UK Converts to Islam Seemingly on the Rise

UK Converts to Islam Seemingly on the Rise
by Enza Ferreri

Muslim women in London, UK

Apparently Islam is on the rise in the UK not only because of the increasing number of Muslim immigrants and their progenies, but also due to the natives who convert to Islam either spontaneously or in order to marry Muslims.

A source says that the number of Britons converting to Islam has doubled between 2001 and 2011, and these are more women than men.

A January 2011 study by Kevin Brice of Swansea University, on behalf of the organization Faith Matters, calculated that the number of converts to Islam in the UK in 2001 was just over 60,000 and it may have risen to 100,000 in 2010.

Mathematics does not seem to be the strong point of these people, because 100,000 is not double of 60,000, but there is worse: an otherwise decent and interesting article appeared in The Spectator calls it a rise “by two-thirds”.

Only 55% of the converts in 2001, however, were white British. In 2010, the percentage of white British among the 122 converts surveyed was about the same, at 56%. Women were 62% of respondents of all ethnic groups. The average age at conversion was 27 and a half.

The report estimates that 5,200 people converted to Islam in the UK in 2010.

In November 2011, The Independent came up with an even higher percentage of women converts, although on what basis is not clear: “It emerged that of the 5,200 Britons who converted to Islam last year, more than half are white and 75 per cent of them women”.

A reliable estimate of the number of converts to Islam is difficult, admitted director of Faith Matters Fiyaz Mughal, who added: “This report is the best intellectual ‘guestimate’ using census numbers, local authority data and polling from mosques”.

The problem is that, if you look at the website of Faith Matters, the association that commissioned the report, you immediately encounter well-known terms used by Islamic apologists like “Islamophobia” and “hatred”. Advertised on its home page there is a disproportionate number of books negatively portraying the English Defence League, but I haven’t seen one on Islamic extremism and violence.

Fiyaz Mughal and its creation Faith Matters also work for the TELL MAMA (Measuring Anti-Muslim Violence) project, “to ensure that anti-Muslim incidents and attacks in the UK are mapped, measured and recorded, and support provided for victims.” They seem to be much more concerned about the relatively few (if any) episodes of violence against Muslims than the extremely more numerous acts of violence by Muslims.

So, despite Faith Matters’ self-description as “a not for profit organisation founded in 2005 which works to reduce extremism and interfaith and intra-faith tensions and we develop platforms for discourse and interaction between Muslim, Sikh, Christian, Jewish and Hindu communities across the globe. We have offices in the United Kingdom, Pakistan and the Middle East (Jerusalem)”, I am a bit suspicious about the figures on converts to Islam in the survey paid for by it.

It is interesting to note, as well, that even according to these figures almost half of all new converts are not white British, so the problem of immigration, gone out of the door, comes back by the window.

About the reasons why anybody – in their right mind, I’m tempted to add – should decide to convert to Islam, many people surveyed pointed to certainties, boundaries and well-defined status.

The Spectator article mentioned above, written by a Catholic woman, says:

But above all, I like the moral certainties. I don’t mind the dogma one bit. I would rather dogma and impossible ideals than confusion and compromise. In that sense, I do identify with those who choose Islam over the way of no faith, or a seemingly uncertain faith, like the woolly old C of E.

I am convinced that, while individuals can be atheist, societies for various reasons – which I’ll explain in another post – cannot.

So, the more the West distances itself from Christianity, the more likely it will end up in the arms (pun half intended) of Islam.

Enza Ferreri is an Italian-born, London-based author and journalist. She has been a London correspondent for several Italian magazines and newspapers, including Panorama, L’Espresso, La Repubblica.

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  1. says

    What the F$%k are these fools thinking?

    Let’s see…

    I want to belong to a group of freaks, walk around in a tent, lie with a man that is partial to pedophilia, thinks that Camel urine is the elixir of the Gods???

    When I see a white girl with one of the local Somali’s I want to puke. Am I racist, dam straight when these scumbags come into our Western world and contaminate our blood lines with Islam poison, it makes my blood boil, sorry for being honest.

    Do I have to go on??

