Truce Update: “Palestinians” throw two firebombs at IDF post

Palestinian Firebombs.jpg

Just in from the IDF on Twitter.

"Thursday"s vote was not about a 'Palestinian' state; it was about rewarding savagery and Hamas terror"
Palestinian Authority top dog Abbas: Israeli "threats" won't deter us
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  1. says

    Truce Update: “Palestinians” throw two firebombs at IDF post

    Hamas”like most Muslims”want to have it both ways.

    They want to be accepted as the duly elected government of Gaza, and yet”when it is convenient, as here”they want to claim that they have nothing to do with Jihad such as this, either in backing it, or, like a real government, putting a stop to it.

    In other words, Hamas will claim that *they* never broke the cease-fire, even though we can expect sporadic Jihad attacks against Israel like this all along.

    And the international community will let them get away with it.