#MyJihad in Oregon: Defense attorneys for Muslim who attempted jihad mass murder say he was just an impressionable kid led on by FBI

The entrapment defense in cases like this, where Mohamud pressed the button that he thought would detonate the bomb, is simply absurd. Could you be entrapped under any circumstances into setting off a bomb that you knew would murder large numbers of innocent people?

These increasingly common charges of entrapment should be seen for what they are: yet another attempt to divert attention from the ugly reality of Islamic jihad activity in the U.S. and around the world, and to place the responsibility for jihadist misdeeds upon non-Muslims — specifically the ones who are trying to thwart the jihadists” plans.

“Terrorism Suspect’s Mindset Debated at Ore. Trial,” from the Associated Press, January 10 (thanks to all who sent this in):

PORTLAND, Ore. (AP) “” There’s no dispute that a 19-year-old Muslim college student tried to set off a car bomb at Portland’s 2010 Christmas tree lighting ceremony, but how he reached that point is the crux of a trial that began in federal court this week.

A jury of seven men and nine women will decide whether this was a case of the U.S. government preventing the radicalization of a young Somali-American man, or was instead the FBI’s coercion of an impressionable, hotheaded braggart into a plan he was otherwise incapable of carrying out.

Mohamed Mohamud’s attorneys began to build their case during opening statements Friday, arguing that he was the victim of a sophisticated manipulation by undercover FBI agents.

“In America, we don’t create crime,” defense attorney Steve Sady said. “The FBI cannot create the very crime they intend to stop. And sometimes, it’s just a matter of going too far.”

Sady said Mohamud was an impressionable college student who talked big about carrying out terrorism plots but had neither the means nor the experience to follow through.

That changed, Sady said, when undercover FBI agents posing as jihadist co-conspirators provided Mohamud with a fake bomb in November 2010.

Prosecuting attorney Pam Holsinger said Mohamud was on the path to radicalization, and it was only the FBI’s intervention that prevented him from committing terrorism in the U.S. or abroad.

Holsinger pointed to a picture of the estimated 25,000 people at the Christmas tree-lighting event.

“Little did they know that the defendant plotted and schemed for months to kill each and every one of them with a massive truck bomb,” Holsinger said.

Given multiple chances to reconsider, Mohamud refused, Holsinger said, intent instead on being a soldier in a religious and cultural war with the West.

Even prominent radical Islamic contacts in the Middle East, including the American-born Samir Khan, had to admonish Mohamud against being too violent, Holsinger said.

“Even (Khan) had to tone down the radical and violent message,” Holsinger said….

Sady warned jurors that they would see and hear Mohamud expressing views about the West that they may find “offensive or disgusting,” but urged them to put aside their emotions and decide the case based on the law.

Holsinger made reference to some of Mohamud’s radical writing and statements he made to undercover agents. Some of what he published online for an English-language al-Qaida publication will be shown to the jury, she said, and he was writing for the publication in February 2009, long before the FBI contacted him.

Dates are critical to the dueling narratives presented by the prosecution and defense. Prosecutors told jurors to focus on Nov. 26, 2010, the day Mohamud is accused of punching numbers into a black Nokia cell phone that he thought would set off a 1,800-pound bomb.

The defense says the crucial date is more than a year earlier: Nov. 9, 2009, the day Mohamud was first contacted by an informant directed by the FBI to feel out his intentions.

Before that day, Sady said, Mohamud wasn’t predisposed to terrorism. He was simply an angry, conservative Muslim trying to pull off a double life as a gin-drinking, marijuana-smoking college freshman.

“The FBI agent wrote that in an email,” Sady said. “This was an (easily manipulated), impressionable kid.”

How easy would it be to manipulate you into attempting to commit mass murder?

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  1. says

    He was very impressionable, indeed. Impressed by the unholy Koran that says “Kill the infidels, wherever you find them.” The FBI didn’t manipulate him, it was his unholy faith that made him press the button.

  2. says

    “Could you be entrapped under any circumstances into setting off a bomb that you knew would murder large numbers of innocent people?”

    No, I couldn’t. I know this because in 1969 an FBI agent provocateur tried to entrap me and several friends into doing a bombing. Fair enough tactic for the FBI – the country was at war, and we were a cell of traitors.

    We refused, and he couldn’t cajole or shame or bully any of us into it. We were deluded radicals, but we weren’t willing to murder our fellow Americans.

    And that may be the key. Misguided though we were, we saw the people around us as our kith and kin. We saw it as our duty to persuade and lead them in a different direction, not to kill them. Mohamed Mohamud sees everyone not part of the Ummah as an enemy, fair game.

    Good catch FBI. Fry this murderous traitor.

  3. says

    There are a number of drugs that can ’cause’ criminal behavior…Paxil, Prozac, and other prescribed anti-depressants, cocaine, amphetamines, something called bath salts, and Islam…You cannot be entrapped for acting in Allah’s name, and his causes…What is a crime to kuffar is a Holy Act in Islam…No one has ever been entrapped to commit a Holy Act…

  4. says

    My daughter was attending Reed College in Portland in 2010…She may very well have attended this lighting, and maybe did…I will have to ask her…Anyway, I have no sympathy for this guy, entrapped or not…

  5. says

    If Islam was really the ‘religion of peace’ then any means put into a Muslim’s hands to murder large numbers of non-Muslims would be steadfastly refused!

    Clearly, this case proves that Islam is a doctrine of warfare dressed up as a religion.


  6. says

    Oh, how Muslims love to play the role of the “innocent victim” and apparently Mohamed Mohamud is following the Muslim war doctrine perfectly; that is, the Quran is the overarching strategy, the Sira is the tactical manual of war, and the Hadith is the operational manual of war.

    The Muslim modus operandi is to admit nothing; deny everything; make counter-accusations and dissemble by way of taqiyya and kitman; never accept responsibility; and of course play the role of the “innocent victim.”