  2. says

    May be these muslin”converts” think Islam will triumph in the end, too bad for them that when Jesus returns it will not be as the Islamic Jesus but as Lord of lords and King of kings and destroy all His enemies(Muslims included). As John the apostle of Jesus said “he who has the Son has life. He who does not have the Son does not have life “

  3. says

    These women are women who are adrift and need to be told what to do as they cannot control their own lives. But the C of E is such a waffling, fanny kissing lost excuse for a Christian religion as to offer no compass at all to it’s followers. The C of E lives in fear of offending someone so it offers nothing it’s followers can anchor to. The C of E has no dogma at all. I don’t know what it is but it’s not a Christian religion.

    That a woman would surrender to this abusive cult boggles my mind. I would rather be adrift and free myself. I’m not as I am a Christian and Christ is my rock.

    Wonder if the woman quoted has had her lady parts sliced off with a rusty razor blade yet?

  4. says

    There is something else that nobody mentions at all: the people who are travelling in the *other* direction, out of Islam.

    There are a few high-profile ones -e.g. Ayaan Hirsi Ali, ex-Muslim and atheist, is married to a Scotsman, Niall Ferguson, and has voted with her womb, so to speak – she just gave birth to a little Infidel, one Thomas Ferguson, who is being raised a Western, non-Muslim boy. Every time the Ummah thinks about that, they must gnash their teeth.

    There is Ibn Warraq, who is based in the UK, I think.

    There was Anwar Sheikh (he died recently, I think; but of natural causes, not due to assassination by sharia enforcers).

    Then there’s Canon Dr Patrick Sookhdeo, convert to Christianity, long-serving parish priest, and founder of The Barnabas Fund, advocating for religious freedom and on behalf of persecuted Christians (especially those in Islamic lands). Barnabas is campaigning against sharia creep – sharia finance and halal food. And they are *also* engaged in Operation Nehemiah, to revitalise the Church in the West. His books ‘Global Jihad’ and ‘Faith, Power and Territory’ are well worth reading, as is his other book ‘A People Betrayed’, a write-up of his doctoral thesis on the Christians of Pakistan.

    Dr Sookhdeo’s wife, Rosemary Sookhdeo, has written two excellent books – ‘Secrets Behind the Burka’, about Islam and women and, in particular, the endemic mistreatment of women within the Ummah colonies in the western world; and, highly relevant to today’s topic here, ‘Stepping into the Shadows: Why Western Women Convert to Islam’. Much of the latter is based on direct pastoral experience (she and Canon Sookhdeo served for years in inner-city parish churches in Britain, where there were expanding Muslim colonies in the neighbourhood); she has *met* these people…and she has also **helped some of them to escape and deprogram themselves**.

    Because – as we know from our own Saleem Smith from Canada and Istanbul Chick from US and new poster ‘ Exmuslim’ from Oz – not a few westerners who get suckered into Islam actually do ‘wake up’ in time and get themselves the hell out of Dodge.

    Mrs Sookhdeo’s books also mention Muslim women who have left Islam and become Christians, in Britain. Despite persecution and even attempts on their lives by their nearest and dearest.

    In the UK, there’s ‘Hannah Shah’ (nom de plume), ex-Muslim, now-Christian (and *married to a sweet English Christian guy* – may God bless them with many healthy children!). She told her story in ‘The Imam’s Daughter’.

    Hannah Shah, The Imam’s Daughter

    There is even, in the UK (and probably in other European countries also) a sort of ‘underground railroad’ for ex-Muslims, particularly those who’ve become Christian.

    We hear all about the western converts to Islam…because they get lots of attention lavished upon them, and they are in *no* personal danger at all. No bishops are going to issue orders to hitmen to take them out.

    We don’t hear so much about the ex-Muslims, except for those few who are high-profile enough / in professions well paid enough to be able to afford decent security. Because the less famous/ less well-off are in hiding, often under changed names…in what Magdi Cristiano Allam, ex-Muslim now-Catholic in Italy once called ‘the church of the catacombs’.

    Back in 2005, jihadwatch reproduced an article that Andrew Norfolk did for The Times.

    February 5, 2005

    (The original link no longer works, but back when it did, I made and placed in my files a complete copy, from which I will supply key excerpts, in another posting to follow this).

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    Pursuant to my posting above.

    From that 2005 Times article on apostates from Islam, within the UK, and the contrast between their situation and that of those idiot (or evil, or in some cases deceived or seduced) westerners who become Muslims.

