#MyJihad in Pakistan: Jihadis murder five anti-polio health workers

Last summer a Pakistani Muslim cleric said that polio vaccinations were un-Islamic. And you know what happens to un-Islamic things in Pakistan. “Gunmen Kill Anti-Polio Workers in Attacks in Pakistan,” by Salman Masood and Declan Walsh for the New York Times, December 18 (thanks to all who sent this in):

ISLAMABAD, Pakistan “” Five Pakistani women and a man were killed on Tuesday in separate attacks on health workers participating in a national drive to eradicate polio from Pakistan….

The attacks forced health officials to temporarily suspend a large polio vaccination drive in Karachi, the country”s most populous city, where the disease has been making a worrisome comeback in recent years….

The shooting represented a brutal setback to polio immunization efforts in Pakistan, one of just three countries in the world where the disease remains endemic. Pakistan accounted for 198 new cases last year “” the highest rate in the world, followed by Afghanistan and Nigeria.

There was no immediate claim of responsibility, but Taliban insurgents have repeatedly vowed to target anti-polio workers, accusing them of being spies.

In the tribal areas along the Afghan border, Taliban leaders have issued religious edicts declaring that the United States runs a spy network under the guise of vaccination programs.

That perception was strengthened after the American commando raid that killed Osama bin Laden in June 2011, when it emerged that the Central Intelligence Agency had paid a Pakistani doctor to run a vaccination program in Abbottabad, where Bin Laden was hiding, in a bid to obtain DNA evidence from his family.

Pakistani authorities arrested the doctor, Shakil Afridi, shortly after the American raid, and he has been sentenced to 33 years in prison….

Two female aid workers were killed in an attack in Landhi, according to local news reports. In Orangi, unknown gunmen opened fire on a health team, killing one woman and a male volunteer. Another female worker was killed in nearby Baldia Town.

The Karachi neighborhoods where aid workers were targeted Tuesday are being used as safe havens by militants, who have escaped American drone strikes in North and South Waziristan tribal regions, according to police officials. Security forces regularly conduct search operations in these neighborhoods.

In the northwestern city of Peshawar, gunmen riding a motorcycle opened fire on two sisters who had volunteered to help administer polio drops, killing one….

“Ahmadis, Shias, Hazaras, Christians, child activists, doctors, anti-polio workers “” who’s next on the target list, Pakistan?” asked Mira Hashmi, a lecturer in film studies at the Lahore School of Economics, in a post on Twitter.

Who indeed? Who will be the next victim of #MyJihad?

#MyJihad in Pakistan: Islamic supremacists murder three more polio eradication workers -- 8 in 48 hours
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    #MyJihad in Pakistan: Jihadis murder five anti-polio health workers

    “#MyJihad”, above, is a wry reference to *this* bit of ludicrous Taqiyya:

    “Hamas-linked CAIR applies cosmetics to the concept of jihad”


    Meanwhile, of course, actual Jihad savagery continues apace, as this story shows.


    Last summer a Pakistani Muslim cleric said that polio vaccinations were un-Islamic. And you know what happens to un-Islamic things in Pakistan.

    We do indeed. Whoever has been deemed “un-Islamic” is bound to be on the receiving end of some pious savagery.

    Never mind that these are people dedicated to helping kids”mostly Muslim kids, in this case.

    The story about the Pakistani cleric is here:

    “Pakistan: Muslim cleric says polio vaccine is against Islam, threatens jihad against vaccination teams”


    And this is hardly the first time devout Muslims have targeted polio workers in Pakistan:

    “Official leading polio drive in Pakistan killed; locals accuse workers of ‘coming here disguised as polio campaigners to spread vulgarity'”


    And this isn’t just in Pakistan:

    “Poor, Young Battle Polio in Yemen”


    “Sharia vs. polio in Nigeria”


    Pakistan, Yemen, and Nigeria are all ethnically and culturally quite different”what they have in common, of course, is Islam, Islam, Islam…

    And all this has this predictable result:

    “Polio cases jump in Pakistan as clerics declare vaccination an American plot”


    Becoming crippled or dying of polio? Perfectly Halal. Daring to treat polio? UN’Islamic, and deserving of death.


    “Ahmadis, Shias, Hazaras, Christians, child activists, doctors, anti-polio workers ” who’s next on the target list, Pakistan?” asked Mira Hashmi, a lecturer in film studies at the Lahore School of Economics, in a post on Twitter.

    Who indeed? Who will be the next victim of #MyJihad?

    All “un-Islamic””or, at any rate, not mainstream Islam. And so, all fair game for the bloodthirsty “believers”…

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    If polio vaccinations are forbidden by Sharia, then surely the same must be true for other vaccinations and inoculations, such as those against smallpox, measles, whooping cough, et al. And really all of modern medicine and public health measures, such as water purification, blood transfusions, anti-biotics, etc. The OIC bloc in the UN ought to be insisting that WHO cease all its activities in Moslem countries. And the PC-MC Western countries ought to support them because of “repsect” and “tolerance” for other cultures.
    The daily glass of camel’s urine and the morning nose-snort are all that the “Prophet” required for good health, so how can any Moslem ask for more?
    Let the Islamic countries adopt Sharia-based medicine, and let nature take its course, I say.

