Sharia in action in the UK: Muslims target gay man for being in “Muslim area”

More fruits of multiculturalism in London. An update on this story. Thanks to Golem for the video.

Sharia in action in Egypt: Newspaper editor accused of defaming Islam and ridiculing the Qur'an and Sharia
"The people of France will live under the Islamic movement, even if you don't like it. We will collect the jizya poll tax."
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    These folks are really having a ball being such menacing usurpers of every country in which they have a toe hold. When will enough be enough? When will they finally figure they’ve pushed to far? When will they ever assimilate? When will countries ( including USA) realize most these folks just are not our friends and have no intentions of following the laws of our country?

    It baffles me but again I suppose one must look at the people in charge. The DNC threw God out of America, or their portion of it yet the muslim idol is a-otay. I’ve read the UK is ready for a serious uprising.

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    One of the worst things about this video”after its threat of violence, crazed hatred of homosexuals, and enforcement of Muslim supremacism”is the realization that the threatening Muslim is so British.

    It is clear that this is someone who grew up in Britain, and who has a strong British accent and who easily uses English slang.

    Of course, all this “Britishness” proves is that Muslims are deeply, deeply embedded in today’s Britain”because this Muslim supremacist’s “Britishness” is entirely superficial. It is clear that he has no Western values at all.

    But he does have a strong sense of entitlement, and clearly believes that his “Muslim area” is not part of modern Britain at all, but is part of Dar-al-Islam, instead.

    And how long will they stick to threats, appalling as that is? Likely next time a “gay looking” man steps into a “Muslim area”, he will face violence, and not just its threat.

    And their filming and posting it is more of the same”using the Infidels’ technology to threaten, and to assert their supremacy.

    Why are we standing for this? Why the hell are accepting this barbarism as the “new normal”?

    Madness, and suicidal madness.

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    Last I heard, the EDL had a GLBT division.

    They should march under the banner of Richard the Lionheart and Blondel the troubadour.

    And they should one and all sign up for serious martial arts training.

    And they should *demand* that the non-Muslim Authorities *retake* these sorts of zones.

    Here’s a suggestion, that our British friends should repeatedly and loudly put to the police, in every part of Britain where there is a known Mohammedan-seized ‘no go’ area.

    Time for a rolling series of ‘sting’ operations featuring a many and varied cast of characters including 1/ visibly Jewish persons, and persons visibly identifiable as members of other non-Muslim faiths, such as Christians wearing crosses and/ or carrying Bibles, or Hindus with thread and bindi, or Sikhs, or a Buddhist monk in saffrn robe 2/ visibly GLBT persons 3/ unislamically-dressed females 4/ dog owners, walking their dogs 5/ persons carrying a bottle of beer 6/ persons playing music (e.g. a Salvation Army band).

    And then, when the Mohammedthugs swarm out to attack – WHAM! hit them with overwhelming force, so hard and fast they won’t have time to summon the rest of the insta-mob; swoop out from ambush and overpower them and plop them in jug, then examine at leisure…and throw the book at them.