Free speech protest against University of Pennsylvania cancellation of Narendra Modi speech

Once again an American university demonstrates its authoritarianism and opposition to the freedom of speech. From Atlas Shrugs:

Sign this petition here. and go to the protest if you can.

Protest against Univ of Penn decision on Modi, at U Penn Campus, March 23rd, 12-2:30 PM EST

Americans for Free Speech (AFS) is conducting a demonstration at the University of Pennsylvania campus on Saturday March 23 from 12 PM to 2:30 PM EST on the occasion of Wharton India Economic Forum meeting.  The venue is in front of Penn Museum (on South Street between 33rd and 32nd streets).  The demonstration is against the Wharton India Economic Forum (WIEF) summary dis-invitation of Mr. Narendra Modi after having extended him a formal invitation to be the keynote speaker.  Narendra Modi may be the future Prime Minister of India in the near future.  This craven action was due to Mr. Modi’s alleged human rights violations by only three professors, none of whom are from the business school.  All these charges are patently false based on recent Supreme Court of India report.

Buses are being arranged from Edison, NJ, Jersey City, NJ and Queens, NY.  We request protest attendees to register at our website as soon as possible, so that we can arrange for more buses if needed. US Congressmen, American Civil Rights Groups, and distinguished members of Indian American Community will be speaking at the meeting.

AFS is an organization formed in response to this unprecedented and undemocratic action by the University of Pennsylvania under pressure from a minority of students.  This action makes a travesty of the norms of academic debate in a civilized society.  The protest represents the outrage of the Indian American Community, Wharton and UPenn alumni, UPenn faculty, civil rights groups and other supporters.  We feel that Wharton has done grave injustice to its own principles of Freedom of Speech, to the principles on which our great country is built.

After extensive investigations, the highly respected Supreme Court of India completely exonerated Narendra Modi from charges by ideologues, for whom, sadly, truth does not seem to be the highest virtue.  The émigré Indian community is distressed that a few malafide activists at the University of Pennsylvania are engaging in blatantly false propaganda.  These faculty activists are not only depriving the university of healthy debate but also setting up a bad example with their untruths.  Things have come to such a pass today that these malafide activists repeating unproven and cooked up charges of human rights abuses of Narendra Modi have crossed the line.  They are now abusing the human rights of Narendra Modi himself.

What is even more shameful is that this is being done to a person who has done more for human rights of the minority communities in his state than any other chief minister in India.  His shrewd and sustained economic stewardship giving equal opportunity for advancement to all without discrimination is today considered a beacon without peer in India.  This even by distinguished religious leaders of the minority community in India.   (For specific details, please do visit our website for the various lies and agitprop being propagated against Narendra Modi).

We earnestly request all members of the émigré Indian community and their mainstream friends here to support our demonstration.  Even if you are not in NY/NJ/CT area, please do inform your friends and relatives in this area to come and participate.

Video: Robert Spencer at CPAC "Uninvited" panel
Video: Pamela Geller at CPAC "Uninvited" panel
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  1. Tejpal says

    Though now its old story but still relevant that US still keeps harbouring obnoxious leftist Indian rogue elements who would do anything, like Turjo Ghosh, Angana Chatterjee, Anita Lamba and to make the matters worst, their behind the screen associate another woman viz Arundhati Roy whose link goes right upto the Paki spy Dr Ghulam Nabi Fai (now in US jail) for fraud. So one can imagine their character and integrity. Why does US nurture such rogue elements, I can’t understand…??? People like David Coleman Headley double agent and so many other Islamists and commies.

  2. says

    I note that Narendra Modi was once denied a visa to the USA over violations of religious freedom while he was chief minister of Gujarat. Does anyone know the details on this? I ask because (a) traditionally, this has not been done lightly and (b) I’m not that much of a South Asianist.

    Before I go after Penn State, I’d like to know more. Sometimes, “allies” in the anti-Jihad movement can do more harm than good, as is the case of any struggle. This is why I remain critical of Communist and neo-Communist repression of at least some Muslim communities and skeptical of the genuineness of their willingness to help the US.

