Nearly 25% of al-Qaeda operatives were converts to Islam

Yet no Muslim organization in the U.S. or the West has any program to prevent converts from misunderstanding the Religion of Peace in this way. “New report details al-Qaida membership in the US,” by Hilary Leila Krieger for the Jerusalem Post, February 27 (thanks to David):

WASHINGTON — More than half of all al-Qaida operatives and their affiliates in the United States who have committed terrorist offenses are US citizens and a third were born in America, according to a new report profiling the groups” American adherents.

The 720-page, telephone book-sized volume produced by the Henry Jackson Society and presented at the Center for Strategic and International Studies Tuesday, carefully examines the 171 cases of al- Qaida members or those inspired by the organization who have been convicted in US courts or participated in suicide attacks against the US homeland between 1997 and 2011.

The study found that 95 percent of the terrorist offenses were committed by men, 57% of whom were under the age of 30. New York was seen as a hub for their activity, with more — 14% — residing there than elsewhere and with large number of those living elsewhere trafficking through.

Nearly a quarter of the operatives were converts to Islam, with over half of those born in the US having converted.

And those who converted, all of whom did so from Christianity as far as could be ascertained, were far more likely to have carried out offenses (as opposed to having participated only in training or incitement) than others.

The group researched were fairly well-educated and employed. More than half had attended some form of college, and a quarter had done some higher study. In addition, more than half, or 57%, were in school or had a job at the time they were charged or committed their attacks.

Report co-author Robin Simcox described the operatives as “US citizens who are mostly educated, mostly employed, who haven’t been marginalized by the system. They”ve mostly passed through the system.”

However, he and Michael Hayden, the former Central Intelligence Agency director who wrote the report’s forward, suggested that more personal experiences of social dislocation could be a major factor in who ended up being radicalized.

“I”m willing to accept the possibility that this has a lot more to do with the Crips and the Bloods than it does with the Koran,” Hayden said. “Maybe this is just one expression in a post-industrial society of how young people… deal with alienation.”…

Yeah, sure, that’s it. Joining al-Qaeda is just like joining the Crips or the Bloods, and stems from the same motivations. Nothing to do with the Qur’an. Nothing to see here. Move along.

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  1. says

    Ah, the difference between converts of Islam, (the religion of peace) and new followers of Jesus Christ.
    Islam teaches a malignant works righteous theology that encourages its adherents to defend the “honour” of Allah by physical violence including murder in order to gain “good” deeds that will counter their sins on the day of judgment. (it also teaches that one must use their left hand to wipe oneself after defecation and that using the right hand will condem you). Dying in jihad agianst unbelievers is the ONLY way to guarentee paradise for themselves and their immediate family. Hence the violent evil nature of this demon inspired reiligion.
    Followers of Jesus Christ must love their neighbors and their enemies as themselves and do good to those who persecute us. There are NO passages in the new testament that allow violence aginst anyone.( Luke chapter 19 is a parable about the end of this age when Jesus returns and will destroy all eveil doers)

  2. says

    also the Bible teaches that God is omnipotent and able to defend himslf(Vengence is MINE says the Lord, I will repay Deut32:35 and Hebrews 10:30)while Allah being a mere demon, perhaps Satan himself, cannot defend his own honor and requires faithful muslims to intercede on his behalf!