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    I suggest the penalty for murdering health workers who are trying to eradicate polio:

    Vaccinate with the polio virus. Not the killed version that confers immunity, but the live version that confers polio.

    And since that alone would be too lenient, they should be treated with the islamic cure-all:- camel urine.

    make the punishment fit the crime.

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    Such arrogance and stupidity in one extreme place is to be expected. Darwin will take hold. I really don’t wish this on anyone, but some people are so determined to do wrong that the only thing we can do is to let them perpetrate it on themselves.

    May God have mercy on them.

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    islam is such a disease! …but of course the taliban refuse to recognize this fact. No, they’re too busy finding fault where there is none. Boy, imagine living your life for an evil lost cause and then also BEING an evil lost cause, as well. Hard to imagine a person purposefully making that choice, but they have …

    I H8 islam and those that practice this evil religion; since they bring hell on earth!

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    The problem is that polio is a communicable disease – so, what do we do now? Stopping immigration from Pakistan or Yemen is not going to be politically correct….

    From http://www.cnn.com/2011/09/21/health/china-polio-outbreak/index.html

    [Beijing (CNN) — An outbreak of polio has been confirmed in China for the first time since 1999, leaving one person dead and hospitalizing another nine, according to the World Health Organization (WHO).

    The WHO said evidence indicates the virus is genetically linked to polio cases currently circulating in PAKISTAN, which borders Xinjiang. Pakistan has been affected by the nationwide transmission of the same WPV1 strain….]

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    I was born of a mother who was recovering fom polio, from which she was told she could never recover (she did: she was a sportswoman, and full of determination).
    The West has helped inumerable people of “developing countries” recover from all kinds of diseases, and helped their otherwise-doomed babies to survive, to the point where their countries are over-populated.
    In return, they hate us. All those young, angry people, inflamed by Islam (or anti-white rhetoric) with no jobs and no prospects, are turning on us.
    The Chinese say that if you save a life you are resonsible for it forever.
    Well, we are responsible for generations of saved but angry young people.
    One world!!!

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    The problem is that a large chunk of the Ummah is determined to make like a homicide-bomber murder-‘martyr’, on a truly staggering scale.

    Like, national, regional, *global*.

    See here, for example:

    Monday, 17 December 2012
    Iran Pursues Development of Deadly Bio-Toxins

    Thanatos, cubed.

    From the POV of the truly fanatical Mohammedans, it doesn’t matter if, in the course of ‘purifying’ the world of everything not-Islam (some 6 billion non-Muslims and all our works and days) most or all Mohammedans get killed as well, for if they do, then they can *all* be viewed as voluntary or involuntary shaheeds.

    The *only* way for any Mohammedan to be perfectly sure of getting to ‘paradise’ is by slaying and being slain in the cause of allah. A scenario involving global unloosing of mass death – killing all or most non-Muslims along with all or most of the Muslims – could be seen as *the* way of ensuring that the maximum number of Muslims qualify for ‘paradise’ (combine that with the belief that any shaheed who gets offed in the process of offing a non-Muslim, not only gets his free pass to paradise but is able to provide similar passes for a whole bunch of his relations, and you’ve got…an incentive for suicide-murder on the planetary scale).

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    Polio is a communicable disease that will spread among those who are NOT vaccinated.That has been the pattern in Nigeria where the disease is spreading among ignorant Muslims and not the non-Muslims who are vaccinated.Nigerian Muslims also carried the disease with them on the Hajj spreading it to more Muslims. So to stop the spread of the disease among non-Muslims you continue with vaccinations.If the disease is becoming a problem in China you stop it by vaccinating the population. You can also bar people with communicable diseases from entering a country.I suspect as Polio becomes more and more of a Muslim problem you will see Muslims looking to be vaccinated.If not then Allah can save them.

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    So the last 2000 years of Christian mission and ministry all over the world were, from your point of view, a complete waste of time, and indeed, dangerous and stupid, and it were better that none of it had ever been done…perhaps St Paul should never even have bothered going to Rome?

    Or do you merely believe that Christian missionaries – with the concomitant Christian drive to heal the sick, care for widows and orphans, etc, which has manifested everywhere that Christians have gone, and which is the deep matrix of the kinds of world-scale public health campaigns that you mention and even of the science that made them possible (see Vishal Mangawadi’s ‘The Book that Made Your World’, for example) – should never, once the tribes of southern/ western/ northwestern Europe were converted, have bothered to go anywhere else? (But what then how do you interpret our Lord’s command to ‘teach **all** nations’? Did he really mean, ‘teach the white tribes only’?).

    Gladys Aylward for example – do you think she would have been better advised to have turned her back and left all those Chinese orphans by the side of the road to perish, let Nature take its course? Should she have refused to become the official Inspector of Feet?

    Do you think that Mary Slessor should have been prevented from going to Africa, where among other things, she rescued sets of twins that had been exposed to die on the riverbank?

    And, indeed, should she and all other Christians, between the sixteenth and the twentieth centuries, have left well alone, and never gone to China at all in the first place? Or India. Or Africa. Or the Pacific. Or Latin America. Or the Torres Strait, and Aboriginal Australia.. Or, yes, the Middle East.