#MyJihad in Algeria: Jihad group says gas plant jihad massacre was only the beginning, promises “dozens of Merahs”

Mohamed Merah was the sadistic jihadist who murdered seven people, including three Jewish children, in France last year. Now the jihadists responsible for the jihad mass murders at the Algerian gas plant are promising more such jihad massacres in France. “Jihadist group delivers chilling threat to France,” from The Local, January 22 (thanks to Lookmann):

The jihadist group believed to be behind the deadly hostage siege in Algeria has issued a series of alarming threats against France, warning that last week’s mass kidnapping at the In Amenas gas plant was “only the beginning.”

Speaking to French weekly Paris Match, the spokesman for the cell known as “Those Who Sign In Blood”, which is headed by notorious Mokhtar Belmokhtar said “French crusaders, Zionist Jews and their minions, will pay for their aggression against Muslims in northern Mali.”

In a warning deliberately aimed to stir up fear in France, the spokesman, who called himself Joulaybib, said there would be repeats of recent terror attacks carried out on French soil by self-proclaimed Islamist extremists.

“I hope France realizes that there will be dozens of Merahs and Kelkals,” Joulaybib said.

Mohamed Merah was the 23-year-old French-Algerian gunman who caused terror throughout France in March 2012, when he killed seven people, including three French soldiers, a rabbi and three Jewish schoolchildren in the south-western cities of Toulouse and Montauban. Khaled Khelkal was an Algerian terrorist who took part in a series of bomb attacks on the Paris metro in 1995.

Joulaybib, a Mauritanian national whose real name, according to Paris Match, is Hacen Ould Khalil, also promised that “the In Amenas attack is only the beginning.”

Speaking by telephone, the Islamist spokesman also laid out the hostage-takers’ three demands; an end to the French offensive against Islamist militants in Mali, the release of “˜Blind Sheikh” Omar Abdel-Rahman, currently imprisoned in the US for his role in the 1993 World Trade Center bombings, and the release of Aafia Siddiqui, a Pakistani neuroscientist serving an 86-year jail sentence in the US….

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  1. says

    There is one and only one way that the Authorities in France can prevent more Muslim murders of French Jews, and of other non-Muslim citizens of France.

    And that is by slowly, steadily and remorselessly removing from France every last person who identifies as a Muslim; beginning with the low-hanging fruit, that is, all the illegal immigrants, the fraudsters, every woman who is caught wearing the Islamic Slave Mask together with her male owner (father or husband; since the wearing of that Mask shows, in the woman and/ or her associated males, an open dedication to the Sharia of Islam which in every respect contradicts the laws and customs of France), the polygamists (many of them also welfare fraudsters), the repeat criminal offenders, and all who preach jihad and/ or advocate, practise or attempt to practise any one or more of the many elements of Islam that breach French law (e.g. wife-beating, ‘honor’ murder, forcible/ underage ‘marriage’, polygyny, FGM, and attacks upon apostates and ‘blasphemers’). shut down the mosques, one by one by one, beginning with those where jihad and sharia are known to have been openly and stridently preached. Deport the imams, sheikhs, etc.

    The Ummah, or Mohammedan Mob, is the sea within which the sharia assassins, the wagers of combat jihad, jihad of the sword, swim, and from which, ceaselessly – and in ever greater numbers and violence, as the surrounding Ummah grows in numbers, wealth and perceived or actual strength – they emerge.

    No members of the Ummah resident within a given country = no Fifth Column, and therefore a much reduced risk of Jihad (Muslims will still attempt to attack from outside, but there will be no Fifth Column to help them from within the gates).

    Got Mohammedans? – then, sooner or later, you got Jihad.

    No Mohammedans? – a lot less Jihad (unless you have a Mohammedan country next door, in which case, you can expect trouble on the borders; but it’s easier to defend a border if there are no enemy spies and scouts and ‘safe houses’ inside your gates.)

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    Interesting that these threats are coming at a time when Rasool and the Democrats are seeking to disarm America.

    Real Jihad, coming to your neighborhood soon – are you ready for the festivities?

  3. says

    Ummm, hold on a minute…I thought these Mo-rons were threatening France? But the “Blind Sheikh” and Siddiqui are (rightfully) imprisoned
    here in the USA, no? Sooo…whom are they REALLY threatening?

    And, is it just me…or is that about enough of this “Blind Sheikh” business…

  4. says

    “French crusaders, Zionist Jews and their minions, will pay…

    That’s a mighty big order…You may take out a few French, and Zionist Jews, but you will never defeat their minions…If anything, it will be those pesky minions who implemented DDA’s suggestions and kick Mahoundians out of the country…’Get out of here, and take your #MyJihad with you when you go’…

  5. says

    The twin prongs of jihad.

    One, a la CAIR, MCB, ISNA and all the other alphabet soup islamist fronts appeal to our self imposed political correctness, ludicrous ‘hate’ laws and like master oriental fighters utilise our very own tolerance to impose their own intolerance upon our societies.

    Two, the outright terror spewing jihadis such as this lot who advocate no rapprochement with the infidel, instead instigating military action against all trespassers into the Dar el Islam.

    That action can be within the home territory they desire to be kuffarrein, or actually at the heart of the infidels turf.

    It’s all the same to them as they believe that the whole world is Islamic property anyway and we are mere peasants living in a state of unenlightened jahilaya.

    Both these approaches seem to be paying dividends in a world where politics is so devoid of reality that Hillary Clinton when pressed on detail, can ask what difference does it make, Obama describes a US ambassador’s death as a bump in the road and FBI and military training manuals be scrubbed of any semblance of islamic motivation even when the islamic protagonists themselves proclaim it so.

    France is not immune to muslim terror as the recent atrocity against French Jews in Toulouse attests but the question to ask is how much actually will they take?

    They sat on their hands whilst Hitler annexed Austria, walked into the Sudetenland, then Czechoslovakia itself, only rising from the torpor of futile appeasement when the jackboots clattered into Warsaw.

    My point is what actually will it take for Europe to say, enough is enough?

    As for Obama’s America? All I can say is, welcome to the club.

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    With you, dda. Trouble is Muslims, parasites that they are, know only too well how to prey upon non-Muslim societies—legally, economically, socially, psychologically, etc.,—to advance their warped agenda. They’ve been at it now for some 1400 years.

    As I know you know, they’re very good at this. Instructive how clever they are. Very. Time to be more clever than Muzzies. Overdue, though as long as the present Western elites, massively clueless as they are, continue in power, Islam still has the advantage. Damn shame.

  7. says

    “And, is it just me…or is that about enough of this “Blind Sheikh” business…”

    I dunno, but I suspect that the “Blind Sheikh” got a lot more miles left in’im.

  8. says

    The infidel worms *are* turning.

    Slowly, at the mass level, French non-Muslims have reached the conclusion that they cannot trust Muslims. (And something like two-thirds of UK citizens are reaching similar conclusions).


    Thursday, 24 January 2013
    3/4 Of French People Regard Islam With Distaste As “Intolerant”

    The latest survey results are…interesting, and the Mohammedan spin-doctors are panicking, for the ground shifts under their feet, public opinion is tilting against them **at a time when (I would stress this, it is important) non-Muslims are still an absolute voting majority and comprise the majority of persons in the army and the police force**.

    Here’s one of the panicky spindoctors (only for those who can read French; but there are a couple of Comments inserted into it, by Hugh Fitzgerald, in English):


    Friday, 25 January 2013

    Youssef Seddik, A Muslim Apologist Who Has Been Allowed To Live In France For 30 Years, Does His Lying Best To Defend The Faith, And To Reassure The French