  3. says

    Modi is the chief minister of Gujarat a state in India. In 2002 riots broke out in Gujarat after a train carrying Hindu pilgrims going to Ayodhya was burnt down (the perpetrators were muslim) and 60 hindus died. The riots went on for 2 days before the army was brought and the the situation was controlled. 2000 people of which majority were muslims were killed. Modi has been accused of collusion with the rioters for not doing enough to bring the riots under control. He has not been found guilty in any Indian court even after numerous cases against him. But with the help of many activists, he was black listed by the European Union and the USA and denied visas to visit these country.

  4. says

    It’s incredible how influential a small group of loudmouths can be – three professors! At least Pamela and Robert are our loudmouths.

  5. says

    I hope half the demonstrators don’t wind up in Penn state even though it’s a beautiful campus. Also the University of Pennsylvania is surrounded on 3 sides by dangerous areas, they get dangerous west of 40th street, north of Market street and south of Baltimore avenue. These are approximate boundaries since the danger lines don’t fall exactly on the streets. I hope the organizers have thought about parking. I never take a car to Penn so I don’t have to worry about it.

  6. says

    Narendra Modi, a Hindu, is governing Muslims in Gujarat, you can imagine how much they don’t like that. The Hindu riots following the burning of Muslims on a train are the perfect opportunity to bring him down with false allegations especially since Hindu police probably were reluctant to protect Muslims.

  7. says

    People who attend the demonstration should be prepared to answer the media if they’re asked about Human Rights watch’s criticism of Mr. Modi or the State Department’s denial of his visa. Human Right’s Watch gets funding from Saudi Arabia and is known to be an activist organization that uses Human Rights allegations as a weapon. The U.S. state department has a very long history of being pro-Muslim.

  8. says

    As janaki mentioned, Narendra Modi is accused of “not doing enough” to control the riots that ensued in February of 2002 in backlash against Muslim terrorists burning down a train full of Hindu pilgrims.

    It should be noted that Modi had been chief minister at that time for only a few weeks or months. There was also the little matter of the Indian parliament attack that was executed by Pakistani islamic terrorists, which had caused the Indian army to mobilize against the Pakistanis. It was also only a few months after 9/11, a few months after another attack in Srinagar, Kashmir (November 2001) when the disgust at Islamic terrorism was presumably at its highest everywhere.

    Despite many cases against Modi, he has never been charged with any crime. A special investigative team (SIT) appointed by the supreme court of India (which like in the US is an apolitical, independent, well respected institution), did not find that he had committed any criminal offense for which he could be charged and prosecuted. Despite all of this, some left wing cretins continue to go after Modi.

    The irony is that the 3 Indian professors at Penn (of English Literature, not business) who spearheaded the rescinding of the invitation are communist/left wing types who specialize in “post colonial narratives”. The irony is that they are actually subverting the supreme court of India, a “post colonial” country if there ever was one, and giving Indians the impression of American interventionism. For U Penn to be sucked into this is remarkably stupid. After all, I am sure the leftists at Penn also hate American interventionism anywhere, and yet that’s precisely they appear to be doing by taking the word of 3 crackpot leftist professors of “literature” over the word of the Indian supreme court, and the entire business community that has applauded the manner in which the state of Gujarat has posted the highest GDP growth rates for the past 11 years consistently. The Gujarat development story of capitalism, investment, business should resonate with Americans, and not the discarded communist/radical left delusions of Modi’s detractors.

  9. says

    I want to thank Robert and JW for bringing attention to the ridiculous McCarthyist bully tactics by the Left-wing Thought Police, who continue their missions to make campuses into gulags where only their Left-leaning speech is allowed, but where the views of others are suppressed. This is the world that the resurgent rampant Left-wing brown-shirted youth are bringing us.

    Kepha, as an Indian I’m in strong disagreement with your position, which I see as based on ignorance and complete unfamiliarity with reality.

  10. says

    Dear Kepha,

    There is a HUGE difference between Penn and Penn State. The former is one of the eight Ivy League schools, all of which are falling down trying to outpace each other seeing which one can be the most politically correct. The latter is my alma mater, sterling in the agricultural, engineering and earth and mineral sciences areas, and presently besmirched terribly because of the Jerry Sandusky scandal.

    Penn is located in Philadelphia, the place of my birth, and Penn State is located in State College, a classic university town in Centre county—a beautiful college town if ever there were one. For the record, I am convinced that Joe Paterno, a graduate of another Ivy Leage school, Brown, is entirely innocent of the charges leveled against him by the Freeh Report. Just thought I would convey all this to you my friend. Hope you’re doing well.