    Apologies: above I got the name of the journalist wrong; the author of this article on apostates from Islam in the UK was one Anthony Browne. Andrew Norfolk did a different article, an interview with Hannah Shah.

    “Muslim apostates cast out and at risk from faith and family

    “February 5, 2005 [Times Online]

    ‘While Christians who turn to Islam are feted, the 200,000 Muslims who turn away are faced with abuse, violence and even murder.


THE first brick was thrown through the sitting room window at one in the morning, waking Nissar Hussein, his wife and five children with a terrifying start. The second brick went through his car window.

    “It was a shock, but hardly a surprise. The week before, another brick had been thrown through the window as the family were preparing for bed in their Bradford home.

    “The victim of a three-year campaign of religious hatred, Mr Hussein’s car has also been rammed and torched, and the steps to his home have been strewn with rubbish.

    “He and his family have been regularly jostled, abused, attacked, shouted at to move out of the area, and given death threats in the street. His wife has been held hostage inside their home for two hours by a mob. His car, walls and windows have been daubed in graffiti: “Christian bastard”.

    “The problem isn’t so much what Mr Hussein, whose parents came from Pakistan, believes, but what he doesn’t believe.

    “Born into Islam, he converted eight years ago to Christianity, and his wife, also from Pakistan, followed suit.

    “While those who convert to Islam, such as Cat Stevens, Jemima Khan, and the sons of the Frank Dobson, the former Health Secretary, and Lord Birt, the former BBC Director-General, can publicly celebrate their new religion, **those whose faith goes in the other direction face persecution** {and that is why we don’t hear so very much about them…dda}.

    “Mr Hussein, a 39-year-old hospital nurse in Bradford, is one of a growing number of former Muslims in Britain who face not just being shunned by family and community, but attacked, kidnapped, and in some cases killed.

    “There is even a secret underground network to support and protect those who leave Islam.

    “One estimate suggests that as many as 15 per cent of Muslims in Western societies have lost their faith, which would mean that in Britain there are about 200,000 apostates..”.

    “Mr Hussein told The Times: “It’s been absolutely appalling. This is England ” where I was born and raised. You would never imagine Christians would suffer in such a way.”

    “The police have not charged anyone, but told him to leave the area.

    “We feel completely isolated, utterly helpless. I have been utterly failed by the authorities. If it was white racists attacking an Asian guy, there would be an absolute outcry,” he said. “They are trying to ethnically cleanse me out of my home. I feel I have to make a stand as an Asian Christian.”

    {Good on him. That was eight years ago; I wonder what has happened to him? I hope he is OK. Who knows, maybe he has joined that feisty little organisation, ‘The British Pakistani Christian Association’ , who are holding a rally and march in London on 2 March to show solidarity with the persecuted Christians of Pakistan. – dda}.

    “Yasmin, who was raised in the North of England, has been forced out of her town once, and is now trying to resist being chased out again.

    “Brought up in a Muslim family, she converted after having a vision of Jesus when she gave birth to her youngest son, and was baptised in her thirties.

    “My family completely disowned me. They thought I had committed the biggest sin ” I was born a Muslim, and so I must die a Muslim. When my husband found out, he totally disowned my sons. One friend tried to strangle me when I told him I was converting,” she said.

    “We had bricks though our windows, I was spat at in the street because they thought I was dishonouring Islam. We had to call the police so many times. **I had to go to court to get an injunction against my husband because he was inciting others to attack me** {my emphasis – dda}.”

    “She fled to another part of Britain, but the attacks soon started again as locals found out about her.

    “I wasn’t going to leave again,” she said, adding that it was the double standards of her attackers that made her most angry. “They are such hypocrites ” they want us to be tolerant of everything they want, but they are intolerant of everything about us.”

    “With other converts, **Yasmin has helped to set up a series of support groups across England,** {my emphasis – dda} who have adopted a method of operating normally associated with dissidents in dictatorships, not democracies. They not only have to meet in secret, but cannot advertise their services, and have to vet those that approach them for infiltrators.

    “There are so many who convert from Islam to Christianity. We have 70 people on our list who we support, and the list is growing. We don’t want others to suffer like we have,” she said..”.

    {And that was in 2005. And those people she was helping would not be the only ones, I am sure. – dda}

    “Although some are beaten “black and blue” for their faith, others suffer even more.

