Hillary Clinton denies blaming free speech for Benghazi jihad massacre: “I did not say”¦ that it was about the video for Libya”

No end to the dissembling. “Hillary Clinton: “˜I Did Not Say That It Was About the Video for Libya,– from Fox News, January 23 (thanks to all who sent this in):

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton testified at the House Foreign Affairs Committee hearing, answering questions on the attack in Benghazi, Libya.

Rep. Adam Kinzinger (R-IL) pressed her on the anti-Islamic video that was originally blamed for the attack. “When you briefed us, you said unequivocally this was a result of a video and I remember in fact you got pretty upset about it when somebody suggested this was a terrorist attack.”

Clinton said, “I did not say “¦ that it was about the video for Libya, it certainly was for many of the other places where we were watching these disturbances.”

Oh yes she did:

Robert Spencer: Hillary Lets the Jihadist Cat Out of the Bag
Clinton says she "didn't see" requests for improved Benghazi security, doesn't explain why she falsely blamed Muhammad video for jihad massacres
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    – Test –

    Take away her broom and pour a bucket of water on her. She represents everything that is wrong with our political system.

    Islam: where freedom ends and slavery begins.

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    Clinton mentions the film (an “awful internet video”) after about 8:35, and mentions Libya at 9:07 when discussing angry mobs. The relevant section of her speech is probably from about 7:50, where she cites an anecdote about a “covered” Libyan Muslim woman who claimed the attacks do not represent Islam, to perhaps about 9:30.

    While I don’t doubt that Clinton originally blamed the film-enraged mob for the deadly attack in Libya specifically, this clip seems ambiguous as evidence of that. She mentions the (1) the deadly Benghazi embassy attack and (2) the mob violence against embassies (including in Benghazi Libya) as two items. It is ambiguous in this clip as to whether she included 1 as an example of 2.

    So she can defend her more recent statement (“I did not say … that it was about the video for Libya, it certainly was for many of the other places where we were watching these disturbances”) using the ambiguity of the above clip in her favour.

    However, despite the ambiguity of the above clip, the reason I believe she blamed the video originally for the deaths in Benghazi is due to the testimony of the grieving father of one of the victims, who told reporters that Hillary “assured” him that they would deal with the guy who made that Muhammad video.

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    Bravo, Rep. Kinzinger!
    This is a very good thing going on that Hillary Clinton is being held to account for lying about video and trying direct all the blame and hate against this little Coptic Christian Nakoula guy who had actually dared to exercise his freedom of speech here, in the supposedly free United States. I am so glad she did not get away by using her subordinate, Susan Rice, as a scapegoat.
    I have been critical of both the Democratic and Republican parties. But some Republicans do occasionally do the right thing, for partisan reasons, or simply for the right reasons.
    I am so enjoying watching the well-deserved condemnation of Clinton before the eyes of the entire world. Applauding!

    Ruslan Tokhchukov, EnragedSince1999.

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    On Hillary’s visit to Bosnia, she said she was met with a hail of sniper fire. Later, a video showing a serene debarcation from her plane sans bullets forced her to say she ‘misspoke’.

    Clearly she has ‘misspoken’ this time, too. She seems to have a track record of misspeaking.


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    Folks, this is my talkback to and article by Herb Keinon in Jerusalem Post, telling that the French are already gearing up for a very loud and hostile campaign against Israel over the so-called “Palestinian cause”, in an effort to appease the Muslims at the expense of Israel and prevent any backlash over the Frech military intervention in Mali. French diplomats talk about their intent on imposing sanctions against Israel, including banning “extremist settlers” (that is people who dare to live in Judea, Samaria and Jerusalem while Jewish), from visiting France or any other EU country. The same French who refuse to ban Hezbollah, and who resist any attempts to classify it as a terrorist organization by the EU. Hezbollah, a serial embassy-bomber. Hezbollah, a serial mass-murderer. Hezbollah, an airplane hijacker. Hezbollah, a serial hostage-taker. Hezbollah, a torturer and executioner of hostages.


