Pamela Geller: Prosecuting would-be jihad mass murderer “alienates Muslims”?

In “Prosecuting Muslim bomber ‘alienates Muslims’?” at WND today, Pamela Geller sheds light on yet another indication of the true allegiances of Hamas-linked CAIR:

In what could have been a jihadi bloodbath of unimaginable
proportions, a young American Muslim attempted to mass murder upward of
25,000 infidels (mostly women and children) at a Christmas tree-lighting
ceremony in Portland, Ore. Mohamed Mohamud has now been found guilty,
and the Hamas-tied Council on American-Islamic Relations, or CAIR, is
enraged. According to Reuters, Hamas-CAIR”s Ibrahim Hooper “said the
case could alienate the Muslim community.”

Mohamud’s undercover handlers offered him several choices in the
service of jihad. He could have opted just to pray for the destruction
of the infidels. On the other hand, he could have opted for Islamic
martyrdom: killing infidels and getting himself killed in the process.
He chose something in-between: a plot to kill infidels in large numbers
without killing himself. He told the FBI he wanted to “become

Now the jury”s verdict is in.
Mohamud has been found guilty. And the Muslim Brotherhood front CAIR
says has the audacity to say that the prosecution of Mohamud “alienates

Again, there it is. Plain as day. Hamas-CAIR exposes its real agenda
yet again. The prosecution of this jihadist “alienates Muslims”?
Shouldn’t Muslim groups be standing with those of us who are fighting
against this very thing? They should be condemning this attempt at jihad
mass murder. But no, instead they stand with the would-be murderer.
They are claiming that Mohamed Mohamud was a victim of FBI entrapment.
What is the goal of this obfuscation? It is revealing of the true nature
of “moderate” groups in the U.S.

Entrapment? Could anyone “entrap” you into mass murdering tens of thousands of people?

Mohamed Mohamud pushed the button twice. It failed to detonate,
thanks to FBI surveillance programs (that very ones CAIR is working
fiercely to stop).

On the morning of the planned jihad murders, Mohamud told one of his
friends that this was “the greatest morning of my life.” No one was
forcing him when, a few hours after that, he pushed the buttons on a
cell phone that he thought would set off his jihad bomb and murder
thousands upon thousands of infidels.

But Hamas-CAIR and other Muslim groups aren’t denouncing jihad and
the Quranic verses that inspire these attacks. Why? Why aren’t they
critical of jihad? Aren’t they supposed to be “moderate”? Why are they
telling Muslims not to cooperate with law enforcement? On two occasions,
Cyrus McGoldrick, who was then an official of Hamas-CAIR”s New York
chapter, issued threats to “snitches.” Is anyone investigating Cyrus McGoldrick, and trying to find out what he was afraid Muslims would “snitch” about?

Hamas-CAIR”s Ibrahim Hooper also said, “I think convictions in these
kinds of cases are almost forgone conclusions based on the government’s
actions. They are the same in each case.” Yes, it’s the government’s
fault that devout Muslims want to slaughter in the cause of Islam. Let’s
blame the government for stopping this mass slaughter.

Why did Bill O”Reilly have CAIR on yet again last Thursday night, giving them the imprimatur of legitimacy?

is a subversive Muslim Brotherhood group that was implicated in the
largest terrorist funding trial in our nation’s history, and is
(according to the U.S. government) “operating in concert with a host of
individuals and organizations dedicated to sustaining and furthering the
Hamas movement. “¦ The object of the conspiracy was to support Hamas.
The support will be shown to have taken several forms, including raising
money, propaganda, proselytizing, recruiting, as well as many other
types of actions intended to continue to promote and move forward
Hamas”s agenda of the destruction of the State of Israel and
establishment of an Islamic state in its place.”

The international Muslim Brotherhood ordered the Muslim Brotherhood
chapters throughout the world to create Palestine Committees, whose job
it was to support Hamas with “media, money and men” (more here). Clearly, that’s where CAIR comes in.

And the mainstream media aid and abet them. The Reuters report
on Hamas-CAIR”s outrage over the Mohamud prosecution is ridiculous. Why
go to Hamas-CAIR for comment at all? Why not ask those who are fighting
jihad what they think of Mohamud’s actions and the verdict?

Read it all.

