1. Really, comparing CAIR’s efforts with Dubcek’s Prague Spring is ridiculous; their motivations are exact opposites.
    ‘when the Soviet tanks rolled in’ was the moment that the world realised communism was in decline. Dubcek WON! Additionally, he was awarded
    the Sakharov Prize and the International Humanist Award. Will CAIR be up for either??

  2. If what all those smiling, seemingly happy Muslims and Muslimas are saying is true as to their personal jihad, that #MyJihad is lifting weights, playing in sunshine, collecting Teddy Bears, and so forth, then they have consigned themselves to a non-Islamic afterlife.

    The Koran is quite clear. Jihad, whether of the lesser or greater type, is to be practiced by every Muslim for the advancement of Islam. Period. Koranic-authorized jihad has NO other purpose. Lifting weights and riding bicycles are self-centered, not Allah-centered.

    Then again, and more likely, the idea that all of these pictured Muslims are practicing Tacquia (viz., lying for the sake of Islam) is always a distinct possibility and can’t be dismissed.

  3. “In one of the CAIR ads, a hijabbed woman lifts a barbell while explaining, “My Jihad is to stay fit despite my busy schedule.” ”

    I wonder if she has the strength to lift that oppressive, offensive hijab off her head, throw it on the ground and stomp on it??

  4. Keep wasting that money CAIR and comp…Most Americans have at least heard that jihad is connected to terrorist acts…Few are going yo buy the idea it has something to do with lifting weights or grocery shopping…Allah was serious when he invented sharia, which includes jihad…It is an insult to Allah to cheapen it with chocolates…

  5. Surely the fact that this campaign by CAIR is NOT being run in any of the many, many Muslim countries(where the concept of violent jihad is accepted by large percentages of the population)should be evidence to even the most dim-witted multiculturalist that this is not a genuine effort to promote a liberal Islam, but is instead just another ploy to dupe naive Western simpletons. The “moderate” Muslims of the West and their less moderate counterparts in the Muslim world seem to have a tacit agreement—the jihadis will allow the “moderates” some degree of leeway in their interpretation of Islam, as long as the moderates limit their outreach to non-Muslims, and don’t challenge the jihadis. It’s really the good cop/bad cop routine on a civilizational scale.

  6. “It’s a sweet jihad, a chummy jihad, a chocolatey jihad – but a jihad just the same”—

    The pen is mightier than the sword. This is their jihad… to whitewash jihad!.

  7. The next misunderstood term to be rehabilitated by a CAIR campaign?
    After all, isn’t it just a spontaneous expression of surprise and delight, much as you might use “good gracious!” or “gee whiz!”. /sarc

  8. Re “Leeway in their interpretation of Islam”:

    Someone I know is an annoyingly lustful man. He reluctantly accepts some of what I have taught him about Islam, but quite literally doesn’t mind if our country becomes Islamic, because he lusts after the Somalian girls in their tight clothes and bright hijabs. I said to him crossly that those women are allowed to dress like that as it attracts dumb men like him and makes our women look drab and ordinary in comparison. Once Muslims rule the roost here, you’ll see, I said; the women will not be looking quite so glamorous.
    I might be wrong, and he reacted as if I was quite insane.
    Am I? Or am I justifiably suspicious that Muslim women here get about looking like mediaeval oriental courtesans, with their message of “Stunning, aren’t I? But you can’t have me. I’m much too good for you. You can only have those cheap and easy Western women. Ha!”?
    That is the message my lustful friend is getting, at any rate. To the extent that the jihad is a non-issue.
    Lust, of course, is one of the major reasons for the growth of Islam.

  9. Mohammedan Gang Molls, that’s what those pretty doe-eyed hijabettes are.

    Remember that show about two Aussie females of non-Muslim background who had converted to Islam?

    It was called ‘Jihad Sheilas’.

    *I* think it should have been called “Jihad Tarts”.

    Or…”Jihad Groupies”, or “Jihad Gang Molls”, or, ‘Jihad Camp Followers”.

    Any one of these descriptors would have been brutally accurate.

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