Leftist UK MP George Galloway storms out of debate after learning that his opponent was Israeli

Here it is all in one story: Leftist Jew-hatred, Leftist abetting of the genocidal Islamic jihad agenda toward Israel, and Leftist/Islamic supremacist refusal to discuss or debate with those they hate and fear.

“George Galloway sensationally stormed out of a debate in Christ Church tonight after discovering his opponent was an Israeli,” by Tom Gibbs for the Oxford Tab, February 20 (thanks to Anne Crockett):

George Galloway sensationally stormed out of a debate in Christ Church tonight after discovering his opponent was an Israeli.

He was meant to be debating the motion “˜Israel should withdraw immediately from the West Bank” with Brasenose finalist Eylon Aslan-Levy.

But when his opponent used “˜we” in reference to Israel, the Respect MP demanded to know whether the undergrad was a citizen of the country.

After the PPEist replied in the affirmative, Galloway, claiming to have been misled by organisers, grabbed his coat and left.

Mr Aslan-Levy told the Tab

“I am appalled that someone would storm out of a debate with me for no other reason than my heritage.

“To refuse to talk to someone just because of their nationality is pure racism, and totally unacceptable for a member of parliament”

Galloway has previously refused to debate with anyone connected to the country.

After this abrupt departure, Aslan-Levy recalled his previous confrontation with Galloway. Six years ago as a pupil at north London’s University College School, he claimed to have confronted him over his supposed “˜no-platform” stance towards debating Israelis.

But the then MP for Bethnal Green denied taking such a position, allegedly branding the student an “L-I-A-R liar”.

Tonight’s events would seem to prove otherwise.

A second year Christ Church student in the audience told the Tab:

“It was a shocking moment. Galloway”s meant to be a Respect MP, but tonight he respected no-one. He turned up late, and left after his opening speech. Maybe he had run out of things to say”.

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    “George Galloway sensationally stormed out of a debate in Christ Church tonight after discovering his opponent was an Israeli.” –from the articel

    …Demonstrating that bullies are very often cowards as well.


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    I am grateful to Galloway for brilliantly elucidating the contemptible prejudice he shares with many members of the Left. Nonetheless, I am distressed to know that such a POS serves in the Mother of All Parliaments.

    Does anyone know in what way he claims to have been “misled”.

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    And I will make of thee a great nation, and I will bless thee, and make thy name great; and thou shalt be a blessing:

    And I will bless them that bless thee, and curse him that curseth thee: and in thee shall all families of the earth be blessed.

    -Genesis 12,

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    Amply illustrates the cowardice and pusillanimity of Islamic supremacists like the egregious Galloway.

    He won’t debate because he fears to be defeated; simple as that.

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    George Galloway is not a leftist, he is a muslim.

    In 1994 he married Dr Amineh Abu-Zayyad (a niece of Yasser Arafat) in a Muslim ceremony; She was granted a “quicky” decree at the beginning of 2009, after an estrangement of several years, on the grounds of “unreasonable behaviour”.

    Galloway married his third wife, his Lebanese former researcher Rima Husseini, in a Muslim ceremony in 2007; their first son was born in May 2007. A second son followed in December 2011.

    In March 2012, Galloway married his fourth wife, Putri Gayatri Pertiwi, a consultant with a Dutch research firm in an Islamic ceremony in Amsterdam.

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    Leftist UK MP George Galloway storms out of debate after learning that his opponent was Israeli

    And then some of the idiots in the audience applauded his nasty stupidity.

    Would he have had the same reaction if he had suddenly learned that the man he was debating was Iranian or Egyptian or “Palestinian”? Of course not.

    Here he is in 1994, slobbering all over the genocidal *Saddam Hussein*:

    “Your Excellency, Mr President: I greet you, in the name of the many thousands of people in Britain who stood against the tide and opposed the war and aggression against Iraq and continue to oppose the war by economic means, which is aimed to strangle the life out of the great people of Iraq. I greet you, too, in the name of the Palestinian people, amongst whom I’ve just spent two weeks in the occupied Palestinian territories. I can honestly tell you that there was not a single person to whom I told I was coming to Iraq and hoping to meet with yourself who did not wish me to convey their heartfelt, fraternal greetings…

    “I thought the president would appreciate knowing that even today, three years after the war [First Gulf War”GI], I still met families who were calling their newborn sons Saddam…

    “Sir, I salute your courage, your strength, your indefatigability, and I want you to know that we are with you, hatta al-nasr, hatta al-nasr, hatta al-Quds [until victory, until victory, until Jerusalem].”

    Just let that last sink in”he wanted to see Saddam Hussein take over the capital of Israel. Chilling.

    Here he is, supporting terrorism against Israeli civilians on Sky News in 2006:

    “You are totally wrong in saying that in most people’s eyes Hezbollah are terrorists. In most people’s eyes Israel is a terrorist state. It’s the fact that you cannot comprehend that fact that leads to bias that runs through all of your reporting and every question that you’ve asked me in this interview!”

    Here he is the previous year on television in Syria, using Islamic phrasing to urge Muslims to destroy Israel:

    “So I say to you, citizens of the last Arab country, this is a time for courage, for unity, for wisdom, for determination, to face these enemies with the dignity your president has shown, and I believe, God willing, we will prevail and triumph, wa-salam aleikum.”

