UN report: Hamas killed BBC reporter’s baby in Gaza — not the Israelis as was reported worldwide

JihadMisharawi.jpgAnother fabricated atrocity

Will the many, many mainstream media outlets that reported that Jihad Misharawi’s son was killed by the Israelis run retractions and apologies? Don’t hold your breath.

“UN Reports the Truth: Hamas Killed BBC Reporter’s Baby in Gaza,” by Chana Ya’ar for Israel National News, March 10 (thanks to The Religion of Peace):

The United Nations has issued a report with unusual courage and accuracy that plainly tells the tale of Israel’s Pillar of Defense counter terror operation — and exposes the lies of Hamas, told to a grieving father and his BBC bureau chief.

In what has become typical of international media, The Washington Post and a BBC bureau chief last November accused and convicted the Israel Defense Forces in a heartrending, angry piece without verifying their information after a fellow editor in Gaza lost his baby son in rocket fire that struck his home.

The front page photo of an Arab stringer for a world-class news network, clutching his dead baby son in his arms, tears running down his cheeks, became a powerful icon of the tragedy of the conflict.

It was used by Hamas as propaganda to blacken Israel’s name in the media and politically in the international arena as it fought to defend its southern population against Gaza’s missile fire.

But apparently very few questioned the source of the rocket fire — certainly not the grieving father, Jihad Misharawi, who at his son’s funeral blamed “the Jews” — nor did BBC Middle East bureau chief Paul Danahar, who came to Gaza to support his colleague, or The Washington Post, which printed the story, written by Max Fisher and “foreign staff”, with photos, published on the front page.

Photos of the damaged home were duly posted, along with a photo of the little child, who is indeed beautiful, and the heartbreaking photo of a grieving father carrying what appears to be his dead son wrapped in shrouds.

“An Israeli round hit Misharawi’s four-room home in Gaza Wednesday, killing his son, according to BBC Middle East bureau chief Paul Danahar, who arrived in Gaza earlier that Thursday,” Fisher reported in his article along with the paper’s “foreign staff” on November 15. “Misharawi’s sister-in-law was also killed, and his brother wounded. Misharawi told Danahar that, when the round landed, there was no fighting in his residential neighborhood.

“‘We’re all one team in Gaza,’ Danahar told me,” Fisher wrote, “saying that Misharawi is a BBC video and photo editor. After spending a “few hours” with his grieving colleague, he wrote on Twitter, ‘Question asked here is: If Israel can kill a man riding on a moving motorbike (as they did last month), how did Jihad’s son get killed.”

Answer: Jihad’s son was killed by Hamas, according to independent investigators from the United Nations. He was murdered by the journalist’s own neighbors, the very men who purport to be his biggest protectors, who live in the surrounding buildings in the city where he lives.

According to the advanced version of its report released by the U.N. Human Rights Council released late last week, “On 14 November, a woman, her 11-month-old infant, and an 18-year-old adult in Al-Zaitoun were killed by what appeared to be a Palestinian rocket that fell short of Israel.”

A footnote to the section says the case was personally investigated by the U.N. OHCHR, and that investigators believe the attack emanated from Hamas.

The terrorist organization — as well as its allied terrorist groups, such as the Islamic Jihad — is well known for launching attacks against Israel from within residential areas in Gaza and maximizing the use of its human shields.

The U.N. document reveals Gaza terrorists fired more than 1,500 rockets at Israel between November 14-21, 2012. For the first time, a number of the missiles reached Tel Aviv and Jerusalem. Six Israelis were killed, including four civilians, and 239 Israelis were wounded. Gaza terrorists readily admitted to aiming at civilian targets.

“While some projectiles were directed at military objectives, many, if not the vast majority of the Palestinian attacks on Israel constituted indiscriminate attacks,” noted the report. “Such attacks violate international humanitarian law”.

“Most rockets fired by the armed groups did not seem to be directed at a specific military objective. Furthermore many Palestinian armed groups directly and indirectly indicated their determination to — and took responsibility for — attacks on Israeli civilians or large population centers in Israel. Such acts clearly violate international humanitarian law, namely the principle of distinction…

“Another issue of serious concern during the crisis was allegations related to rocket attacks launched by Palestinian armed groups from populated areas in Gaza…some of these rockets may have been launched from underground tunnels….eyewitnesses informed OHCHR that on two occasions rockets were launched from an area south of Palestine Stadium in Gaza City, about 100 meters from a residential area…OHCHR received first-hand information indicating that rockets were fired from areas close to civilian buildings in the east of Gaza City… about 300 meters from several residential houses.

Launching attacks from populated areas constitutes a violation of customary rules of international humanitarian law, i.e. the obligation to take all precautions to protect civilians. By having done so, the civilian population’s exposure to the inherent dangers of the military operations taking place around them was greatly heightened.

“The real questions should be, ‘Will The Washington Post print a retraction in the same location as its captivating erroneous front page article? An apology? A new photo? How will BBC bureau chief Paul Danahar respond to this U.N. report, and how to correct the erroneous reports he may have disseminated?,'” Israeli veteran journalist and Middle East analyst Hana Levi Julian pointed out.

“Just a few years ago, a BBC bureau chief was kidnapped by a Gaza terrorist organization and held hostage for nearly five months, his life hanging in the balance. By a miracle, negotiators managed to free him and his life was spared,” Julian noted.