    THAT’S the pattern of behavior of the European Sociopath. France took the lead in the “humanitarian” bombing of Gadhafi. England’s Buffoon-in-Chief David Cameron had immediately joined France, followed by our own Obama. To aid the Arab Spring Islamic jihadis in Benghazi, Libya. All to please, please and appease the Islamists the world over by jumping to their side in the jihad. To earn their good graces. To earn their gratitude. Letting the jihadis have the run of Libya and take all weaponry from Gadhafi’s arsenals. Immediate gratitude: British World War II soldiers’ graves in Libya desecrated, and crosses destroyed, by the Islamists. The British consulate rocketed by the Islamists. The US amb. Christopher Stevens and 3 other Americans killed. All this in THE Benghazi, THE Benghazi, THE Benghazi France, the UK and the US bragged about saving from Gaddhafi! By THE same Arab Spring Islamic jihad rebels whom France, the UK, the US and Stevens personally actively aided and abetted! Now, all Europeans, British and Americans have run away for their lives and do not dare to set foot in Libya that they had delivered to the Islamists. The Islamists, meanwhile, used the weaponry the Western democracies helped them obtain to spread the jihad to Mali, to eradicate all French interests from there, too. The same France who had previously militarily intervened to empower those very Islamists, now militarily intervened to stop them! The Islamists responded by spreading jihad from Libya to yet another country, Algeria, taking scores of American, French, English, Norwegian and other Western hostages and executing them. They now vow to kill French and other European “infidels” wherever found. And what do the French and other European sociopaths do? They now seek to put the blame for everything on Israel! The only country that was right all along, and warned Europe and the US not to aid the Arab Spring, predicting, correctly, that it will turn into the Arab Winter. Aiding jihad against the Russians and the Serbs blew back into the faces of the US and Europe. But the European Sociopath does not learn. He actually thinks that he had not appeased the Islamists enough! So he is trying again to win the good graces of the Islamists the world over by backing the so-called “Palestinian cause” against Israel. By trying to make yet another human sacrifice to Islam out of Israel, the only country that stands rock-solid among the jihad firestorm that had engulfed the entire vast region due to the “pro-democracy” antics of our American and European multi-culty cult. Trying to earn the Islamists’ good graces at the expense of Israel, the only sane country amid insanity and bloody chaos brought about by the Western democracies through their severely imbecilic “democracy for the Muslim people” act.
    Not even Jane Goodall has studied the chimpanzees better than I have this European Sociopath specie. I can easily see ahead of him, and can extrapolate his pattern of behavior days and even years into the future.
    Just yesterday, I had posted here this:
    “EUROPEAN sleazebag sociopaths: go ahead and tell us again how “Israel is the biggest threat to world peace”.”
    And they did.
    One of the traits of this European Sociopath specie is that it is totally devoid of any morality, and yet, enjoys moralizing to others.
    Another is that IT IS ALWAYS WRONG.
    It is wrong on this, too. Its attempt to re-direct jihad from itself toward Israel will backfire, once again. The jihad will flare up out of North Africa into Europe. Wait till the jihadis start using the anti-aircraft missles they looted from Gaddhafi on European airliners. And wait till Iran gets them portable nuclear weapons. I know, the Sociopath thinks Iran will use its nuclear weapons on Israel first. But I also know the Sociopath is in for the biggest shock ever.

    Ruslan Tokhchukov, EnragedSince1999.

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    … Clinton said, “I did not say … that it was about the video for Libya

    Hillarey Clinton suffers frokm dementia illness:
    (video) “… the internet video, that has let to these protest”

    (video) U.S. President Obama, the LIAR ” (video) “Benghazi-gate”

    (video, 1:20 Min) U.S. Secretary of State Clinton (video) calls anti Muslim Islam film, “disgusting & reprehensible” vs. Allah, Q. 8:12 “… I will CAST TERROR into the hearts of those who have disbelieved”

    4:55 Min Frm. Mayor of New York Rudy Giuliani
    “… this is a cover-up!”


