Iran calls on OIC to work to criminalize criticism of Islam in the West

The OIC is anxious to do just that, of course, so that Sharia can spread and the jihad advance unchecked. “Iran Urges OIC to Move to Harness Insult to Islam,” from the Fars News Agency, January 1 (thanks to David):

TEHRAN (FNA)- Iran condemned the insults leveled against the prophet of Islam in the US and European movies and magazines, and called on the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) to compile a convention to prevent such blasphemous acts.

Speaking to reporters in his weekly press conference in Tehran on Tuesday, Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokesman Ramin Mehman-Parast deplored certain western media for promoting and supporting sacrilegious acts against divine sanctities and the prophet of Islam.

We want those who are behind this move to go on trial and be punished and we expect the OIC to take urgent action to compile a convention to prevent such acts and don’t allow these publications to create a rift among divine religions,” he underlined.

His remarks came after a number of western movies and cartoons were released in the western media in recent years which insulted the prophet of Islam and Muslims.

In September, French weekly Charlie Hebdo published cartoons of Prophet Mohammad (PBUH). The publication of the offensive cartoons came amid widespread outrage over a US-made film that insulted the prophet of Islam.

The anti-Islam movie drew condemnation from numerous countries, including Afghanistan, Egypt, Libya, Indonesia, Malaysia, Bangladesh, Iran, Yemen, Iraq, Pakistan, Somalia, Sudan, Morocco, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, etc.

And unfortunately again, a French journal has recently announced its intention to release a number of sacrilegious cartoons against the prophet of Islam on Wednesday.

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  1. says

    And unfortunately again, a French journal…

    “UNFORTUNATELY”??? I think it likely the most effective way to negate this repulsive ideology is to SWAMP it with insults; every day, everywhere possible. Exactly the opposite of what these evil hate-mongers want.

  2. says

    Tweak a wealthy Jewish conscience, and what goes up? A building at a university!

    Tweak a wealthy Christian conscience, and what goes up? A hospital wing!

    Tweak a wealthy Muslim conscience, and what goes up? Smoke and body parts!

  3. says

    We want those who are behind this move to go on trial and be punished and we expect the OIC to take urgent action to compile a convention to prevent such acts and don’t allow these publications to create a rift among divine religions,”

    This is a call for war, or an escalation of the one going on now…Are westerners going to surrender in the name of Mahound because Iran and the OIC or the UN says so? They know the punishment for blasphemy…Do they expect western country’s to adopt those punishments? Anything less than death is not acceptable…
    Not to Allah anyway…

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    Unfortunately for the OIC,it is very much a minority of the world’s population that believes that Islam has any connection whatsoever to do with “divine sanctities”.

    Their determination to re-define “belief” as “fact” is the mark of fascism,and deserves to be mocked.Once Islam loses its fear-factor and “untouchability”,it is doomed-all you need to do is tell the truth about it(in Islam “the truth” =”insults”). Go Billy:

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    Take note of anyone in the West who actually think this could be a good idea.

    Anyone who signs on to this is sanctioning evil. The US hasn’t been around for 236 years just to flush rights like these down the toilet.

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    And what else can we expect of Iran in 2013?

    More importantly at some time soon Iran will be crossing that infamous “point of no return” in its nuclear program.

    There will most likely be major war with Iran and its terrorist proxys this year.

  7. says

    Great! :( I guess this means I’ll now have to change the name of one of my dogs? (No I won’t list her name here to give some nut an excuse to riot over nothing).

  8. says

    Let me guess: Hillary ‘Ben Franklin’ Clinton will be right at the side of the OIC’s latest feigned affront against the false prophet just as soon as she gets through avoiding prosecution for the Benghazi fiasco.

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    Before criminalizing the non Islamic world,let the Shia Iran set it’s own Islamic house in order. Shia Muslims are butchered in countries like Iraq,Pakistan,Malasia,Indinasia,Saudi Arabia,Egypt and Behrain. Let Iran first take steps to protect it’s Shia Muslims,who are killed daily by the Sunnis around the world before caring for it’s Prophet’s reputation.
    Christians feel insulted and blasphemous when Muslims call their Jesus as not Son of God,but a mere slave of Allah.They are also insulted when Muslims accuse their Bible is corrupted .Similarly Jews are insulted when they are branded as pigs and swines by Muslims.Hindus and Budhists are offended when Muslims call them as idolators and kafirs. It is time all non Muslims must join together and demand the criminalisation of the above acts of Muslims and prevent/punish them from publishing or speaking such things in public.

  10. says

    I loathe Islam as the doctrine of evil. I revile Mohamed as the most evil man in history. I insult Islam and its psycho[path prophet five times a day while Muslims pray to Allah, aka Satan. If that makes me an Islamophobe, then I wear the title proudly. Call me dog, ape, hog, or kafir. Do not dare call me Muslim!

