#MyJihad in Tanzania: Muslim cleric tells converts to bury their Christian parents as if they were dead dogs

Once again we see that the real “hate” doesn’t come from those trying to resist Islamic supremacism, but from those who are propagating it. “Muslim clerics warned against hate sermons,” from The Citizen, January 7 (thanks to Twostellas):

Muslim clerics have been warned against sermons that provoke religious tensions.

The warning was given here yesterday by Ansaar Muslim Youth Centre (AMYC) director Sheikh Salim Barahiyan, when commenting on a Muslim preacher’s sermon on Friday afternoon which annoyed Christians and Muslims after one of the Ansaar’s Sheikh Juma Ali Juma preached at a Makorora mosque.

Sheikh Barahiyan, who is also Mudir of Ansaar, insisted that Islam was a religion which embraced peace and love among its faithful and other non-Muslims. (Paskal Mbunga)

He said even the holy Qur’an stressed the importance of peaceful coexistence between Muslims and non-Muslims.

He condemned the use of hate sermons, saying the country could not make any stride if there was no stability.

“Supposing you aim at convincing a non-Muslim to join your religion, obviously you are going to speak the good of your religion, but if you are wise enough, you won’t scorn other people’s religions,” he said, adding: “While we call for religious tolerance, we should not entertain hate sermons.”

Last Friday in Saad bin Mwazi mosque, Sheikh Juma was quoted in his sermon as calling on Muslims not to cooperate with Christians because they were infidels. He insisted that Muslims should not take part in Christian festivals like Christmas, Easter and other celebrations, including baptism and confirmation.

The Ansaar Sheikh went further calling on Muslims not to participate in Christian funeral services, saying Christians were supposed to be buried as dogs because they were just infidels.

“Let me tell you if you came from a Christian father or mother, but you got assimilated, consider yourself you are lucky. But if one of your parents is deceased, you shouldn’t burry him or her, but just put him/her in the grave as if you doing it to a dead dog,” he said.

However, when the cleric was called by his boss, Sheikh Barahiyan in the presence of reporters, he agreed to have preached hate sermons, but regretted for offending the non-Muslims, promising not to repeat it….

Problem solved!

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  1. says

    One of the most ancient and universal human pieties is that of ritual/ formal disposal of the bodies of the dead.

    One of the things that struck early pagan observers as praiseworthy, about the early Christians, was not only that they cared for their own needy – providing for orphans and widows, and seeing that the indigent poor received a decent burial – but that they extended this charity to others not of their faith.

    As well as caring for their own sick the early Christians took care of non-Christian neighbours who were ill and uncared-for (even in cities afflicted by epidemics); as well as providing for their own orphans, they took up and reared infants that had been exposed to die; and besides seeing to the burial of members of their own community, they saw to the burial of others not of the faith, who would otherwise have remained unburied because of extreme poverty or abandonment. They would not have employed ‘Christian’ rites in so doing; but they did not believe in leaving a human body to lie as if it were a dead dog or cat, and they would not have treated the body of a dead pagan as if it were no more than the body of a beast.

    Muslims are something else again. The contempt that is inculcated here – Muslim converts are told to employ no ceremony or caring in burying their infidel parents, but to treat the bodies as if they were dead dogs (and one must remember, Muslims are taught to **despise** and mistreat dogs) – is soul-withering.

    In connection with this, one should perhaps remember that Muslims have a horrid habit of desecrating the graves and cemeteries of non-Muslims – smashing tombstones, and sometimes even digging up the dead and leaving the bones or half-decomposed corpses lying about – and of leaving unburied, grossly mutilating and generally mistreating the bodies of non-Muslims (as well as of deemed-insufficiently-Islamic fellow Muslims) whom they find dead or whom they have murdered in the course of jihad attacks.

    In Ion L Idriess’ book ‘The Desert Column’, which includes an account of the Middle East campaign he took part in as a lighthorseman, from Egypt as far as Jaffa (where he was wounded and invalided out) he says of the Beduin Arab Muslims that the Aussie soldiers called them ‘the ghouls of the battlefield’, for they delighted in two things – 1/ torturously killing any wounded man they got hold of, after which they would leave his body lying and 2/ digging up – and, again, robbing and leaving to lie – the bodies of those who had been killed in action but buried by non-Muslim colleagues.

    I do not think that there is a single ancient human piety that Islam does not teach Muslims to wilfully and grossly transgress, in the interests of exhibiting their contempt for and hatred toward non-Muslims.

  2. says

    “Let me tell you if you came from a Christian father or mother, but you got assimilated, consider yourself you are lucky.”

    Once again, comparing islam to The Borg is simply irresistible.

  3. says

    Does anyone have the Quran or Hadith verses for doing lame nasty stuff like this? I mean the folks are dead. So they want to desecrate dead flesh and bones? I know they have done this all over Israel including building their mosques and homes over graves so as to force Jews into leaving or bursting out in anger but where is the meaning of this in the Quran? What is the meaning of this despite maybe showing they’re possibly demon possessed?
    Love all, CKinfidel, fighting infidelaphobes with Truth and logic…and in this case questions.