Pamela Geller: “Political sensitivities” before life and liberty

In “‘Political sensitivities’ before life and liberty” at WND, December 4, Pamela Geller exposes the latest acquiescence to Muslim violence in the U.S.:

Last Friday, according to Arizona’s Casa Grande Dispatch, “an explosive device was detonated “¦ by the back door of the U.S. Social Security Administration office, shaking downtown Casa Grande, but no one was injured.” The perpetrator was a Muslim, Abdullatif Aldosary. You would think that a Muslim detonating an IED in a government building in Arizona would be front-page stuff, or that national security agencies would be at heightened alert, but you would be wrong. The FBI is not treating it as a terrorism case because of “the political sensitivities involved.”

Translation? They fear insulting Muslims. They”re not properly prosecuting the sworn enemies of the U.S. for fear of giving offense to Muslims who are supposedly on our side.

And the media? What media? Where was CNN? When a bacon sandwich is 100 yards from a mosque, they issue a special report, and it would be on the front page of the New York Times. Perhaps they would dedicate a Sunday special section to “Islamophobia,” and President Obama might take to the airwaves to shake his boneless finger at us. But this, a Muslim using an IED to bomb a government building in Arizona, garners little to no media.

It’s astounding how in the tank the Shariah-complaint media have become, and how far they have gone down the rabbit hole of whitewashing Islam and downplaying jihad. But even worse is the fact that Obama’s FBI will not prosecute Aldosary on terror charges, so as not to hurt the feelings of jihadists. The Shariah-compliant FBI, too, is now enforcing the blasphemy laws.

We have lost our minds and our souls to this vicious enemy — have we no stomach in the defense of humanity and freedom?

And those of us who still have the testicular fortitude to cover jihad-related news are marginalized, demonized and accused of inciting “Islamophobia” and/or “anti-Muslim backlash.”

Contrary to the “Islamophobia” claims, I think the American people have been enormously tolerant and kind to Muslims in America. Considering what this nation has been through at the hands of the global jihad, it is amazing how generous America has been. Despite 9/11; the thwarted Times Square bombing; the Portland Christmas tree bombing; the Christmas underwear bomber; the massive plot to bomb New York City subways on the anniversary of 9/11; last week’s arrest of Muslim brothers in Florida who were plotting to use a weapon of mass destruction within the United States; last week’s arrest of an Islamic cell in California that was plotting to kill Americans overseas and in the United States; the plot by a Massachusetts Muslim to fly remote-controlled model planes packed with explosives into the Pentagon and U.S. Capitol; and so many other jihad plots in America over the last few years, there has been no backlash. None.

Think about it. Jihad attacks thwarted on an almost weekly basis, and the American people have not responded. What a testament to how civilized and tolerant we are as a culture and a society. All the blood, toil, treasure and human life fighting an enemy both here and in the ongoing wars in Afghanistan and, to a much lesser extent, Iraq, and still we welcome Muslims to our shores, in our communities and cities. “¨”¨But what do we get in return for our kindness and tolerance? False accusations of “backlash,” “intolerance,” “bigotry” and retribution against innocent people from Muslim Brotherhood/Hamas groups in the U.S. Why aren’t Muslim groups in the U.S. directing their barbs and arrows at the jihadists and not at their victims? It’s telling.”¨”¨ And it’s not just the media, law enforcement and national security agencies — it’s our courts as well. There have been over 20,000 deadly jihadi attacks worldwide since 9/11, with thousands dead, displaced and mutilated, but as far as many judges and local governments, the real crime is “¦ telling the truth about this and using the word the killers themselves use to describe their actions. The attempts by local governments to ban our anti-jihad ads were bad enough, but this is a crime: Prosecutors in the trial of the Muslim jihad terrorist Mohamed Mohamud, the Portland Christmas tree bomber, are asking the court that they be allowed to use the words “jihad” and “martyrdom” to characterize Mohamud’s jihad….

Read it all.

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  1. says

    Excellent article. One wonders how this entire situation, this constant cover-up of muslims acting badly, this infestation of political correctness and kowtowing to islamic interests, will end. If it ever does.

  2. says

    Europe isn’t any different. In the countries I know Britain, France and Germany officials are sharia compliant and afraid of Muslim anger. Muslim keep complaining about bigots everywhere. They want to impose sharia by all means.

    Europeans and Americans have to unite and fight against Islam.

  3. says

    Yet again the FBI & DHS, et al which have been infiltrated with PC demagogues who bow and scrape to the lefts love affair with muslims and the so called religion of peace… more like pieces; thankfully no casualties were involved in this case. None the less the complicity of the BHO Regime and their hand picked apologists can not be over looked… Had it been a “conservative” from the religious right you can bet your last worthless dollar that the name, religion and political affiliation would be PLASTERED all over the MSM and the FBI/DHS would have no issue or concern over any so called “political sensitivities involved”