    “The family of an 18-year-old girl whom Yasmin was helping found that she had been hiding a Bible in her room, and visiting church secretly.

    “I tried to do as much as possible to help her, but they took her to Pakistan “on holiday’. Three weeks later, she was drowned ” they said that she went out in the middle of the night and slipped in the river, but she just wouldn ‘t have done that,” said Yasmin.

    “‘Ruth’, also of Pakistani origin, found out recently that she had only just escaped being murdered. When she told her family that she had converted, they kept her locked inside the family home all summer.

    “They were afraid I would meet some Christians. My brother was aggressive, and even hit me ” I later found out he wanted me dead,” she said. A family friend had suggested taking her to Pakistan to kill her, and her brother put the idea to her mother, who ruled against it.

    “You are very isolated and very alone. But now, my brother is thinking about changing and a cousin has made a commitment to Christianity.”

    “Noor, from the Midlands, was brought up a Muslim but converted to Christianity at 21.

    “Telling my father was the most difficult thing I have ever done. I thought he would kill me on the spot, but he just went into a state of shock,” she said. He ended up almost kidnapping her.

    “He took drastic actions ” he took the family to Pakistan, to a secluded village with no roads to it. He kept us there for many years, putting pressure on me to leave my Christian faith. I endured mental and emotional suffering that most humans never reach,” she said.

    “Eventually, her father realised that he could not shake her faith, and released her with strict conditions.

    “In desperation, my father threatened to take my life. If someone converts, it is a must for family honour to bring them back to Islam, if not, to kill them.”

    “**Imams in Britain sometimes call on [for] the apostates to be killed if they criticise their former religion.** {my emphasis – dda}.

  6. says

    A final observation.

    In ‘Stepping into the Shadows’, Rosemary Sookhdeo notes that there is an organised campaign of what might be called ‘marriage jihad’. Muslim men, not only in the UK but throughout the West – and beyond the west, indeed, pretty well everywhere there is a Muslim colony – targeting non-Muslim girls and women for marriage (and, often, conversion to Islam). Patrick and Rosemary have warned that it isn’t just ‘marginal’ girls who are targeted, or lonely middle-aged spinsters; the Muslims are *also* targeting nice, well-educated, Christian girls from devout church families, even minister’s or priest’s daughters, because getting hold of one of *those* is a real feather in the cap of the seducer (because of being seen as an extra-special humiliation for the Christian community).

    In Muslim countries, of course, Muslim men frequently simply seize and rape and force-‘convert’ and sometimes marry – or take as sex-slaves – non-Muslim girls and women, willy nilly (they even seize young *married* women, since non-Muslim marriage vows are not recognised by Muslims as having any validity whatsoever; raping a non-Muslim man’s wife and adding her to the harem is perfectly halal for a Muslim man, it isn’t considered to be adultery at all).

    But in majority non-Muslim lands, whether western or non-western, Muslims are not yet strong enough to do that openly (though they prey upon non-Muslim girls and women when and as they can; gang rapes, as happened in Sydney, and the ghastly pedophile and pimping ‘grooming’ Muslim gangs that have proliferated in the UK, preying mostly on vulnerable underage non-Muslim British girls, with similar gangs operating in the Netherlands). So, mostly, instead, the Muslim sex jihadists go for seduction; flattery, lies, ‘love-bombing’ and then…when the poor girl, or woman, having been bowled over by smiles and wiles, marries her charming Sheikh, all of a sudden, once he has his visa/ residency/ green card/ citizenship, and once he has her wholly in his power, he morphs overnight into a terrifyingly abusive monster. Jewish girls in *Israel* have fallen into this deadly trap; and Hindu girls in India, as well as many a western girl in Europe, UK, America, Canada, Australia…

    Patrick and Rosemary Sookhdeo, whenever they have visited churches and church groups in ‘the West’ (and probably when they are dealing with African Christians, as well; Barnabas has a lot of contacts in Africa), have warned them to teach their young girls and women to be on their guard against charming, plausible Muslims.

    Rule of thumb for infidel women in majority non-Muslim countries, where one has freedom of choice, as yet: Never. Marry. A. Muslim.