“With terrorists breathing down this news organization’s neck, scrutinizing the actions of each of its local reporters, can the BBC allow itself to report objectively in Gaza?”

Does the BBC ever allow itself to report objectively?

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  1. says

    I will write in the morning and ask for retractions from these news agencies. Just got home from work. Too tired right now.

  2. says

    The BBC’s credibility depends on whether or not it can tell the truth about the Gaza terrorists or if it is in bed with them.

    Obviously, the latter is the case. The terrorists let them in if they promise to promote terrorism.

  3. says

    Actually, regardless of who killed his baby, I have no sympathy for Jihad Misharawi, since he proved by his statement about ‘the Jews’ that he is a Jew hater, despite the veneer of neutrality that the BBC likes to put on. Like Rachel Corrie, he got what he deserved. As for his baby, call me cynical, but that kid would have grown up to be another Jew hater in Gaza, so not worth shedding tears over him either.

  4. says

    And the father of the dead kid is called **Jihad**???

    Does nobody actually *think* about this sort of thing?

    Imagine if a German parent named their kid ‘Kampf’?

    I don’t think I’ve seen too many non-Muslim kids running around, called ‘Struggle’ or ‘Battle’ or ‘Fight’. Or, for that matter, ‘Mars’ or ‘Ares’.. .

    There *are* some English and German and Scandinavian names that have military associations if you delve right into their etymology and history, but…most people who hear those names now and then (they’re not the most commonly used ones) would be hard put to it to tell you what they mean.

    Whereas in an Arabic speaking Muslim community, and indeed in *any* Muslim community, *everybody* knows just exactly what ‘Jihad’ means.

    You don’t just casually call a baby ‘Jihad’ the way a western parent calls their kid ‘Mary’ or ‘Tom’.

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    The comment monster ate a comment…

    Who are those guys, no women, no children, no old folks, and how is it a cameraman was right there on the spot? The event may be real enough, but there is something odd about the picture…

  6. says

    It was used on the public at large for propaganda by the jihadists and their useful idiots. A grieving father lashing out, who happens to be an editor for a Liberal/Progressive mainstream media publication, is not the best source for factual reporting. Any decent publication would know that and investigate further, but the self-imposition of Sharia law prevents accurate reporting.

  7. says

    I have no sympathy for anyone with a name like Jihad. He and his’s can go to hell. They hate people. They distort facts to make up a story to polarize others to achieve their agenda.

    I wanna know how many Jewish children died by the Hammas attacks that this SOB reported? I couldn’t find a single article.

  8. says

    These dirtbags stir no sympathy in me at all. Having dealt with the bereaved as a homicide detective, I actually have a warm spot in my cold, cold heart for those torn by the death of a loved one.

    But not these fakers, these pretenders, these savages. They started the whole thing and try to fool us all into believing they’re the victims. I couldn’t care less about the feelings of these animals.

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    Now, is he in agony because he lost a child (given islamic attitudes towards children maybe but not for sure), or because he MAYBE thinks his child was killed by a jew, and not the other way around…. Pardon my cynicism.

  10. says

    Ah! The Muslim Brotherhood and their relationship with the MSM.

    They always but always get their story out first, almost always told as fact by our famed hard working reporters: as was the case with this death of an infant.

    Stupidity and laziness can’t explain it all

    The iconic case of media/Muslim Brotherhood collusion was of course the Bosnian Civil war.

    a The Bosnian Muslim forces occupied the high ground surrounding the Serb territory in Sarajevo: Serb held Grbavica was surrounded by Muslim forces, as was Serb held Vogosca which the Muslim forces could fire at from the neighbouring Zuc mountain.

    b The Serb inhabitants of Lukavica had to be transported along treacherous small roads some 100 – 140 km if they were seriously wounded to the nearest hospital.

    c The Muslim forces dug a tunnel linking Sarajevo with Muslim held Central Bosnia, using it to transport food, etc. The Serb forces never bombed it but could have, for it was a military target: the Muslims transported huge quantities of arms and men through it to.

    d In late 1994 an electricity cable was attached to the tunnel providing sufficient electricity to Sarajevo: President Izetbegovic wrote of this as well as confirming that 1,000’s of tons of arms were transported through the tunnel.

    And so on.

    The MSM reported on none of this during the civil was. NONE.

    Mere laziness and stupidity – though obviously present in generous amounts in Media World – can’t explain it all.

    Which leaves collusion with the MB

  11. says

    Agreed, DDA.

    A few years ago, during a time when a large number of muslim families were enrolling…… I had a student who was named jihad… I found it unsettling, to say the least. He was, like a large minority of the muslim male students, arrogant, and mouthy. A rather poor student, weak on learning ability, and no self discipline. I have found the parents are often open to the west, possibly because they emigrated from a sharia hell hole, and appreciate the improvement, even when conflicted by it. Don’t know that I would bet on their coming down on the side of the west, when push comes to shove.

    One male(genetically at least) teen was such an arrogant ass, that at one point I snapped at him to knock it off (his behaviour), and show his mother proper respect. He was stunned, and his mother was even more stunned. The look on her face was one of delight and gratitude, and she was almost walking on air.

    Criminal what that cult does to people.