U.S. Ambassador to Pakistan: Taliban can be part of Afghanistan’s future

Surrender. “Taliban can be part of Afghanistan’s future, says US envoy to Pak,” from ANI, February 1 (thanks to Benedict):

Islamabad, Feb. 1 (ANI): US Ambassador to Pakistan, Richard Olson, has said the United States is ready to open the door for talks between the Afghan government and the Taliban, adding that the Afghan Taliban could be part of Afghanistan’s future if they met conditions to ensure long-term peace and stability in the war-torn country.

Olson said that the end result of any process must be that the Taliban end violence, break ties with Al-Qaeda and accept Afghanistan’s Constitution, and if this happens, the Taliban can be a part of Afghanistan’s future, reports The Express Tribune.

Olson’s remarks reiterated recent American emphasis on pursuing reconciliation in Afghanistan instead of its usual method of using military might.

In this context, Olson said their new office in Qatar could be used for negotiations between the Afghan High Peace Council and representatives of the Taliban.

Olson also called for the US and Pakistan to work together to facilitate a negotiated peace in Afghanistan. (ANI)

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  1. says

    Of course, just like nazism is part of Ger…


    Oh, the buffoonery. Will it ever end?. Imagine Patton, Eisenhower or any other U.S./Allied Generals saying the same thing about nazism during WWII.

    Nazism = haram, Islamonazism = halal.

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    A scientific investigation of the Arab workforce will prove that 85% are innately slow learners. They have been dumbed down by inverted breeding, those that prayed most often were given more of an opportunity to impregnate their illiterate wives. It will take decades to reverse this seeding and blossoming of ignorance.

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    U.S. Ambassador to Pakistan: Taliban can be part of Afghanistan’s future

    One of the very few things that the United States and her allies could point to as an unqualified success in Afghanistan through the intervening years of mission confusion, compromise, and lessened expectations was the ouster of the horrific Taliban.

    Can a group of terrorist thugs who wage violent Jihad, oppress and murder minorities, destroy priceless art, and *stone women in the streets* be “part of Afghanistan’s future”?

    Of course they can”but only if Afghanistan returns to the *most horrific Shari’ah state of modern times*.

    This is the classic “what are we fighting for?” alert.

    and as appalling as it would be for the Taliban to retake power after we pull out, as the Viet Cong did when we pulled out of Vietnam, there is one thing that is much, much worse”for us to hand them power, all the while pretending that they are some sort of reasonable partners for “power sharing”.

    This isn’t even some sort of situation where the Taliban has been laying low and pretending “moderation” in some way. Instead, they are continuing their sanguinary reign or terror even as we pretend that they are civilized actors. Shameful.


    Olson said that the end result of any process must be that the Taliban end violence, break ties with Al-Qaeda and accept Afghanistan’s Constitution, and if this happens, the Taliban can be a part of Afghanistan’s future, reports The Express Tribune.

    “Accept Afghanistan’s Constitution””even under Karzai, that has meant that there is the death penalty for apostasy and that Hazara men may legally rape their wives. The “Constitution”, in fact, posits that *nothing* may trump Islamic law.

    How will *that* be interpreted once the presence of the civilized Americans no longer serves as a (partial) brake to Islamic savagery?

    The above, is, of course, a rhetorical question. If we want to know what Afghanistan would look like under such conditions, we need only cast our minds back a scant twelve years.

    What was Afghanistan then? It was *hell on earth*.

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    “Olson also called for the US and Pakistan to work together to facilitate a negotiated peace in Afghanistan.”

    Oh, islam and company are evil enough without the added contributions from Olson, as well.

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    Would the BBC & Co. promote a bikini or at least a no-Hijab Day to Muslimas anywhere?


    ‘World Hijab Day calls on non-Muslim women to try out life under the traditional head scarf. Can it lead to more religious tolerance and understanding?’

    Because the intolerant ones and misunderstanders are clearly the non-muslims… ALWAYS!. Muslims are very tolerant and understanding and the Hijab isn’t a impositive, militant garment at all -even some arab governments and universities banned/ban it-. It’s always the non-muslims the ones that need to show comprehension and have an open mind even tho Muslims are the ones who persecute and prosecute non-muslims and apostates. Oh, the buffoonery and pathological psychological projection!.

