Morocco: Muslim leaders condemn French war in Mali as “Zionist crusade”

They’re going to give Mali to Israel? Who knew? “Moroccan Salafis condemn French war in Mali as “˜Zionist crusade,– from AFP, January 17:

Salafist leaders in Morocco have condemned the French military intervention in Mali, calling it a “Zionist crusade” and labelling all Muslims who participate in it “ungodly.”

“No Islamic state should provide facilities, such as the use of airspace, to non-Muslims against a Muslim state. It is forbidden by Islam,” wrote Omar Haddouchi, a well-known Salafist, on his Facebook page late on Wednesday.

Whoever has given support to non-Muslims (in the conflict) is considered ungodly,” Haddouchi added.

Another radical Islamist, Abderrazak Ajah, said Moroccans must “choose between supporting the Islamist fighters as best we can or the Zionist crusade and its agents,” also posting his comments on social media.

Morocco and Algeria have authorised overflights by French fighter planes, which began air strikes in northern Mali last Friday as part of efforts to help Malian troops contain hardline armed Islamists who have occupied the region.

Rabat has also expressed solidarity with Mali in dealing with the militants.

Sheikh Mohamed Rafiki, another Moroccan Salafist, wrote on his Facebook page that there was “no case for supporting the occupying forces in their aggression against Muslim countries.”

No foreigner has the right to interfere in the internal affairs of a Muslim state, whatever the reason,” added prominent Salafist leader Hassan Kettani.

The four hardline Moroccan Islamists were sentenced to 10 between to 30 years in jail for inciting violence linked to the Casablanca bombings in May 2003, in which 45 people were killed, including the 12 suicide bombers.

All four were later pardoned.

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  1. says

    no salafist supremicist has the right to interfere with democratic institutions in order to enslave a people with SHARIA (a different logos)which is supposed to reveal the will of the Allah god (unknowable), which has a horid bloodlust. such enslavement is inhumane.

  2. says

    How this plays out in Islamic ‘umma’ has yet to unfold. How this develops in ‘Eurabia’ will be evene more telling. The implications of non-state elements conducting ‘extra-territorial’ (oxymoron in this case) action, is challenging to the West; the sense of the “Enlightenment”, Westphalia, and Vienna Accords and – certainly the various Geneva proscriptions.
    But what Islamic even acknowledges anything since the first Haj; or the commentaries ‘credited’ to Mohamed since Medina?
    Even history-rich Europe has conceded; dorf-by-staat-by-nation. And, the US has adopted a form of Chamberlainism that would curl the collars of old Neville himself.

  3. says

    What the Salafists cannot accept is the basic concept of diversity – the fact that the world is full of many religions and many systems of governance. About 95% of Malians are Muslims, some of the French soldiers risking their lives in Mali are also Muslim and very few of them acccept the extremist positions of the Salafists. Timbucktu for many years hosted a traditional music festival celebrating the traditional cultures of the Sahara; Timbuctu is an ancient city of historical importance to Islam itself yet the frenzied extremists burn ancient texts, destroy music, burn wedding photos etc. all “halal.” Well, thank Allah that the great majority of Muslims in West and Sahara Africa reject extremism and reject the intolerance of the Salafist crazies!