#MyJihad in Virginia: Imam calls for violent jihad

This is no surprise, considering that Shaker Elsayed is imam of the Dar al Hijrah mosque, where Anwar al-Awlaki was once based. But this is an open call to violence by Muslims against non-Muslims in America. When it is heeded, those who were indifferent to his words will share the responsibility.

Video thanks to Pamela Geller.

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    Is there any other kind of jihad besides the violent one?? Nah – not possible. it will be like denying the existence of Mo/allah!!

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    I’m constantly amazed that a miscreant like this character is allowed to enter our country…and then allowed to STAY here…when he so obviously hates us and wishes us harm. He’s making no secret about it, after all–he’s publicly inciting to violence against our citizenry. Shouldn’t this scum be out on a one-way ticket via the next conveyance to islamoland? It’s amazing, alright, and quite sad, to consider how pathetic and emasculated our once-great nation has devolved…

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    Hey I give it to the guy. He is telling the truth. The problem is us for allowing this enemy here in our country and closing our eyes and hoping it will go away before the evil touches us. We are in war for our lives and we are afraid to fight. That way we are losing everyday.

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    interesting that Shakar Elsayed advises the brothers to arm themselves and fight back at a time when arms and ammo are being made scarce by our (?) government folk peddling fear

    and no longer will anyone stand in any line expecting to be served appropriately, when the brothers will force themselves to the front of the line, just when we hear equality for all and be fair

    and no longer is there to be a Muslim (impoverished soul) who can be called MODERATE, when we hear interfaith’s the way … let’s be tolerant

    no more individualism … hang together and struggle on the path

    the brothers will be watching to shame those who do not adhere strongly, to induce those to mischief towards infidels and pagans in USA

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    Most importantly here ….who are the “enemies of Allah” of whom he speaks?

    In his outdated tribal view of the world are the “enemies of Allah” those who disagree with Islam?

    If that is the case then 4/5ths of the world are the “enemies of Islam”.

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    Wake up America. You see what’s happening in Islamic countries and what are now becoming Islamic countries, unfortunately with this administrations support. The President of the United States and his administration should not give support to the Muslim Brotherhood or any Islamic group whose goal is replace our Constitution with shariah law. Thomas Jefferson recognized the threat and nipped it in the bud, by destroying the Islamic aggressors. Some in this administration are either blind, agrees with their goals, are gutless cowards or are self serving and doesn’t care what happens to America as long as they’re doing well. We The People need to vote into office Constitution abiding Patriots. God Bless America and all Real Freedom Fighting Patriots.

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    On the other hand, to play the devil’s advocate, I can see the strategy behind this preaching! PUT ALL ‘GOOD’ MUSLIMS ON A GUILT TRIP! MAKE THEM BELIEVE THAT THEY OWE SOMETHING TO allah. TELL THEM THAT allah LOVES JIHAD! PUT YOUR LIFE ON THE LINE FOR allah!

    HOW DEMONIC!!!!!

    So what’s missing??? JUST THIS–ISLAM NEVER MAKES MENTION OF ‘LOVING THY NEIGHBOR’ ‘DO GOOD TO THOSE WHO DESPITEFULLY USE YOU’ ‘GIVE, AND IT SHALL BE GIVEN TO YOU’ ‘VENGENCE IS MINE, SAITH THE LORD’!!!!! THESE CONCEPTS ARE COMPLETELY FOREIGN TO islamists! COMPLETELY!!!! THERE IS NO HUMANITY IN islam! There is no compassion in islam! There is no feeling of empathy or sympathy or brotherly kindness unless you are muslim! ALL non-muslims must be ostracized, demoralized, viciously attacked, subjugated, treated with contempt and hated–NOT TO MENTION RAPED, MURDERED AND/ OR BEHEADED!!!!


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    This octogenarian suggests that all Readers here email that Imam at Georgetown University in our District of Columbia,

    “Imam Yahya Hendi – Georgetown University: Campus Ministry
    campusministry.georgetown.edu › Religious Traditions › Muslim
    Yahya Hendi Muslim Chaplain (202) 687-4272. Healy Hall, Room 112 ymh@georgetown.edu. Office Hours: Tuesday: 4:00PM-6:00PM. Wednesday: 2:00PM-4: …”

    ….and express any concerns about Northern Virginia-istan and the Islamic penetratiom of this area.

    Be prepared for oily, smiley responses. saying nothing. He’s an excellent actor.

    I witnessed hios performance a few years back in Frederick Maryland when he was permitted to rreacj from the pulpit (!) of a local church and plead for acceptance.

    Later, in the parking lot when I wanted to thank him for an effective speech,[he was actually very good, agree or not] he brushed me aside, climbed into his waiting car, and drove off with his entourage, no doubt to his next speaking engagement.

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    The most grimly hilarious line is from the off-camera host, who hurriedly disclaims that “he is not advocating form armed struggle” after he has done just that, explicitly and at length.

    Why is Shaker Elsayed still allowed in this country?

    Sam wrote:

    Hey I give it to the guy. He is telling the truth.

    Sam, Elsayed is not telling the truth here because he is somehow more honest or candid than the average Taqiyya-spouting apologist. He and those like him are feeling increasingly emboldened, and no longer fear dropping the mask.

    In other words, he is openly preaching violent Jihad on the outskirts of our nation’s capital *because he can*.

    And this is nothing new for Shaker Elsayed. He is a big supporter of El Sayyid Nosair, who murdered Meir Kahane and was involved in the 1993 World Trade Center bombing. Nosair sent his children to the Al-Ghazly Islamic School in Jersey City”Elsayed was principal of the school at the time. He had this to say about the assassination of Mr. Kahane:

    “It was not a violation [of Islamic law], in the sense that Kahane adopted a position against all Arabs and Muslims. He put himself in that category.”

    He’s described any efforts at American defense against Jihad terrorism as “a war on Muslim institutions”.

    When three defendants who were part of the Virginia Jihad Network were convicted in 2004 of conspiring to help wage violent jihad in Kashmir and possibly against American troops in Afghanistan, Elsayed said “It is evident that Muslims should not expect justice. Muslims are besieged after 9/11, for no fault of their own.”[

    This last is not an indication that Elsayed believes that they *didn’t* conspire to wage violent Jihad, but that all pious Muslims are to be regarded as religiously “innocent”. And the “justice” that he yearns for is nothing less than Shari’ah law, under which waging violent Jihad is anything but illegal.

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    NO Fear writes: “In his outdated tribal view of the world are the “enemies of Allah” those who disagree with Islam?

    If that is the case then 4/5ths of the world are the “enemies of Islam”.”

    RIGHT ON! and the more i see of the bully homosexual lobby, the more it is obvious islam and homosexual diviancy both come out of the same control freaky HELL.

    case in point. TIM TIMBOW. who are the diviants to TELL anyone where he can speak, what he can say? anyone who disagrees with islam is in a world of hurt, and anyone who disagrees with the 2% homosexual bully, narrow minded, self serving, self centered, hogwash,crowd, get bashed severly. same evil.

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    Charlie, Imam Yahya Hendi is a pretty equivocal figure. You can read more about him here:


    There is a reference to “Dhimmi Watch” in article. Dhimmi Watch was a part of Jihad Watch for many years, before Robert Spencer combined the two sites because there was so much overlap.

    I believe Hendi is a pretty standard old-fashioned Taqiyya artist”although an unusually successful one.

    Shaker Elsayed is a lot more brazen about his support for Jihad”I believe that more and more, pious Muslims believe that they can be, without much of a reaction from the “filthy Kuffar”.