Canada: Jihadists “radicalizing” peaceful Muslims at mosques and “large number of venues”

This report apparently focuses on where Muslims are “radicalized,” rather than on the much more important question of how — probably because investigating the latter would take Canadian authorities straight into the Qur’an and Sunnah, which is the one place they don’t want to go. Jihadists make recruits among peaceful Muslims by claiming that they are the exponents of authentic Islam, and making their case from core Islamic texts. The “moderates” have never mounted any effective rejoinder to this appeal. But to admit this would be to contradict central elements of Canadian immigration policy and the entire multiculturalist enterprise. And so we get this report on where, but never ever discuss the really important questions.

“Islamist extremists radicalizing Canadians at “˜a large number of venues,” secret report reveals,” by Stewart Bell in the National Post, January 3 (thanks to Twostellas):

Islamist extremists are now radicalizing Canadians at “a large number of venues,” according to a secret intelligence report released to the National Post under the Access to Information Act.

While mosques with hardline imams are often singled out for spreading violent Islamist ideology, the study found that radicalization has been taking place at a much longer list of locales.

“Radicalization is not limited to religious centres,” says the Canadian Security Intelligence Service report, titled Venues of Sunni Islamist Radicalization in Canada.

The heavily censored report identifies the role of prisons, the Internet and foreign travel in turning some Canadians into extremists who wage or support violence. But it also points a finger at the family home.

“Parents have radicalized children,” reads the Intelligence Assessment, “husbands have radicalized wives (and some wives have radicalized or supported their husbands) “¦ and siblings have radicalized each other,” it says….

Since al-Qaeda’s attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, an increasing number of Canadians have become lured into Islamist extremism, an intolerant, anti-democratic and virulently anti-Western worldview that preaches that violence against non-Muslims is a religious duty and a path to paradise.

Why, where would “Islamist extremists” get that crazy idea? Surely not from the Qur’an!

Several Canadian extremists have travelled abroad to countries such as Pakistan and Somalia with the intention of engaging in what they call jihad, while others have plotted mass casualty attacks in Canada, although none has succeeded.

“What they call jihad.” Of course. As everyone knows, the only accepted and genuine meaning of jihad involves getting in your exercise and taking the kids to school.

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  1. says

    What a difference there is between a radical muslim and a radical follower of Christ.
    The radical muslim becomes a murderer thief liar sexual deviant just like his founder the demon possessed pedophile- Mohammed.
    The radical follower of Jesus becomes more loving(even to enemies), joyful, peaceful(not engaging in jihad), kindness(helping even muslims),goodness and selfcontrol (unlike the howling muslim mobs demanding “so and so” be killed for “blasphemy”).
    It is obvious that Islam is the antiChrist religion, just the oppossite of what is good lovely righteous and just.

  2. says

    What really baffles is that authorities all over the world know this, yet they keep on bringing in more and more Muslims. Things just do not add up and there is definitely something rotten in the State of Denmark (pardon the pun – and not just in Denmark, but wherever Muslims immigrate).

    We should not just blame Muslims per se as Islam is as Islam does. We have to look up at those that write our laws and nationnal policies, especially when it comes to refugees and immigration. We also have to delve deeper into what affiliations and business connections our so-called elected representatives have with Islamic nations. But true investigative journalism is as extinct as the dinosaurs.

  3. says

    ‘…an increasing number of Canadians have become lured into Islamist extremism ….

    Lured! Y’mean, entrapped? Islam is guilty of entrapment!
    Well, I guess that lets the FBI and the Mounties off the hook! After all, they’re not preaching violent jihad, are they!

    And the source of the entrapping material …?

    Al Qur’an, of course! It’s the smoking gun, the bloodstained hand, the fingerprint on the weapon.

  4. says

    “While mosques with hardline imams are often singled out for spreading violent Islamist ideology, the study found that radicalization has been taking place at a much longer list of locales.”

    So is it the mosques, is it the ‘hardline imams’ or is it the ‘locales?’

    And the poor little ones are ‘lured’, by something western dimbulbs call ‘extremism’? As if there was such a thing!

    Absurd. If we don’t get our act together soon we can kiss western civilisation good bye.

  5. says

    Radicalizing peaceful Muslims? What a joke. What’s going on is that fully devout Muslims are having more and more success making less than fully devout Muslims more fully devout.

    Message to Canadian authorities (and authorities in all Western nations): Grasp one thing in its entirety, that is that the term “radical Islam” is redundant and everything else will start to fall into place. Guaranteed.

  6. says

    Taysir is being lifted and Muslims are being told in the mosques of their obligation to enforce Shariah law. Mosques are the legal system of Islam and issuing fatwas to enforce Shariah law are basic. It is sedition and needs to be treated as such.

  7. says

    A ‘Dawa'(Islamic propagation)center teaches step by step method to Canadian Muslim school children through their parents. These students were taught how to insist islamic books in school libraries,how to protest if hijab is not permitted in schools,how to demand special rooms exclusivly for their prayers,how to stand for school elections,and how to spread the message of Islam to non-Muslim students.Just refer these guidelines in this net:

  8. says

    Radicalising “peaceful” Muslims? Not really. The peaceful Muslims aren’t peaceful at all; they just prefer others to do the dirty work while they sit back and watch the show. Now they are being encouraged to join in. Presumably they see what is happening in Europe and see conquest as easy work.
    And why wouldn’t they? All our governments are effectively on their side and punishing anyone who obstructs them.

  9. says

    Sometimes you just have to pull over ont he side of the road when you’re leaving Toronto for Barrie and find a nice green spot of grass at that huge mosque thrusting its scrawny penile like images into the sky, surrounding the overturned cum stained ceiling of the upside down islamic diaphragm, and relieve oneself of one’s islamonauseau.

  10. says

    It is criminal what Canada’s rulers have allowed these parasites to accomplish. It starts with Pierre Trudeau and his stupid idea of multi-kulturalism. He died admitting it was a failure but it was too late for Canada.

    By the way, there is only one Islam and it is filth hate and violence.