#MyJihad in Iraq: “He came to him, hugged him, said ‘Allahu Akbar,’ and blew himself up.”

Claiming the Qur’an’s promise of Paradise for those who “kill and are killed” for Allah (Qur’an 9:111). “Suicide bomber hugs Sunni Iraqi MP, killing him and six others,” from Agence France-Presse, January 16 (thanks to Twostellas):

FALLUJAH, Iraq // A militant posing as a construction worker killed a Sunni Iraqi MP and six others yesterday, wrapping his arms around the politician before blowing himself up.

The killing of Ayfan Saadun Al Essawi comes just two days after the finance minister, Rafa Al Essawi, a fellow Sunni and a member of the same tribe and political bloc, escaped an apparent assassination attempt as his convoy passed near where yesterday’s attack took place.

No group immediately claimed responsibility, but Sunni militants often target officials and high-profile individuals in an attempt to destabilise the government and push the country back towards the bloodshed that raged from 2005 to 2008.

Al Essawi’s killing is likely to further inflame tensions, with Iraq already grappling with a political crisis pitting the prime minister, Nouri Al Maliki, against Essawi’s secular Sunni-backed Iraqiya bloc.

Al Essawi, 37, had been inspecting a road being paved south of Fallujah when the attacker, who was dressed as a construction worker, came up to him.

“The moment he stepped out of the car to check out this road between Fallujah and Amriyah, at this moment, there was a man,” said Sohaib Haqi, the politician’s office chief. “He came to him, hugged him, said ‘Allahu Akbar’ (God is greatest), and blew himself up.”

Fallujah hospital’s Dr Assem Al Hamdani put the overall death toll at seven dead – Al Essawi, four of his bodyguards and two civilians. Another six were wounded, including four of the MP’s guards.

Al Essawi was also a former leader of the Sahwa, a collection of Sunni tribal militias that turned against Al Qaeda and sided with the US military from late 2006, helping to turn the tide of Iraq’s bloody insurgency. He was himself inducted into parliament after another Sunni MP, Khaled Al Fahdawi, was killed in a suicide attack at the Umm Al Qura mosque in Baghdad in 2011….

#MyJihad in Iraq: Sunni jihadists murder 24 Shi'ites in series of bombings
BBC's news studios built in bomb proof room to protect them from jihad suicide attacks
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    Robert, you’re jumping to conclusions again. I’ve just completed a course at the Nathan Lean institute for rational thinking and I now feel more than qualified to comment on this:

    Who’s to blame for this then? It’s got be Israel. A devotee of the religion of peace wouldn’t blow up a fellow Muslim would he? It doesn’t make sense. Muslims only fight in self defence, remember!
    So the suicide bomber must have been a Jew. After all, nobody would kill themselves for a cause would they? What are you going to get out of it? Nothing, you’d be dead, unless of course you believed in an afterlife where murder was rewarded by paradise.
    So it can’t be a Jew then because Jews don’t believe in afterlife paradise that is gained through murder.
    It must be a secular Israeli then, but one suffering from depression, someone who actually wanted to die.
    So there’s the explanation. The suicide bomber was an Atheist, manically-depressed, Israeli!
    Anyone who disagrees with this verdict has to be a hateful war-mongering Islamaphobe.

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    Martyrs will go to Paradise

    Q. 9:111 & Bukhari Book 52 “Fighting for the Cause of Allah (Jihaad)” No. 72

    ‘The Prophet said, “Nobody who enters Paradise likes to go back to the world even if he got everything on the earth, except a Mujahid who wishes to return to the world so that he may be martyred ten times because of the dignity he receives (from Allah).”

    Narrated Al-Mughira bin Shu’ba: Our Prophet told us about the message of our Lord that “Whoever amongst us is killed will go to Paradise.” Umar asked the Prophet, “Is it not true that our men who are killed will go to Paradise and their’s (i.e. those of the Pagan’s) will go to the (Hell) fire?” The Prophet said, “Yes.”‘

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    So do all these dead muslims get to go to “paradise”, their brothel in the sky as they were killed and/or killed for Allah. Or were some apparently “apostate” because of support for the Iraqi govt. I quess it doesn’t really matter.
    Islam is one perpetual killing machine, devouring its adherents with increasing ferocity as they come closer to their demon god Allah/Satan.

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    This as well as other jihadists commit the suicide/homocide bombings ,in part, because they are so thoroughly brainwashed by the imams and mullahs in the mosques and madrassa into believing the Islamic doctrine from the Quran and other works of Islam of a paradise with many virgins for the jihadist who dies for the cause of Islam. The origin of ths Doctrine of Islam is from Arabian and Zoroastrine mythology fused together and insurted in the Quran by wicked men and is now part of the hoax of Islam.
    Furthermore, the Bible had predicted the coming of such false teaches as these imam’s and mullah’s who indoctriante this type of false doctrine into the hearts and minds of others.
    For the Bible reads “For the time will come when they will not stand wholesome teaching, but will follow their own fancy and gather a crowd of teachers to tickle their ears. They will stop their ears to the truth and turn to mythology.” Second Timothy 4:3,4. [NEB]

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    Nathan has taught you well Bob…He would give you an A for that report…

    ‘The suicide bomber was an Atheist, manically-depressed, Israeli’…

    The only thing you missed are the anti-depressant drugs…Probably Paxil or Prozac…

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    @ Softly Bob

    “… hateful war-mongering Islamaphobe

    Allah, 5:38 “(thieves) AMPUTATE their HANDS” (vs. German Constitution Article 2, Paragraph 2)

    “LOVE ALLAH” for his wisdom, “amputate” as a deterrent, and not for killing the thieves!