  11. says

    The blatant dishonesty and criminality in these demands is beyond sickening. Every crime (and it is ALL of them) commited by islam, is lied about, excused, celebrated, and those who are victimized by these criminals, are accused of being and treated like filth.

    And what are we doing about it? Not much, but what are we allowed to do, by our own self proclaimed elites (corrupt media, corrupt intelligensia, etc) in defense of ourselves? NOTHING.

    There has never been a criminal endevour in the rest of the world that even begins to approach islam, the most hatefilled and evil ANYTHING in all of history. Is it possible to fight and defeat this vile criminal endevour? Yes, and it would actually not be extremly difficult.

    First step, and it MUST be done before we are able to defend ourselves:

    Get the quisling bastards in our own countries the hell out of the way.

    That is the hardest thing we must do to defeat this vile plague. The rest will be comparitavily easy to do. Once we are free to do it.

  12. says

    Western Canadian,very well said—where is the oic in letting me walk around the rock in a box in mecca? or letting me build a church in an oic type country OR arresting those who yell KILL the Jewish people and DEATH to America and to arrest those who do KILL in the name of mo ham mad–I wrote to dick durkin (senator Illinois) defender of sue rice on why he is not defending the RIGHTS of FREEDOM of SPEECH, PRINT. I think He and they are LIBERTYPHOBIC. I do not expect a response. Oh, and again where are the muslim voices?? For PEACE. HAPPY NEW YEAR JW’S THANK YOU ROBERT!!!!

  13. says

    I remember a few years back as to naming their dog mohammed a poster said “I couln’t do that to my dog”! I agree! That would sort of be akin to animal cruelty.

    Best wishes for health, happiness and prosperity to everyone and theirs in the forthcoming new year.

  14. says

    Anyone that would name his Dog or Cat mohammed needs to be charged with animal cruelty. Who in their right mind would name a dog or cat, let alone a child, mohammed? They has to have a screw loose. I get sick everytime I hear the sick word, mohammed. Please don’t shame your animals by calling them mohammed. Dogs and Cats have feelings to and they might blow you up or rip your throat out.

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    Specifically, this means Bosnia, where tens of thousands of Muslim women were raped

    Oh dear, so so very sad. That ridiculous myth was debunked a very long time ago. Never mind.

    “and well over one hundred thousand killed,

    No, one hundred thousand were killed in the entire war so it would be a little difficult for OVER one hundred thousand Bosnian Muslims to be killed. Just a tad difficult.

    Never mind again.

    it was a war in which Muslims were the victims and radical Serb nationalists the aggressors).”

    Minor quibble. It was the Bosnian Muslims

    a) who started the war
    b) who murdered the first casualty of the war, a Bosnian Serb who was at a wedding.
    c) who refused to allow their civilians to leave war zones – both Srebrenica and Sarajevo
    d) who set up a private paramilitary organisation, “the Patriotic League”, a full year before the war that numbered well over 100,000 armed men
    e) who didn’t adhere to a single ceasefire in Sarajevo, it was they who broke EVERY one.
    f) who gunned down all the civilians who tried to cross the line dividing the Serbs from the Muslims in Sarajevo. There’s not the tiniest shred of evidence that all those many civilians who died crossing the dividing line were killed by Serb snipers.

    And so on and so on….

    As I said, minor quibble.

  16. says

    SORRY, i hit the submit by accident. so back to “Iran calls on OIC to work to criminalize criticism of Islam in the West”.

    what is the difference if the bully homosexuals put a CHRISTIAN PASTOR in jail for 1 1/2 years in CANADA for saying homosexuality is a SIN, or if the crazy moslems threaten people who say, “oops there IS a problem with islame.”? same evil.

  17. says

    Iran calls on OIC to work to criminalize criticism of Islam in the West

    *Bite me*. Long live freedom of speech!

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    dont pay attention to iran’s military. they are in the 1950 at best and no match for the US military. it is a bunch of bull shit and I hope one day they engage US military as our military will put an end to their naval forces in 20 minutes or less.

  19. says

    M: just you know I was brought up a shia muslim in Iran. while you have a valid point, shia’s treat sunnis like a piece of shit. Iranian sunnis are treated worse than the jews,infidels,hindus and budhists combined. they are not even allowed to hold prayers. Hence no sect of islam recognizes the other as legitimate. thus shedding their bloods are all ok by other muslims.m

  20. says

    Excellent piece of concoction Kepha. I wish I could drink that 😉

    Happy New Year all the JW crew.

    You people rock – you are so inspirational and educational.

  21. says

    Excellent piece of concoction Kepha. I wish I could drink that 😉

    Happy New Year all the JW crew.

    You people rock – you are so inspirational and educational.