UK: Islam surging as Christianity fades

Damian Thompson is a hopeless dhimmi “journalist” who cowers before Islamic supremacists and dutifully recites their talking points, so it is no surprise that as he notes the collapse of Christianity and rise of Islam in Britain, all he is concerned about is that “the Churches haven’t a hope in hell of stopping gay marriage.”

If these demographic trends continue and Britain is Islamized, the Churches haven’t a hope in hell of stopping a lot more than that, and one day their bloodied remnants will look back on the days when the gay marriage controversy raged while the Muslim population grew and grew a period of inexcusable unreality.

“Christianity is fading away in Britain as Islam surges and agnosticism spreads,” by Damian Thompson in the Telegraph, December 11 (thanks to Pamela Geller):

The shape of things to come

Poor Rowan Williams: wrong to the end. Christianity is not “fading away” in Britain, he says. Yes it is, as the census figures clearly illustrate.

Since the last census in 2001, the number of Britons identifying themselves, however loosely, as Christians is down 13 percentage points to 59 per cent.

The number of respondents who say they have no religious faith is up 10 points to 25 per cent. Meanwhile, staggeringly, the Muslim population has grown from 1.55 million to 2.7 million, an increase of 1.15 million from 2001 to 2011.

The surge in Islamic belief is entirely a consequence of immigration. The spread of agnosticism and atheism is (though I haven’t yet seen the breakdown by age) largely generational….

A quick thought: these figures confirm that, saddled with shrinking congregations and (so far) dreadful leadership from Archbishops Williams and Nichols, the Churches haven’t a hope in hell of stopping gay marriage.

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    This dhimmi “journalist” Damian Thompson has nothing to worry about.

    For if and when the day comes that Britain is finally and fully Islamized, I am sure that the then ruling Mohammedans and the mosques will welcome gays and gay marriage with open arms. No hangings. No stonings. No incarnations in Iranian style Islamic gulags.

    Ya think so, Damian Thompson? Think again.

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    Meanwhile, staggeringly, the Muslim population has grown from 1.55 million to 2.7 million, an increase of 1.15 million from 2001 to 2011.

    The surge in Islamic belief is entirely a consequence of immigration

    Does not sound as though he approves of Islam, which is the implication of this article; immigration via New Labour’s policy of ‘multiculturalism’ (ie buying votes of Muslim immigrants) is clearly pointed out. So, his focus is naive but it’s a giant leap from that to Saleem Smith’s comment!
    Even if the politicians want Islam, the citizens don’t and won’t accept it, even at the cost of civil war. Muslims will be hunted down and exterminated, if it becomes a question of British survival.

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    “…the Churches haven’t a hope in hell of stopping gay marriage.”

    Have no fear, when they reach critical mass, the denizens of Islam will right that ship, lickety-split!

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    The link to crossmuslims in salah’s post above presents an article that laments that the absolute number of Muslims who convert to Christianity is increasing.

    Unfortunately, what is important is not the absolute number but the relative number of Christians to non-Christians.

    With the sole exception of Israel, I don’t know of a place in the world where the relative number of Christians is increasing.

    In the US, estimates are that the Muslim population is growing at a rate >5% per year while the non-Muslim population – not just Christians but all non-Muslims – is growing at a rate <1% per year. At these rates, the US will become a Muslim majority country around 2100. Long before that, Muslims will probably control our law.

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    What are people going to do?

    Atheists, of course, are free to dance on Christianity’s projected grave, as they have done many times before.

    Atheists and agnostics are advised to support the resistance to Islamisation with all their might.

    Christians – and there *are* still fervent, believing, practising Christians, even *young* Christians, left in the UK, I was talking to a lady just the other day who had been in the UK and had met quite a lot of them in the past year or two, they specialise in identifying large draughty almost-empty churches that need filling up and then they swoop in with a sort of spiritual SWAT team and do some re-energising – should remember that Despair is one of the Seven Deadlies.