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  1. says

    We all know Mahoundians are never guilty of anything, even when they are…Guilt is never associated with killing for Allah…Those are ‘holy’ acts. So it ‘will’ alienate Mahoundians if kuffar find a fellow Mahoundian guilty of committing holy acts…The more kuffar killed for Allah, the holier the act…it’s time to celebrate and pass out candy…It all makes sense in an evil sort of way, but of course, a ‘holy act’, can’t be evil…No wonder Hooper is confused…

  2. says

    CAIR-canada stood beside the Toronto-18 jihadists that plotted to slaughter 10’000 plus people in down town Toronto via truck bombs.
    As soo nas these terrorist muslims were caught prior to going Jihad , CAIr and the usual rent-a-mob islamic groups blamed entrapment. Even after the trial where some of tghem boastfully pleaded guilty, islamic Org.’s still petitioned the Court for a light sentence because they were misguided youths that didn’t really want to kill people.

    So there it is folks , the Jihadists admit to their plot and take full credit they were doing it for allah as written in the quran and yet the islamists still use the MSM to print their version of the event and that is was a harmless prank buy 15 youths.

    CAIR is battling 1000 for their support prior to a conviction to several jihadists arrested before the jihad was done.
    The claims by CAIR that islam=peace is get old fast and few people I know buy it anymore ever since the media reports of jihadist nabbed in canada and the overt hatred spewed by Imams that calls for terrorism globally and one big Caliphate for canada.

  3. says

    Prosecuting Nazi War Criminals at Nuremberg alienates Germans.

    No doubt it did. And more than is generally admitted.

    We’d pummelled their cities to the extent that all that was left were masonry fingers poking into the sky.

    Russians had raped and plundered their way across Prussia and right into Berlin.

    We’d exposed their genocidal tendencies and pretence of ‘civilisation’.

    The Thousand Year Reich was kaput.

    And on top of all that the humiliation of the Nazi hierarchy at Nuremberg. The crème de la crème reduced to bluster, grovelling, self excuse, explaining and accountability.

    What’s not to alienate?

    I’ve got news. Maybe it should be printed on the pack.

    Users should be aware that conflict may create alienation and feelings of antipathy.

    However following those nasty trials and the hangings which followed those nasty trials what has become of Germany?

    Is it a broken nation festering with inchoat rage and resentment a la Islamists wherever they gather?

    Or is it now a powerhouse of technological and economic acumen which makes cars and appliances that everyone wants. And to top that the only EU nation with no recession, rather they are the ones funding what’s left of that decrepit and corrupted alliance.

    In other words they got over it. They did the mea culpa jig, admitted a fair cop and then got on with it.

    Those acts brought a form of closure and following that, regeneration and a whole new outlook.

    That’s the key to success but are Muslims taking heed?

  4. says

    Alienating moslems it what it is all about. These people should not be allowed in North America until they understand they must abide by our legal system and cultural mores. Permitting these folk to create ‘no go bastions’ from which their raiders can assault non-moslems is to bring the desert culture of the 7th century middle east here, to these beautiful lands. On our part, we must make certain our legal system lives up to our expectations.
    An addict (read moslem) denies there is a problem and blames everyone and everything except themselves for their action. Moslems are not addicts. They are instead ‘Cold Blooded Killers’

  5. says

    Hamas-CAIR’s Ibrahim Hooper “said the case could alienate the Muslim community.”


    Odd that Mr Hooper and his organization are never much concerned with the “alienation” that mass murder by his co-religionists, the people he claims to represent, in the name of his religion and with the blessing of its scriptures and founder might cause among the non-muslim community.

    How about it, Ibe? Can you bring yourself to counsel your “brothers” to not conduct mass murder in the name of your god, prophet and all the islamic religious authorities and make public statements to that effect on a consistent and ongoing basis? If not then you and CAIR risk alienateing the non-muslim community.

    You wouldn’t want to alienate the people you consider utterly alien to you and yours, now would you, Ibe? That would be far worse than mass murder now wouldn’t it?

  6. says


    I think population exchange is sounding better and better.

    There are about 8 million Copts in Egypt who are in grave danger of being subjected to full-on jihad genocide by the Muslims around them.

    America has about 3 million Muslims and France has at least 7 million Muslims, and both Ummah colonies – in USA *and* France are becoming more and more aggressive and nasty and threatening by the day, with jihad inciters and plotters proliferating.

    America and France could export *all* their Muslims to Islamic Egypt in exchange for taking in the Copts – America could boot out *all* of its Muslims and take in an equivalent number of Copts (maybe Canada would like some of them as well; interesting, intelligent, and *terribly* grateful people, many of them full-on Christians, prepared to work their tails off and educate their kids) and France could boot out *all* their Muslims and replace them with five million Copts (the Copts could disinfect and exorcise all the Muslim mosques across France, fit them out with bells and crosses, and turn them into churches) plus the Christians from Syria and Iraq, many of whom are historically Francophile.