Want to get that special person the perfect gift for Christmas and Chanukah?

A message from Pamela Geller:

Freedom! We have the perfect idea for that
hard-to-buy-for loved one or that special someone you want to impress
with your ingenuity, courage and love of freedom. Sponsor an AFDI ad! Could anything be more perfect?

We are making a huge buy for our new quran ads (to be announced in
the next few days), but we need your help. The buy is powerful and much
bigger than our normal ad buy. So of course it’s much more expensive,
but it’s brilliant.

You can sponsor an ad for $500, and your loved one will receive a special holiday card from me announcing your gift. Think about it. Make a loved one happy and fight the enemy within. How great is that?

Contribute here via Paypal to writeatlas@aol.com or tax-deductible to director@jihadwatch.org. Make sure to include the name and address of your gift recipient so I can inform them of your generosity and your genius!

If you cannot sponsor an entire ad, give what you can. With all the talk in the thieves’ den, aka the Beltway, about attacking charitable donations, a contribution to our work before midnight, December 31st, could make good financial sense.

Happy holidays, happy warriors.

Quran ad

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