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    The constitution states that Islam is the “religion of the state” and that “no law can be contrary to the beliefs and provisions of the sacred religion of Islam.” The constitution and other laws and policies restrict religious freedom and, in practice, the government enforced these restrictions. In 2004 the constitution accorded both Shia and Sunni Islam equal recognition. The constitution proclaims, “Followers of other religions are free to exercise their faith and perform their religious rites within the limits of the provisions of law.”
    The government’s level of respect for religious freedom in law and in practice declined during the reporting period, particularly for Christian groups and individuals.

    Islam has no tolerance for other religions.. Muslims constantly attack members of other religions and Muslim converts to Christianity..The Afghanistan constitution does not protect these people…

    US Ambassador to Pakistan, Richard Olson chooses to ignore this fact…just like Obama and most of his administration…

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    Only stupid Americans can make the Taliban laugh…When the ‘crusaders’ get their kuffar rear ends out of Mahoundian lands, then maybe the Taliban will talk…maybe…

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    The brainless Richard Olson has nattered on about “defeating terrorism””what does he believe the horrific Taliban to be, if not Jihad terror personified?

    What a tool.

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    And it’s one two three what are we fighting for?

    Next stop it’s Afghanistan.
    Although we gave it to the Taliban.

    We haul up the white flag when we could be winning.
    Who gives a fig when Obama’s grinning?

    Is this a war or not a war?
    Not sure if they care anymore.

    Seems there’s a lot of green on blue.
    Why does it matter when it’s not you.

    Remember this was Barry’s righteous fight.
    What it is now it’s not quite right.

    And on and on…..

    Apologies to Country Joe and the Fish who although on the wrong side, at least could sing a catchy song.

    And so on.

  10. says

    Olson is just carrying instruction from Hussein Barak Obama, the fake Christian in the White House.

    Those instructions are against the letter and the spirit of the US Constitution.

    Charge Obama with Treason as he is advancing Sharia and Islamic Supremacy instead of upholding and defending the US and its constitution.

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    The question of whether Taliban is part of the Afghan Gov is just window dressing. Afghanistan will be Islamic and ruled by Shariah.
    ‘Nuf sed.

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    Well, golly… just as…

    Water “can be” part of the ocean’s future


    Sand “can be” part of the desert’s future


    Oxygen “can be” part of the atmosphere’s future,


    Islamic supremacists (like the Taliban) “can be” part of a Muslim country’s (like Afghanistan) future.

    Richard Olsen, you are brilliant in your assessment. No doubt whatsoever, that the Taliban are good fellows who will throw away their Korans and renounce all the violence in them and the tenants of sharia law in that book and the hadiths, and embrace a “man made” set of laws over one from Allah. And while they’re at it, they’ll “break ties” with the al queda, who’s stated goals and philosophy differ only in that they are focused on international terror in the name of Islam, rather than local terror in the name of Islam like the Taliban are. Yes, Richard Olsen, that is brilliant.

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    I have decided to provide here a certain perspective to all regular, sensible JW commenters. I have concluded I’m morally obligated to—-for truth’s sake, as near as I can determine the truth. Bear with me.

    Olson graduated from Brown, one of eight Ivy League universities. Folks, a graduate of any Ivy League university (Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Brown, Dartmouth, Cornell, Columbia and Penn) needs to be treated as guilty until proven innocent.

    Even worse than Ivy League baccalaureate graduates are those with an advanced degree from the eight Ivy League schools. As a lawyer myself, I can convey to all that within the American legal profession it is well known that just about the crappiest lawyers out there (and with attitudes no less) are graduates of Ivy League law schools. This is so well known among American lawyers, like yours truly, that anyone who would argue otherwise is looked upon as ingenuous or tendentious—or something worse.

    Want more proof of what I contend? Well, here it is: Obama got his undergraduate degree from Columbia and his law degree from Harvard. Double trouble, no?

    Beware of the so-called “Best and Brightest.” They are usually a menace to good things as well as being a major part of the phony world posing as part of the real world. Guaranteed.