    Betty Mahmoody’s “Not Without My Daughter” (the film *and* the book), and Phyllis Chesler’s “My Afghan Captivity”, and two books by someone called ‘Cassandra’ (nom de plume), “Escape From an Arab [sic: Muslim – dda] Marriage’ and “33 Secrets Arab Men Never Tell American Women” (i.e. 33 Secrets Muslim Men Never Tell Non-Muslim Women), should be in every municipal library…and every *high-school* and *parish* library.

  7. says

    Have no fear people I know firsthand that the majority of these converts or reverts end up leaving the deen. It’s a fact as well which of course the Islamist will never mention while they love boasting about the number of converts or reverts they never ever mention how many are leaving.

  8. says

    “Mathematics does not seem to be the strong point of these people, because 100,000 is not double of 60,000, but there is worse: an otherwise decent and interesting article appeared in The Spectator calls it a rise “by two-thirds”.”

    Mathematics is not my strong point either, but I agree with the Speccy.
    Increase 60,000 by two thirds:
    two thirds of 3 is 2; two thirds of 6 is 4.
    so two thirds of 60,000 is 40,000.
    Which adds up to 100,000.

    I claim my prize of a free download of Robert Spencer’s latest book. (I’m too poor to buy it.)

    If that’s too much to ask then I’ll settle for a Nobel peace prize.

  9. says


    that’s a very interesting link. The personal stories of the people there are very powerful…and, many of them, heart-wrenching.

    I was particularly struck by one that I’ll reproduce below, because it reminded me of ‘Fineliving’, an ex-Muslim – and artist – who posted here quite often, but has ‘gone quiet’ for a while now (I do hope and pray she is OK). The other ex-Muslim visual artist that most of the regulars here know, is ‘Bosch Fawstin’, creator of ‘Pigman’ (haven’t seen him posting here for a while, I hope he’s ok, too).

    ‘Sultan Aman

    ‘I have come from a very complex upbringing. I grew up in various cultures and mixed languages.

    ‘Born in East Africa and raised in both Saudi Arabia and the UK respectively. I learnt the Arabic grammar, poetry, calligraphy, Quran, hadeeth, and core islamic sharia and history.

    ‘Since childhood I was interested in drawing everything around me. I drew all the cartoon characters I saw on TV. I was fond of doodling.

    ‘Yet, everytime I drew someone, I had a teacher or islamic elder telling me how I would roast in Hell for such a disgusting act!

    ‘Throughout my life I had been wondering why is it such a foul thing ? drawing ? or equally,music for that matter. 

    ‘Art is dirt, music is the whisper of evil, women are pitfalls for men etc etc. It is a long dark corridor for me with only the pitch black to appreciate.

I know that to draw is simply to express yourself.

    ‘To drum a beat or play a note on an instrument you are simply being human.
    ‘The languages of Music and Art are the highest forms of expression for us as species.
    ‘Yet in islam it is a grand crime. Something that god finds very very offensive. (?)

It later became much clearer to me that the whole thing is simply an idea. An inherited ideology that is not suitable for me.

I must define myself by taking off what has be thrown over my shoulders shortly after birth. I must lift my head, open my eyes and really see.

I am an artist, humanist and secularist.

    ‘ I am a free-thinker, evidence driven twenty-first century rationalist. 

I can’t hate my best friends just because they are of other faiths. I can’t go on seeing women as less capable than men. I can’t bear living a life distrusting scientific and well proven facts just because it’s not convenient or it may upset others.

I am only me. I am reality. Born free to live free and die free.

I am Sultan Aman.”

    The thing is: when I read *this* bit – “Since childhood I was interested in drawing everything around me. I drew all the cartoon characters I saw on TV. I was fond of doodling” – I thought of my own eldest son and my own youngest daughter, both of whom are *born* artists, and who did *exactly* that…drew everything around them (still do), and drew the cartoon characters they saw on TV, as well.

    But whereas this poor Muslim guy (I think it’s a guy) got slapped down for merely doing what every artistically-gifted human child has always done throughout history (and ‘Fineliving’ has told us how she experienced similar rejection and suppression of her talent, when she started trying to draw faces, which sharia forbids) *my* two kids – born in a non-Muslim family in a non-Muslim country – got praised, admired and encouraged, by everyone in their family and wider social circle..including church, where their drawings have on at least three occasions been used liturgically.