    After all this, merely storming out of a debate with an Israeli is the lest of it.

    And he isn’t just condoning Jihad terror against Israel. Here he is, commenting after the 2005 Jihad terror attacks in London:

    “We argued, as did the security services in this country, that the attacks on Afghanistan and Iraq would increase the threat of terrorist attack in Britain. Tragically Londoners have now paid the price of the Government ignoring such warnings.”

    In other words, Jihadists weren’t really responsible for this vicious terrorist attack”the British people were.

    And this isn’t just about Afghanistan and Iraq”here he is, in an interview with Christopher Hitchens, on the 9/11 attacks, before any involvement in those countries:

    “Some believe that those aeroplanes on September 11 came out of a clear blue sky. I believe they came out of a swamp of hatred created by us.”

    One has to wonder whether George Galloway has just gone ahead and converted to Islam:

    “Christianity doesn’t come into it. George Bush and Tony Blair are not Christians. Religious people believe in the prophets, peace be upon them.”

    No non-Muslim would ever put things in those terms.

    Jemima Khan has said on the record that Galloway became a Muslim in 2000. He himself has said that his religion is a “personal matter””odd for someone who otherwise has diarrhea of the mouth.

    He’s married a string of Muslim women in Islamic marriage ceremonies since 1994″and it is well-know that Muslimahs cannot marry Infidels.

    That this vile man is still a Member of Parliament is appalling.

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    Galloway storms off and thinks that he got the last word when he stated that he doesn’t recognize Israel and won’t debate with Israeli’s; just as he’s walking out the door. But Israel DOES exist, so the scene he made was all for nothing.

    I Stand With Israel!!!!! ..woo hoo!!

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    Gunung Semeru is absolutely right. Galloway is a bloody convert to Islam and like all converts to the religion of peace(TM) he’s anti-Semitic to the core. He hates Jews just like his self-appointed prophet did. Remember the fake prophet is a role model for all mahoundians and converts have to be “more equal” like the animals in Orwell’s Animal Farm.

    Of course Galloway is a moron and a yokel. Anybody can tell that somebody called called Levy is a Jew. But GG doesn’t have a clue.

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    Such useful idiots take up the banner of the global jihad, not realizing that Jews just want to defend their country while the global jihad wants to conquer the world.

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    Anybody who get converted to islam is an idiot. How can anyone read the example of mohammad and not be repulsed? How can anyone read the quran and not see that it is crappy work?

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    England is becoming an Apartheid State. Muslim are claiming areas of England as theirs and the original non-Muslim inhabitants of England are fleeing Muslim areas. Whereever there are Muslims there is apartheid.

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    He is so afraid of losing a debate to those he deems doesn’t exist. Walking out of a room with a person he “don’t recognize,” is even funnier( re” really lame) because I saw the person very well with my own eyes. Silly( def: “lame arsed”) prig was going to get slaughtered by them nassy apartheid jooos.
    Love all, except the MP, love him more!

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    Not traditionally. During WW2, the Resitance fighters in Europe were Communists, Socialists and Jews fighting the Rightist Nazis. Oriana Fallaci was just such one of them and she also hated Islamo-fascists. It is only in modern times that somehow this has been skewered. Galloway is a typical Fascist in that he defends the rights of Palestians at all costs, even if Muslims take over the UK, he will not utter a beep, but the Jews he hates with a passion.

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    Thank you for that bit (quite a bit) of information. Then I was correct in my assessment of Galloway – he is an Islamo-fascist. Couldn’t miss the telltale marks.

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    It was muslims that voted for him. he played the muslim card and won

    From his Bradford West by-election campaign rally
    ‘I’m a better Pakistani than he [Mr Hussain] will ever be. God knows who’s a Muslim and who is not. And a man that’s never out of the pub shouldn’t be going around telling people you should vote for him because he’s a Muslim

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    He’s also a politician, so he won’t come right out and admit he’s converted, in case he might lose a few votes somewhere.

    If you’ve got the stomach for it, here he is on ‘Big Brother’.


    50 years ago any politician that did this would have trashed his career. I really don’t know what that says about his constituents. You’d think even mohammedans would balk at this spectacle.

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    No, I don’t hand it to him at all; not about this, I don’t. Israel DOES exist, and for anyone to deny her existence is appalling; so Galloway doesn’t get any points.

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    So he converted to Islam to legalize his anti-semitism, if it wasn’t for that he would be like any other neo-nazi. Islam attacks all kinds of scumbags and sociopaths: pedophiles, thieves, murderers, sadists, anti-semites… etc. cause Islam legalizes all that!.

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    Hi E! I can’t remember if you are in Germany or England. That said here in America we have a special term for this kind of people. It is called Douch bag.

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    You’re right. In all Western countries especially in Germany for obvious reasons anti-Semitism from Nazis isn’t tolerated. But muzzies are victims per definition and can say whatever they want.

    A good example is Andreas Abu Bakr Rieger, a German convert to Islam. Back in the 90ies he gave a talk to a Turkish audience and said, that the job that our parents hadn’t done should be finished. He was referring to the Holocaust, of course and he was never indicted.

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    Hi Miriam, thanks for enlightening me, I live in Germany and I translate texts into English. So I normally us the queen’s vocabulary laced with a few English terms the queen wouldn’t use. But I appreciate being taught American terms.