Robert Spencer: “Islamophobia”: Causes and Remedies

Over at Atlas Shrugs I discuss the obvious fact that those who have a low opinion of Islam have it because of jihad violence, despite the Islamic supremacist propaganda industry’s desperate attempts to claim that that low opinion is the result of “Islamophobia”:

Imagine a
political analyst in 1940 who studied the low opinion that Americans had of
Adolf Hitler and Nazi Germany, and concluded that the problem was not the
genocidal anti-Semitism, the international aggression, or the vile racist
ideology, but bad press. Imagine further another analyst who pointed out that
the bad press that Hitler and the Nazis got was a just result of their own
words and actions, and that if they wanted to improve their public image in
America, they should clean their own house and stop giving decent people so
much cause to oppose them.

imagine that the second analyst, the one who ascribed the public’s low image of
Nazis to the actions of Nazis themselves, was derided as a “hatemonger” and
“bigot” who simply had an irrational hatred of Nazis and Germans in general. Would
that be absurd? Of course. Outrageous? Undoubtedly. Morally inverted?
Absolutely. Yet this little thought experiment encapsulates the prevailing
sentiment regarding Muslims and “Islamophobia” today.

We saw this
again Saturday, when it came to light that a deranged woman in New York City,
Erica Menendez, pushed a Hindu man into the path of an oncoming subway train
and murdered him because she thought he was a Muslim. “I pushed a Muslim off the train tracks,” she said, “because I hate Hindus and Muslims ever since 2001
when they put down the twin towers I”ve been beating them up.” Leftist
pseudo-journalist propagandists such as Glenn Greenwald and Adam Serwer, along
with Islamic supremacists such as Hussam Ayloush of the Hamas-linked Council on
American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), began scratching their heads and wondering
where the killer, in Greenwald’s words, “learned this level of hatred for

They had their answer ready, of course. The thuggish Nathan Lean, editor-in-chief of Aslan Media,
answered Greenwald immediately by listing Pamela Geller and me, along with
David Yerushalmi and several other counter-jihadists, as the cause of Menendez’s
“hatred for Muslims.” Never mind that Menendez hadn’t mentioned any of us.
Never mind that she was obviously unbalanced and irrational. The new Left
thought they had found another weapon they could
use to try to discredit and shut down resistance to the global jihad and
Islamic supremacism, and they rode it for all it was worth.

But the whole episode only highlighted the larger question. The words of
a clearly insane murderess can be discounted, but insofar as sane and
non-murderous Americans have a dim view of Islam and Muslims, what is the cause
of that? Is it the “Islamophobic” writings of people like Pamela Geller and me?
Or could it be that anti-Muslim bigotry, that is, any that may really exist, is
a reaction to people like Amine Mohamed El-Khalifi, the would-be
jihad/martyrdom suicide bomber at the U.S. Capitol; Naser Abdo, the would-be
second Fort Hood jihad mass murderer; Khalid Aldawsari, the would-be jihad mass
murderer in Lubbock, Texas; Muhammad Hussain, the would-be jihad bomber in
Baltimore; Mohamed Mohamud, the would-be jihad bomber in Portland; Faisal
Shahzad, the would-be Times Square jihad mass-murderer; Abdulhakim Mujahid
Muhammad, the Arkansas military recruiting station jihad murderer; Naveed Haq,
the jihad mass murderer at the Jewish Community Center in Seattle; Mohammed
Reza Taheri-Azar, the would-be jihad mass murderer in Chapel Hill, North
Carolina; Ahmed Ferhani and Mohamed Mamdouh, who hatched a jihad plot to blow
up a Manhattan synagogue; Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, the would-be Christmas airplane jihad bomber; or the many others like them who have plotted and/or
committed mass murder in the name of Islam and are motivated by its texts and
teachings, all in the U.S. in the last few years?

Any bigotry and victimization of innocent people is to be unequivocally
condemned and opposed. The question here, however, is whether “hatred of
Muslims” is really caused by bad press, and by the “hatemongers” responsible
for that bad press, or whether that hatred is a reaction to the violent actions
that all too many Muslims have undertaken recently in the name of Islam. The
further question is what can be done to end it. Is the remedy to stop all
honest reporting about jihad violence and Islamic supremacism, and the Muslim
texts that jihadis use to justify both? Or is it for genuinely peaceful Muslims
to take decisive action against that jihad and Islamic supremacism?

If Muslim spokesmen in the U.S. like Hamas-linked CAIR”s Ayloush and
others really want to end “anti-Muslim bigotry,” rather than use it as a tool
to destroy the freedom of speech and bring Sharia blasphemy laws to the West,
they need to stand against Muslims like the ones I have just listed, rather
than against those non-Muslims who are trying to resist them, when “anti-Muslim
bigotry” breaks out. That they do not do so shows up the hypocrisy of their
entire enterprise. For this is not a difficult point to grasp. That it so
persistently eludes Leftist and Islamic supremacist spokesmen who otherwise
seem to display a reasonable level of intelligence indicates that a very
different agenda is playing out — one that bodes ill for all free people.

Haroon Moghul tries and fails to invest the concept of "Islamophobia" with some genuine substance
Salon: Muslim Brotherhood-tied writer uses murder by insane woman to defame counter-jihadists
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  1. says

    A thought for the New Year.

    “Civilized man has a responsibility. His is not the privilege of abdicating the position he holds as leader in the world. His culture represents the best achievements so far made by man in his long climb up from primordial beginnings. We have inherited the fruits of the struggle to master hostile nature, to conquer disease, to harness natural forces; we are less than true men if we allow these achievements to be lost, to leave vast areas to the ancient enemy, ignorance, or worst of all, to lose by default our hard-won position, to retreat before the savage, the backward in the name of enlightened social ideas. We have a duty to perform; not to narrow nationalistic policies, not to false ideas of superiority based on religions, social position, untenable racial theories, skin color; but to mankind, that all shall benefit from the real superiority of our western culture, which is bringing man up off his knees into the light of his glorious future.”
    Keith Laumer, in Imperium.

    The fact that Imperium is a science fiction novel in no way invalidates the thought expressed above.

    Happy New Year, Robert (and everyone else reading here).

  2. says

    It never occurs to some folks that bigotry is sometimes called for, and bigotry is sometimes correct…

    Everyone is a bigot about something…I’m a big bigot about not getting murdered by jihadists…I will demean and disparage any ideology that says I must be killed…
    I have no tolerance for it at all…Such a creed should be subjected to bigotry…The largest group of bigots on the planet are Mahoundians because their way of expressing their bigotry is harmful and frequently deadly…Bigotry gets a crown of royalty with sharia law, which is the Mahoundian bigots operational handbook, while Quran and examples of Mahound provide the theory, which is the basis of the Islamic bigotry of death and destruction…
    I hope I have made my bigotry perfectly clear… Nathan Lean are you listening?…

  3. says

    The mohammadans’ aversion to integrate with the host communities, due to genetically-implanted ‘supremacism’ is one major factor, overlooked by many, towards ‘islamophobia’.

    muslims would never veer round to view that others[kaffirs] are just as normal/good as they are.

    Only when they accept others as equals and desist from the murderous agenda[despite its religious sanction], they ‘ll be taken into confidence.

  4. says

    i work in NYC. you can go to Queens and you will see dozens of other cultures such as chinese, hindus, russinas…. and most of them do not mix either. But these people live their lives and contribute to our society. yet muslims not only they do not mix but they always ask for special treatments such a non mulis;ims do exactly what muslims want them to do. This is the pproblem.