    If you are a Christian, and British: *do not give up hope*.

    The same person I was talking to, just this last weekend, said that *South Korean missionaries* were touching off something of a revival among churches in *Wales*….it may not be getting into the census data yet, but I think there is something on the move.

    So I say to British Christians, as to Christians in Europe, and in Australia, and Canada: do you believe in the Resurrection of the Dead, like we say we do in the great Creeds… or don’t you?

    And if we do, if we believe this thing really happened, then all the bets are off, permanently.

    Do something.


    Go to your dusty old local parish church. Pray some more.

    (And salt the library with good books that tell the truth about Islam – e.g. Mark Durie’s books, and Mr Spencer’s, and Patrick Sookhdeo’s; and testimonies by ex-Muslims who have become Christians, like Mark Gabriel and Daniel Shayesteh and Hannah Shah and Gulshan Esther and Bilquis Sheikh).

    Pray! (Make a list of mosques in your area, and pray for the exposure of all jihad plots, sharia pushing, etc, and for exposure and removal of Mohammedan hate preachers).

    Get involved with Operation Nehemiah.

    (And if you’re not already involved in the resistance to Islamisation: *get involved* – e.g. join and support the ‘Law and Freedom Society’).

    Join the Royal Society of St George and ginger it up a bit (thousands of Islamosavvy non-Muslims – of all backgrounds – joining this particular delightfully old-fashioned patriotic society could turn it into a force to be reckoned with, I think, in terms of the *cultural* pushback against Islamisation).

    Better to light a candle than curse the darkness.

    if you’re married, and under 42, well: how many kids do you have? Why not have four?…for joy, not just to spite the Mohammedans (you may need to talk to elderly folks who survived the War, to get handy hints on budgeting).

    There *are* Muslims, even in the UK, who are *leaving Islam and becoming Christians*. Quite a lot of them, though they don’t get much publicity. Canon Dr Patrick Sookhdeo is one such; so is Hannah Shah, author of ‘The Imam’s Daughter’.

    They have a hard time – they’ve had to set up a sort of ‘underground railroad’ – but they exist.

    Muslim apostates cast out and at risk from faith and family
    By Anthony Browne (Times Online)

    “…One estimate suggests that as many as 15 per cent of Muslims in Western societies have lost their faith, which would mean that in Britain there are about 200,000 apostates…”.

    “…Yasmin, who was raised in the North of England, has been forced out of her town once, and is now trying to resist being chased out again. Brought up in a Muslim family, she converted after having a vision of Jesus when she gave birth to her youngest son, and was baptised in her thirties..

    “She fled to another part of Britain, but the attacks soon started again as locals found out about her. “I wasn’t going to leave again,” she said, adding that it was the double standards of her attackers that made her most angry.

    “They are such hypocrites ” they want us to be tolerant of everything they want, but they are intolerant of everything about us.”

    “With other converts, Yasmin has helped to set up a series of support groups across England, who have adopted a method of operating normally associated with dissidents in dictatorships, not democracies.

    They not only have to meet in secret, but cannot advertise their services, and have to vet those that approach them for infiltrators.

    “There are so many who convert from Islam to Christianity. We have 70 people on our list who we support, and the list is growing. We don’t want others to suffer like we have,” she said…”.

    A church of the catacombs…

    I ask my British Christian brothers and sisters to pray that that persistent trickle of apostates from Islam into the church, which is already happening, may become an unstoppable flood.

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    It has to be said that some portion of the 2.7 million are increasingly becoming Westernised an are vertually Muslim in name only.

    The problem is that while one law permits criticism, ridicule and even the insulting of Islam, the politically correct establishment in the U.K uses other laws such as the Public Order Act and the Crime and Disorder Act to silence all criticism of Islam.

    I have to appear in a U.K court on January 3rd charged under the Crime and Disorder Act because I have signs on my car revealing the true nature of the beliefs, practices and aims of Islam.