1. Is anyone else getting fed up with all these stupid euphemisms ?

    ‘Islamists’, ‘Salafis’, ‘Brotherhood members’.

    They are all **muslims**, plain and simple.

    Why can’t people call a spade a spade ?

  2. Meanwhile, buildings are collapsing in Alexandria and Cairo due to lack of professional oversight! Yet Christians are held to impossibly high standards and procedural delays to extract bribes!The so-called Pact of Omar is still the guide for Islamic supremacists! The Christian church has to become political effective to protect the persecuted church in Islamic countries. Islam sees other religions as enemies of the state that must be crushed.

  3. This is all part of christian persecution in muslim countries! I don`t think anything will change anytime soon as we are in the end times, at least it`s prophetic! The trouble is it`s spreading to the West as muslims overpopulate to become the upper hand in whatever regions they reside! They need firm handling, which doesn`t seem to be happening as political correctnes and multiculturalism take us down a dangerous path!
    Come Lord Jesus and rescue us from the evil one!

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