Christian protesters decry Muslim mob’s torching of Christian homes following blasphemy charge

They charge that the police don’t help them, which is entirely plausible: over the years we have seen many, many times in different countries that Muslims rampage against non-Muslims and Muslim police stand idly by, as they agree with the beliefs of those who are rampaging.

“Christian protesters decry Muslim mob’s arson spree following blasphemy charge,” by Nasir Habib for CNN, March 10:

Islamabad, Pakistan (CNN) — Outraged Pakistani Christians took to the streets of Lahore on Sunday, protesting a rash of violence against their community over the weekend.

Demonstrators denounced the burning of more than 100 homes of Christians on Saturday — a spree spurred by allegations that a Christian man made remarks against the Muslim prophet Mohammed.

Some of the hundreds of protesters Sunday threw stones at police, saying the government failed to adequately protect Christians, Lahore senior police official Rai Tahir said.

Tahir said video footage of the fires helped lead to the arrests of more than 150 attackers. He said charges of terrorism have been filed against the suspects.

The violence that tore through Lahore’s Badami Bagh community Saturday followed the arrest of Sawan Masih, a Christian in his 20s accused of blasphemy.

But Masih’s arrest wasn’t enough to appease an angry mob of Muslims irate over the alleged crime.

“(The) mob wanted police to hand them over the alleged blasphemer,” said Hafiz Majid, a senior police official in Badami Bagh.

The mob also looted some shops run by Christians, he said.

Majid said Christians have fled the area for fear of being killed.

If convicted, Masih faces the death penalty.

He denies the allegations made by the two men who filed the blasphemy complaint against him with police on Friday, Majid said.

Masih said the three got into an argument while drinking and that the other two men threatened to publicly accuse him of blasphemy, according to Majid.

“The attack is yet another shameful incident against a vulnerable community and further confirmation of the slide toward extremism in society on the one hand and, on the other hand, the apathy and inaction that has become the norm among the police,” the Human Rights Commission of Pakistan said in a statement.

The group accused police of arresting Christians in the incident “while those who went on a rampage and can easily be identified from television footage have gone scot-free.“…

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  1. says

    Look not to blame the victim, but you’re in a muslim country, why is it a surprise that muslims one day will attack you and burn your houses?

    It’s like being a small group of Jews living in Nazi Germany expecting Nazis never to harm you.

    Even Sun Tzu said in the Art of War, when your enemy outnumbers you, avoid them-ie, flee.

    Pakistan used to have 10% population of Christians, most of them wised up and left, the last 0.5% should do the same.

    Then drop neutron bombs on the pakis.

  2. says

    “Masih said the three got into an argument while drinking and that the other two men threatened to publicly accuse him of blasphemy, according to Majid.”

    This guy goes drinking with Muslims, and is surprised when the friendship goes south.

    Treating peaceful Muslims respectfully is very different from going out drinking with them.

    I would say Masih almost qualifies for a Darwin award: taking himself out of the gene pool by means of the extremely stupid act of going out drinking with Muslims.