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    ‘What does it matter at this point’? Ben Ghazi is dead, and we buried him under the carpet of lies and distortions…What more can we do but see to it that it never happens again?

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    Hillary’s chip-on-her-shoulder reality defying testimony yesterday should be all the evidence we need that her female logic is oxymoronic. Evidence also of just how dangerous it is for us to have such a woman in any high position of working authority inside our government.

    No need here to name all the rest of the mediocrities in place due entirely to our nauseating politically correct politics du jour. Gender neutrality and affirmative action are demonstrably a disaster for our United States. Unfortunately, such lemming minded voters appear to hold a majority right now.

    Any conservative opposition has its work cut out for it. Personally, I don’t think the Republican Party as it is led today can overturn this politically correct disaster-in-place.

    Is it too late to say out loud, “caveat emptor”?

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    Don’t know if anyone wrote or linked this yet but Obo and Hillary made a VIDEO AND published it in Pakistan blaming the video. She lies almost as bad or worse than Bubba. Such petulance knows no bounds!

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    Bill Clinton “I did not have sex with Monica Lewinsky”

    Hillary Clinton: “I Did Not Say That It Was About the Video for Libya”

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    A high-minded couple named Billary
    In assets took more than their fill-ery.
    If their name were Nixon
    The Post would be fixin’
    To stick their fair necks in the pillory.

    Unfortunately, this creature of lies, cries, and alibis will be anointed by the MSM as the next POTUS.

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    And now the plot thickens.
    The Egyptians have been suckered into believeing this Morsi would be a capable leader. He was just another despot in waiting. But as this plot thickens we have the military sitting there (they’ve always been there, Morsi was just an unwitting dupe – – – or maybe not) ready to take the reins of power. Remember, the Muslim Brotherhood holds about 60% of the governing power in that county. In a democratic country that’s a majority! But they (that is,the MB and I don’t mean Mennonite Brethren)are NOT democratic at all. They want all the power. That’s how sharia works.
    Anyone in this country who thinks our type of democracy can work there hasn’t studied history very well.
    I’m afraid the average Egyptian is doomed to go through this all again. The military is the sleeping tiger in Egypt as it is in the USA. Hopefully the Americans will wake up before it’s too late as it is in Egypt right now.

    ps. Robert, I appreciate your brief appearances on Ezra Levant’s show

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    p.s. “…and (2) the mob violence against embassies (including in Benghazi Libya)”

    After about 9:07 she mentioned “Libya” and mobs, but did not refer specifically to the deadly attack in Benghazi. She earlier (around 8:30 or 8:35) referred to the deadly attack with the phrase “heavy assault.” She could argue then that the heavy assault and the mob violence, in her mind at the time based on what she believed, were two separate events, not one event.

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    That Hillary clip (“awful internet video”) is from the same speech as above. Same issue of ambiguity.

    Were they trying to associate the video with the deadly attacks in Benghazi? I think so. Did they and their writers allow themselves enough ambiguity in these speeches so that they could deny making such a direct connection (between the video and the deadly attacks in Benghazi) if they were called on it? I think so.

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    The problem is not that her femaleness, so far as I can see.

    The problem is that she appears, from her discernible record, to be a person of bad character, period.

    There are two equal and opposite errors that societies can fall into: one, of believing that women qua women are more likely to be *virtuous* than men; and the other, of believing that women qua women are more likely to be *wicked* , than men.

    I prefer to fall into neither error. I assume that *both* women *and* men are pretty much equally likely to fall into any one or more of the Seven Deadly Sins; that a good upbringing and the grace of God will tend to produce both women and men who are trustworthy and decent; that every now and again, intelligence and good character will coincide in a woman, or in a man, who achieves high office; but that the Bill Clintons and the Hilary Clintons -and people worse than either – will, alas, also always be with us.

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    Apologies. Imperfect editing of the first paragraph.

    I think I’ll reword.

    For “The problem is not that her femaleness, so far as I can see.”

    let’s say, instead, “So far as I can see, the problem is not that she is a woman”.