#MyJihad of Hamas MP’s wife: A woman’s role is to instill in her children “the love of Jihad and martyrdom for the sake of Allah”

Hamas-linked CAIR’s Ahmed Rehab says that jihad is “daily struggle, it is going to school, whatever it is people go through.”

So why does Umm Osama keep talking about martyrdom in connection with jihad? Does she expect there will be an accident on the way to the schoolhouse?

“Umm Osama, Wife of Hamas MP Khalil Al-Hayya: A Woman’s Role Is to Instill Love of Jihad and Martyrdom in Her Children,” from MEMRI, December 2, 2012:

Following are excerpts from an interview with Umm Osama, the wife of Hamas MP Khalil Al-Hayya, which aired on Al-Aqsa TV on December 2, 2012.

Umm Osama: Women in Palestine play a great role in raising their children and in encouraging them to wage Jihad for the sake of Allah. This is absolutely the most glorious thing a woman can do. Women play their role and are not inferior to men. When a man goes to wage Jihad, his wife does not say “Don’t go” or try to stop him. She encourages and supports him. She is the one who prepares his equipment, bids him farewell, and welcomes [his Jihad].

Bye, mom! I’m off to stay fit despite my busy schedule!

She instills in her children the love of Jihad and martyrdom for the sake of Allah. If every mother were to prevent her son from waging Jihad for the sake of Allah, who would wage Jihad? Who would support Palestine? Palestine is dear to us, and its price is paid with our body remains and our lifeblood.

Is not Allah’s reward precious? Allah’s reward is Paradise. Paradise requires from us our blood, our body remains, and our efforts for its sake.


Sister, Jihad is ordained for us. It is our duty to wage Jihad, because either we wage Jihad or…

Interviewer: We want to die as martyrs.

Umm Osama: Indeed we do. I am constantly praying: “Allah, make the end of our days be in martyrdom.” I pray for this even for my husband and my children. None of us want to die in our beds. We pray that Allah will grant us Paradise.

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  1. says

    I am constantly praying: “Allah, make the end of our days be in martyrdom.”

    Blah blah blah…your filthy prophet used to say the same BS, and yet, he died in his bed.
    He had the chance to die in Jihad, but he preferred to hide behind the army unit and send his gullible followers to their death.
    And, when surrounded by his ennemies, he simply played dead!!!


  2. says

    Palestinians often say they love death more than they love life, so why wouldn’t they want death for their children more than they want life for their children?

    This is exactly what Golda Meir meant when she said, “We will have peace with the Arabs when they love their children more than they hate us.”

  3. says

    When she says, “we” she means “you”, of course; other women, other men, other children. I am sure that what SHE wants is to die in her bed just like “the prophet”. Otherwise, what’s stopping her?

  4. says

    “Is not Allah’s reward precious? Allah’s reward is Paradise. Paradise requires from us our blood, our body remains, and our efforts for its sake”.

    And what is your reward going to be, Umm Osama ? Allahs paradise is designed for males, not for females.

    Better read the fine print…

  5. says

    “impervious to reason” ~
    Bryan Fischer afr.net talk radio.

    this woman is BURIED under that white thick garb. if she smiles when she says, “thank you”, nobody knows. if she is sad, nobody knows, her feelings don’t count. if she is getting old after all those years under the garb, nobody knows.

    she is robbed of the value of her facial expressions. if GOD gave her a pretty face, nobody knows. does she have a gracious and kind face? nobody knows. if she has a black eye, from a beating, nobody knows so nobody consoles her. no wonder they get to be a “tough old broad”.

    “Interviewer: We want to die as martyrs.”

    if a sunni kills a shia, is the sunni sending his enemy the shia to heaven? perverse. if nobody kills the sunni, is he going to hell? so PROVOKE someone in to a killing? perverse.

    “satan is the father of lies.” ~BIBLE

  6. says

    If they only had any brains, they’d say, “Sure, sister, Jihad! After you, show the way to martyrdom!” But then…they don’t have any brains. They don’t need ’em–they have islam! Never mind…

  7. says

    From the article – “None of us want to die in our beds. We pray that Allah will grant us Paradise.”

    What lies behind this is the teaching that *only* those who die in jihad – who slay and are slain – can be 100 % sure of getting into Paradise.

    Those who die in their beds, of old age and illness…not so sure (though there are one or two ‘outs’, the detail of which I can’t recall at the moment; dying in childbirth is, I think, supposed to get you into Paradise, presumably because it’s about getting killed in the process of pumping out future jihadis). And the alternative to Paradise is the “torments of the grave”.

    For Mohammedan females, it’s not about pleasure-forever in allah’s bordello ( the women don’t get 72 toy-boys); it’s merely that the prospect of sitting still and doing nothing on a cushy couch in a shady garden (probably attractive in itself, since the females do most of the hard work, if there are no dhimmis to do it) is still more attractive than the prospect of being tormented in Hell.

  8. says

    Bukhari Book 52 “Fighting for the Cause of Allah (Jihaad)” No. 72

    ‘… Our Prophet told us about the message of our Lord that “WHOEVER AMONST US IS KILLED (AS A MARTYR “be maryred ten times”, “Mujahid”) WILL BE GO TO PARADISE.” ‘

  9. says

    Its a terrible and even tragic that so many Muslims mothers engage in the brainwashing of the children into the false teaching of Islam with its militant jihadism. The outcome of this false doctrine are murders and mayhem. This falsehood of this story/doctrine from the Quran of some kind of paradise for the jihadist who dies dies for Islam had only led to many evils. As for as this type of fiction/myths form the Quran the Bible warns “Neither give heed to fables..” First Timothy 1:4. Further, the truth of the gospel of Christ, First Corththians 15:1-8,is far better then the lies and false stories from the Quran. For it reads in Second Peter 1:16. “For we have not followed cunningly devised fables ,when we madw known unto you the power and coming ofour Lord Jesus Christ..” [KJV]

  10. says

    She might be qualified to carry the non alcoholic wine from the river to the table.

    Those virgin slots are coveted – she would have a better chance auditioning for the Rockettes.

    By the way, Happy New Year, miriam.