India: Muslims riot after would-be jihad mass murderer executed


One would almost get the idea that jihad terrorists enjoy broad popular support among Muslims in India. Naah, that couldn’t be!

“Protests erupt as Afzal Guru executed for 2001 parliament attack,” by Matthias Williams for Reuters, February 9 (thanks to Lookmann):

(Reuters) – India hanged Mohammad Afzal Guru on Saturday for the attack on parliament in 2001, sparking clashes in Kashmir between protesters and police who wielded batons and fired teargas. Dozens of people were injured.

President Pranab Mukherjee rejected a mercy petition from the Kashmiri and he was hanged at 8 a.m. (0230 GMT) in Tihar jail in the capital. Security forces anticipating unrest had imposed a curfew in parts of insurgency-torn Kashmir and ordered people off the streets.

Guru was convicted of helping organise arms for the gunmen who made the attack and a place for them to stay. He always maintained his innocence.

India blamed the attack on the parliament of the world’s largest democracy on militants backed by Pakistan, targeting the prime minister, interior minister and legislators in one of the country’s worst ever militant attacks.

Pakistan denied any involvement and condemned the attack but tension rose sharply and brought the nuclear-armed rivals dangerously close to their fourth war. Nearly a million soldiers were mobilised on both sides of the border and fears of war only dissipated months later, in June 2002.

The hanging was ordered less than three months after India executed Mohammad Ajmal Kasab, the lone surviving gunman of a 2008 attack in the city of Mumbai in which 166 people were killed.

Saturday’s execution could help the ruling Congress party deflect opposition criticism of being soft on militancy as it gears up for a series of state elections this year and a general election due by 2014, while grappling with an economic slowdown….

In major towns of Indian Kashmir, where security forces have battled a Muslim separatist insurgency for decades, barricades were erected and hundreds of police and paramilitary force members were deployed.

The hanging of Afzal Guru is a declaration of war by India,” said Hilal Ahmad War, leader of a separatist faction.

Thirty-six people including 23 policemen were injured in protests, said police spokesman Manoj Sheeri, with most of the violence in Guru’s home district.

Authorities shut down internet services to try to stop news of the hanging and unrest spreading. The chief minister of Jammu and Kashmir state, Omar Abdullah, made a televised appeal for calm.

Scuffles also broke out in New Delhi between Hindu activists and demonstrators who gathered at a city-centre protest site to condemn the execution, a Reuters witness said.


Five militants stormed the parliament complex in New Delhi on December 13, 2001, armed with grenades, guns and explosives, but security forces killed them before they could enter the main chamber. Ten other people, most of them security officers, were killed….

India said the Pakistan-based Jaish-e-Mohammad militant group was responsible for the parliament attack. The group fights Indian rule in Muslim-majority Kashmir.

“Jaish-e-Mohammad” = “The Army of Muhammad.”

The hanging last year of Kasab after a long lull in executions, prompted speculation that India would move quickly to execute Guru.

But unlike Kasab’s execution, which sparked celebrations in the streets, Guru’s case was seen as more divisive.

Some Kashmiri leaders warned that hanging Afzal would fuel the revolt in India’s part of the Himalayan region in which tens of thousands of people have been killed since 1989.

Curfews were imposed in Srinagar, the region’s summer capital in the Kashmir valley, and major towns including Baramulla, Guru’s home town.

Kashmir is divided between India and Pakistan, both of which claim the region in full and rule it in part. They have fought two of their three wars over the region.

In Pakistan-controlled Kashmir, more than 250 people took to the streets to protest against the hanging, shouting “Down with India” and burning an Indian flag.

India has long accused Muslim Pakistan of arming and funding militants to fight Indian forces in Kashmir. Pakistan says it only provides moral support to the fellow-Muslim people of Kashmir, who, Pakistan says, face harsh Indian rule….

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    Bu… bu… but Muslim extremists are a tiny, tiny, TINY minority and don’t have broad support in Muslim communities worldwide! #typicalpedohammedanmythomania

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    The dude’s sign says, “We are all Afzal.”

    Yeah, that’s what has us so worried.

    You see, dude, we can tell exactly what you Muslims are and what you Muslims intend to do to us BY YOUR VERY OWN ACTIONS!

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    This is the second jihadist India has strung up, the first being the sole surviving Mumbai attacker. Good show! We should be doing the same with Khalid Sheikh Muhammad, Nidal Hasan, et al., instead of letting them have beards and camo vests and ACLU shysters.

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    We are constantly told, and constantly required to utter the mantra that “All Muslims aren’t terrorists”.

    OK. Fine.

    But what about the guy with the sign:


    He must be a greasy Islamophobe!

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    This bastard should have been hanged, better yet beheaded in Islamic style, in 2005 or 2006 when he was found guilty of organizing the terrorist attack on Indian Parliament in 2001. The gutless Government of India just couldn’t muster enough courage to hang him earlier even though they could have done it. Now the general elections are coming in 2014 and the present Congress government wants to deflect criticisms of being soft on Muslim terror in the country, is finding its spine and hanging these terrorists, two in three months, I say better late than never!!

    Let’s see if Major Hasan who killed 13 of our soldiers right in the country would ever be executed or the Muslim groups like CAIR will cow down the Obama government??

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    India has yet to do anything to other jihadis who perpetrated other attacks – 3 in Delhi, 2 more in Mumbai (other than the one in 2007), 1 in Ayodhya and so on. The only reason they acted against Kasab & Afzaal was that they were Pakistani, and not Indian Muslims.

    Had they been Indian Muslims, they’d have walked!

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    During my time in this cult many Muslims would often ask me why do the non Muslims of virtually every other religious background hate us so much? I wonder why when Muslims come seeking refuge in these lands of disbelieve and after being so kindly treated with free housing and all the social welfare they could want think about how to spread their religion in these countries how to enforce their primitive and stupid sharia in these countries and how to shove their religion down the throat of everyone who’s not Muslim. For those still in this so called religion seriously pause for a second and ask why is it that your so hated?

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    “We are all Afzal” –protestor’s sign

    There is certainly enough rope to accommodate all of these Afzals. What is in short supply is the willingness to use it in the cause of justice and due process of law.

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    Things are going to get very ugly, by that I mean perhaps tens or hundreds of millions of people are going to die-because muslims will eventually wage open jihad globally against all non-muslims.

    So the question becomes which side will suffer more casualties, theirs or ours? The simple fact of the matter is that if infidels/non-muslims don’t get educated and organized fast enough, they’ll one day be shocked to find themselves in the middle of a mass slaughter campaign waged by muslims who are well organized and fed on blood-lust in their mosques.

    Now it’s unlikely to occur in the West because their population is still fairly small and they would eventually be eradicated but in places like India, Egypt, Israel, Africa, where massive populations of muslims exist, the non-muslims face genocide and extinction. The infidel world needs to wake up and deal with this threat.