear o’ givin’.
    His beard was long, his hair uncut, his clothes all bare an’ dingy;
    It wuzn’t “cause the man wuz pore, but jest so mortal stingy.

    An’ there sot Sally Riggs a smilin’ an’ a smirkin’,
    An’ all his children lef’ to home a diggin’ an’ a workin’.
    A widower, he wuz an’ Sal was thinkin’ “at she’d wing him;
    I reckon he wuz wonderin’ what them rings o’ her’n would bring him.

    An’ when the spellin’ test commenced, he up an’ took his station,
    A-spellin with the best o’ them to beat the very nation.
    An’ when he’d spell some youngster down, he’d turn to look at Sally,
    An’ say: “The teachin’ now-a-days can’t be o’ no great vally.”

    But true enough the adage says, “Pride walks in slipp’ry places,”
    Fur soon a thing occurred that put a smile on all our faces.
    The laffter jest kep’ ripplin’ “roun’ an’ teacher couldn’t quell it,
    Fur when he give out “charity,” ole Hiram couldn’t spell it.

    But laffin’s ketchin’ an’ it throwed some others off their bases,
    An’ folks “ud miss the very word that seemed to fit their cases.
    Why, fickle little Jessie Lee come near the house upsettin
    By puttin’ in a double kay to spell the word coquettin’.

    An’ when it come to Cyrus Jones, it tickled me all over –
    Him settin’ up to Mandy Smith an’ got sot down on “lover.”
    But Lawyer Jones of all gone men, did shorely look the gonest,
    When he found out that he’d furgot to put the “h” in “honest.”

    An’ parson Brown whose sermons were too long fur toleration,
    Caused lots o’ smiles by missin’ when they gave out “condensation.”
    So one by one they giv it up – the big words kep’ a landin’,
    Till me an’ Nettie Gray wuz left, the only ones a-standin’,

    An’ then my inward strife began – I guess my mind was petty –
    I did so want that spellin’ book; but then to spell down Nettie
    Jest sort o’ went agin my grain – I somehow couldn’t do it,
    An’ when I git a notion fixed, I’m great on stickin’ to it.

    So when they giv’ the next word out – I hadn’t orter tell it
    But then “twas all fur Nettie’s sake – I missed so’s she could spell it.
    She spelt the word, then looked at me so lovin’-like an’ mello’,
    I tell you’t sent hundred pins a-shootin’ through a fello’.

    O’ course I had to stand the jokes an’ chaffin of the fellas,
    But when they handed her the book I vow I wasn’t jealous.
    We sung a hymn an’ Parson Brown dismissed us like he orter,
    Fur la! He’d learned athing er two an’ made his blessin’ shorter.

    “Twas late an’ cold when we got out, but Nettie liked cold weather,
    An’ so did I, so we agreed we’d jest walk home together.
    We both wuz silent, fur o’ words we nuther had a surplus,
    “Till she spoke out quite sudden like, “You missed that word on purpose.”

    Well, I declare, it frightened me; at first I tried denyin’,
    But Nettie, she jest smiled an’ smiled, she knowed that I was lyin’.
    Sez she: “That book is your’n by rights;” sez I: “It could never be –
    I – I – you – ah –” an’ there I stuck, an’ well she understood me.

    So we agreed that later on when age had give’ us tether,
    We’d jine our lots an’ settle down to own that book together.

    I’ve got his 1912 Lyrics of Lowly Life.

    THAT’S Poetry

  25. says

    For a wonderfully edifying and refreshing change from Mona’s trash, read the Song of Solomon! …it’s the best love story ever written and the Bible’s Love Poem.

  26. says

    I am 100% against the Islamlization of any country. However, I would like to ask you to please not use the word “savage.”
    There are still many 1st nations people thriving and going strong in America.

    I understand most are tucked away on reservations, but trust me you DO want them to be your friend. And you will not gain their support by using the word savage.

    I understand the Gvt has them still in prison today with all their handouts, but there is a prophecy that God will use the 1st nations people in the end-time through a great awakening. Maybe he will use them against Islam.

    Turkey is trying to come in through the Chickasaw tribe of which my warrior/son are of.
    Tom Cole(traitor) is the one sponsoring the bill. However, at this time it has been stopped, but I am concerned about the future, and so are others.

    If Turkey(Islam) gains a stronghold in Okla, it will be not go easy here, I can assure you that.

    My ex was a full-blood Indian (1st Nations people)My sons are a little over half since my own father was Cree and Cherokee.

    There is a saying amongst 1st Nations people.
    “Fighting terrorism since 1492.”

  27. says

    “she was evidently at the back of the line when good looks were handed out”

    But apparently somewhat prettier than the average goat or donkey, according to the good citizens of Cairo!

  28. says


    Mona sounds desperate.

    Doesn’t anyone feel sorry for her shrink?

    But wait, it might be her gynaecologist who deserves our compassion!

    The way she advertises those body parts of hers!

    Could it be that there’s something missing and not only upstairs?

    “…a woman who is proud of her private parts…so proud she writes about them in glowing terms…”

    I shudder. I’m going to sleep so much better tonight knowing that I never have to look at that….

  29. says

    Do you really think the cop will get a h**d on when he sees Mona? I’m afraid, he’ll be turned off. Don’t expect from others to do what you don’t wanna do yourself. Have a drop of Scotch and think about it. Love, epi.

  30. says

    “…apparently she spray paints her privates.”

    Perhaps as an attempt to cover up all the mileage it’s logged?

    A poor woman’s attempt at hymen repair surgery?

  31. says

    …and her so-called poem is a real spoiler alert for any guy hopelessly in-love with Mona proving there’s no accounting for taste.

  32. says

    Cutting Edge Prize, for distinguished contribution to the coverage of the Middle East by Next Century Foundation. (2006)”

    Hm, I wonder if Mona was one of the 90+% of Egyptian girls whose “female kitten” was spayed.

  33. says

    @supportkyle, Hope to not disrespect you using the word,’savage.” I’ve had many American Indian friends( family came from Europe many years after the Am Indians wars).
    I’ve never met any, ANY American Indians i would classify as “savage” or” savages.” In fact I have deep respect for so many Amer/Indian cultures from Iroquois, to Cherokee to Yurolk and Weott where I now reside. My usage of the word is only for the , what I call an “infidelaphobe.” or radical Islamist cult worshiping hater of all things NOT Islamic.
    I understand the usage of the word in many ways hurts Amer/Indians but I mean NO disrespect and hope when/if the time ever comes we’ll be in the same fighting hole. I love America probably as much as you but my roots being from a Hebrew( partial) tribe hated, despised and murdered throughout the centuries, well, as far as I know, many of my ancestors had no peace and no home on any continent and in any country.
    So in a small sense I suppose I understand a little, but I honor your right to always call America your tribal nation, your home. I do thank you for tolerating my presence. One thing though, I would not say( and it was never my intention) to use the word regarding any American Indian, but I will use the word as per what Islam is and isn’t and what it isn’t is honorable, nor is it peaceful. I use the word as it should. They hate Jews first, Christians second and the rest third so we’re all in their sights.
    Blessings to you and yours.