Robert Spencer and Michael Coren on who owns “my jihad,” Hitler a hero in Turkey, and more

Here is my weekly appearance on Michael Coren’s Sun TV show, The Arena, last night.

Jamie Glazov and Robert Spencer on the Leftist/Islamic alliance
Robert Spencer and David Wood: My Jihad blah, blah, blah, what's yours?
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    #MyJihad is to overcome my “Islamaphobia” every time I see a Muzlim warrior wearing a maternity dress. My instinctive and automatic concern regarding said maternity dress’s concealment capacity is worrisome. Are there doctors available to help with my problem? Are there modern medicines yet developed to allay my irrational reaction? Please advise. Max.

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    Dear Jihad Watchers:

    I really enjoy seeing Spencer, Geller, Glazov and Eric Allen Bell on Sun News. One of the few places where I can SEE these opinions on video of an actual news program as opposed to a youtube amature post. The amature posts on youtube are also great- but its nice to see an “offical” news report that is critical of muslim supremacists.