More TSA follies: Bomb squad called in at Atlanta airport over battery-powered toothbrush

The Council on American-Dentistry Relations has issued an outraged press release calling for an investigation of toothbrushophobia at high levels of the TSA.

More TSA follies here and here and here. Close down the TSA!

“Battery-powered toothbrush prompts airport scare: A bomb squad responded,” from the Associated Press, January 4 (thanks to Maxwell):

ATLANTA (AP) “” The tick-tick-ticking sound of a bag alarmed employees at the world’s busiest airport, but it has turned out to be nothing more than a passenger’s toothbrush.

The battery-powered toothbrush was responsible for the sound that gave rise to fears of a bomb at Atlanta’s airport Friday morning. It led police to cordon off a section of the north terminal while a bomb squad responded….

Now the TSA will allow small knives and golf clubs onto flights
India: Muslim terrifies air passengers by "raising Islamic slogans while threatening to harm the aircraft"
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    It’s not the flights that are dangerous, it’s the terminal…Had that been a bomb, it came right off the sidewalk, through the front door, and into the crowded terminal, and was not discovered until the TSA got around to it…Now ‘that’s security for you…

  2. says

    islam is the reason we are not building more schools and important infrastructure. islam is a drain on our money… Why can’t we use the arabs cash ? The arabs are making us waste our money and resources…the arabs should be paying. Capish ??
    if saudi arabia did not exist suddenly ………… if islamic hotspots were suddenly ……… if suddenly mosques became dangerous places to be in ……………. suddenly it should be dangerous to be muslim……. suddenly co-ran burning should come into fashion big time……. all this lovely wishfullll thinking……….:)

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    More TSA follies: Bomb squad called in at Atlanta airport over battery-powered toothbrush

    Well, this wouldn’t be a problem in much of the Muslim world, since modern dental hygiene is un-Islamic.

    But when not providing sub-standard dental care, that Miswak can double as a handy stick for beating your wife…

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    My daughter and I recently took an Amtrack train out of Chicago.

    Not know the protocol, we simply walked down a corridor, found the train with its doors opened, and were about to board. The place was deserted so we thought we must be too early.

    We left the boarding area and asked somebody who worked there about this. He directed us to walk down a bunch of corridors into the boarding terminal. We did and found the terminal packed with people and stiflingly hot.

    Finally, after about forty five minutes of pointless standing around, we snaked through the line through a TSA checkpoint.

    That meant four TSA employees were standing around chewing the fat while one guy randomly picked people out of the line to inspect his luggage.

    What a total lack of security and waste of taxpayers’ money.

  5. says

    I’m not in favor of disposing with the TSA. We spent so much money on it that dumping it now would be another tremendous entry in the wasted money column. And, no, my opinion is not the same as “too big to fail”.

    Actually, all of the TSA’s problems can be fixed with one small alteration. Put simply, they need to stop hiring STUPID people, or worse.

    Right now if you qualify to flip burgers you qualify to be a frontline TSA guardian of democracy.

    Additionally, in the name of All That Does Not Suck take Affirmative Action out of the formula. I realize that all the rocket scientists work for NASA, but come on, at least try to hire some who has read a book in the last year. Hiring experts in afternoon naps and power snacking aren’t helping anyone.