Graham grills Hagel on the “Jewish lobby,” support for Hizballah, and more

It has been widely noted that Chuck Hagel’s confirmation hearing to be Secretary of Defense were a disaster, and there were many facets of that disaster. Above is one of the most revealing. I have no brief for Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC), but he is on fire here.

Hagel will be Defense Secretary anyway, but his incompetence, hatred of Israel, and support for jihad terrorists are now clear to everyone.

(Video thanks to Michael.)

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    Obama’s Secretary of Military Decline and Retreat to be wasn’t just butt ugly bad at his confirmation hearing, he was emotionally sickening and depressing. The image that came to mind as I was listening to him was that of a sad, filthy, miserable street mutt.

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    For all his faults Graham is one of the few voices of reason in Congress and I’ve always admired that about him.

    I like how Hagel is getting grilled-we’re basically putting the leftist mindset on trial, because that’s exactly how all these scumbags liberals think, Hagel is not unique, he’s a mainstream dumbass of the left.

    Mark Levin also nails it on Obama and Hagel:

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    Wonder whether Lindsey Gramm thought of ostracizing Sen Hagel and his other comrade Sen McCain when they were busy railroading John Bolton’s nomination as envoy to the UN?

    Sorry, but w/o meaning to praise the Democrats, the bulk of GOP Congresspeople today are a bunch of frauds. Run w/ the hares, hunt w/ the hounds. Love proclaiming how pro-Israel they are, while doing everything to further Islamic interests within the US.

    Hagel and Kerry will be confirmed, and the silver lining about it will be that they will no longer be in the senate. One can hope, if not expect, that the successors to their seats won’t be as Islamo-ignorant as they are.

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    Graham sees it, Hegel does not.

    The vast swath of liberals in American are just incapable of seeing it. Intellectual laziness coupled with ideological blinders render them incapable of making simple mathematical extrapolations and arithmetical calculations.
    islam+military buildup+nukes-US contingency=disaster for Israel+US.(big period at end of equation

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    Smear a bagel, not Chuck Hagel.
    Only in the distorted world of JW where “leftist” is defined solely with reference to perceived Islamic attitudes, would a figure like Chuck Hagel be described as a “mainstream dumbass of the left.”
    “Hagel maintained a “traditionally Republican” voting record, receiving “a lifetime rating of 84 percent from the American Conservative Union and consistent A and B grades from the National Taxpayers Union.”[21] On the Issues describes Hagel as a “libertarian-leaning conservative.”[22] position.

    This shoot from the hip tendency to conflate leftist with soft on Islam undermines the struggle to contain and defeat jihad. No one is more guilty of doing it than RS who thereby alienates many who would otherwise lend him a more attentive ear.
    I don’t agree that Graham made Hagel look that bad. Graham’s opening remarks were an obvious sham to insulate himself the blowback of his attempt to assassinate Hagel’s character.

    1. As to Hagel’s statement that the “Jewish” (not Israel) lobby has influenced the senate to do dumb things vis a vis Israel, one would have to be living in a dream world if one really thought many of those in the senate haven’t been influenced by the promise of AIPAC campaign contributions and or those of other major Jewish donors and lobbyists. The failure to respond as such was a mistake, but since it’s an obvious fact it isn’t fatal that Hagel answered lamely.
    2. The dumb things the senate has done vis a vis Israel has been to continue to vote foreign aid to Israel without imposing any conditions regarding settlement construction. I would have liked Hagel to say as much, but the failure to say so again is not fatal.
    3. Re the failure to sign the letter to the EU re Hezbollah vs a letter to our President re Russian treatment of Jews, it seems Graham failed to grasp the distinction Hagel made about addressing a request to a foreign body vs one to our President. It was Graham who came off poorly for failing to see and concede the difference. (Graham knew he was cornered when he teminated the discussion with “apparently not there.”)
    4. Hagel was firing blanks with his accusation that the failure to label the Iranian Revolutionary Guard as a terrorist org. Hagel said Iran was a state sponsor of terrorism, but that the US has never designated a legitimate domestic organ of a recognized state as a terrorist organization because to do so might be interpreted as Congressional authority for the President to make war on Iran. Graham’s subsequent description of the activity of the IRG and Graham’s insistence on whether Hagel would reconsider such a no vote issue came across as vaucous argument.
    5. Re the October letter from the senators to Israel, I was confused because Graham referred to Arafat and the “infada.” Did he mean Abbas? What infada was Graham referring to? It runs chills up Graham’s spine, but what the heck was Graham talking about?

    Hagel will be confirmed despite the attempts to paint him as bigoted against Israel and soft on terrorism. He is neither.