1. “Saudi religious police”….sigh…

    like the ones that let those poor Saudi schoolgirls die in a fire a few years ago rather than let the firemen save them because the girls were not “properly dressed”

    the fact that “religious police” exist anywhere in the world in this day and age is really depressing….

  2. From the article: “The host of the alleged Christmas gathering is reported to be an Asian diplomat whose guests included 41 Christians, as well as two Saudi Arabian and Egyptian Muslims…”.

    ‘An Asian diplomat’. I would guess either Filipino or South Korean.

    The diplomat was very foolish to include Muslims among his invited guests.

    Further observation: how did the ‘religious police’ know which house to raid, anyway, and when?

    Somebody ratted on this party.

  3. Why can’t we ban all Saudi travel to the U.S. until this kind of criminal behavior of the Saudi government is stopped? Why can’t we insist on reciprocity?

  4. “plotting to celebrate Christmas,”

    Only the joyless mohammedans (except when it comes to murder and bloodshed which they *really* enjoy) would describe planning for a Christmas celebration as a ”plot”.

    ”The host and the two Muslims were said to be “severely intoxicated.”

    Such hypocrites they are.

    But clearly, as dda has already noted, they were grassed up. Although the host was an absolute idiot to invite **two muslims**.

  5. And not only Saudi travel to the US.

    Saudi travel to any other Lands of the Non-Muslims. Australia, Canada, UK, France (*that* would hit them where it hurts)…

    Hugh Fitzgerald was wont to say that the rich Arab Muslims – from Saudi Arabia, and from the other hideous Arab Muslim gulf ‘states’, which he recently described as ‘bank accounts with flags’ – treat ‘the West’ as “a combination of fun fair and brothel”.

    Well; let’s deny them entry. No more sex tourism or medical tourism for stinking-rich Mohammedan gang bosses and their swarms of spoilt-rotten offspring.

    And if in response they shut off oil, well: it will merely be an incentive to the West (and the non-Muslim Rest) to invest in the oil wells of East Timor, and South Sudan, and Israel’s newly discovered natural gas reserves offshore, and any other number of Infidel-controlled sources of energy; we would have enough for our *essential* needs and for the rest of it, I’d rather our societies tightened their belts and learnt to make do with less, than that we bought stuff from those vile sharia-crazed hellholes.

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