    If ever in doubt about a public figure, don’t overlook looking at whether they graduated from an Ivy League school. Bill and Hillary did. Yeah, see what I mean? Don’t want to pile on, but once and while piling on can be a good thing. Like here I would argue. Done here I maintain.

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    I am sure that this is not an “of the c.ff” remark by the Ambassador but a real possibilty that the US is considering. No abassador would be careless enough to suggest things that have not been santioned higher up.

    Which means that the US is willing to sacrifice women and girls’ lives and human rights in general, just as long as the West’s strategic interests are kept safe.

    And anyone still believing that we are in Afghanistan to bring Freedom and Democracy, hey, I have a bridge I want to sell you.

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    Why did we lose all those lives over there? This is so disturbing that there are no words to describe the ignorance coupled with the obvious incompetence of our administration.

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    Contrast that rock concert with all those sweetly naive, pacifistic, benign American kids, full of 60s Kum-bye-ya and love and harmony — contrast that idealistic youth gathering with, say, the well-known scene from the film Obsession, where an imam, after a fiery violent rant reminiscent in sound quality to Hitler’s ranting crowd voice, draws and holds up a scimitar while screaming Alahu-Akbar over and over, bringing the excited Muslim crowd to its feet…

  17. says

    “Can it lead to more religious tolerance and understanding?”
    No! But it will leads to more clitorectomies, stonings, beheadings, public hangings, amputations, burning of churches and girls’ schools..
    You know the rest.
    ie lots of stuff for BBC (Bullshit Broadcasting Company) to ignore.

  18. says

    Will kuffar women dressed for “World Hijab Day” be observed in London going out without male minders and drinking in bars? That’ll blow the mind of the “Muslim Patrol”.

  19. says

    Afghanistan will be abandoned just like S Vietnam.
    Karzai is nothing IMO.
    Has Islam been renounced? No? Well then we know the future for Afghanistan.
    From the Christian (Catholic) Baptismal Rite:.
    Do you reject Satan?
    I do.
    And all his works?
    I do.
    And all his empty promises?
    I do.
    Until we get this kind of clarity, ie a total rejection of Islam, the farce and worse will continue.

  20. says

    Only Karzai cares what happens to Karzai.

    If he stays, the believers will treat him like his predecessor Najibullah.

    It is unlikely that Karzai hangs around to be murdered, since he already has his whole extended tribe in the U.S. of A.

    We should be more concerned with our own Taliban government:


    For madame Shrillary, treason is a virtue.

    As for “Taliban can be part of Afghanistan’s future” I’m afraid that under the Obamster gubmint it looks as though America is becoming a part of the Talibandit future.

  21. says

    Sorry, too early in the morning! I too mourn all the brave Canadians, Americans, Brits and other NATO troops who gave their lives in Afgnanistan. And for what? The waste of lives and treasure is absolutely sickening.

  22. says

    You asked, ‘and for what?’

    The one thing, the one and only thing that may be of any use, in future, is that at least *some* of our soldiers (the smarter ones, the ones with their heads screwed on tight, the ones who found their way in here while on furlough, or who had contact with people who had been here and could tell them the truth), soldiers from continental Europe, from the UK, from the USA,Canada, Australia, NZ, and elsewhere, have found out first hand four things. They have found out what it’s like to fight Muslims; they have hands-on experience. They have seen first hand just how AWFUL Islam is and how badly the general run of Muslim behave (e.g. sexual abuse of children, extreme abuse of women, torturing dogs to death for fun, all kinds of horrid stuff). They’ve also found out that you cannot trust Muslims, any Muslim, if you want to stay alive long term (that is, they have found out that some Muslims lie, and smile, and smile, and lie…and shove a knife into your guts or between your shoulderblades, or shoot you in the back). And some of them – like Allen West, now retired – have *really* done their homework, have found their way to Mr Spencer’s books, or books by other sensible people, and have woken up to the fact that non-Muslim humanity is currently blunderingly and mostly blindly trying to defend itself in the latest phase of a war that was declared some 1400 years ago, a war that is waged endlessly by the Ummah against everybody else on earth.