Hamas-linked CAIR, leftist goons target Indiegogo for AFDI fundraiser

Pamela Geller has the story:

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Islamic supremacist and leftist goons have launched a campaign to intimidate the fundraising site Indiegogo into taking down our AFDI fundraising campaign for our jihad truth ads.

They’re asking their fellow fascists to write to Indiegogo here to complain about their hosting our campaign. So please use that same link to implore Indiegogo not to give in to pressure from Hamas-tied Islamic supremacists. Remind them that Hamas-CAIR’s Zahra Billoo, who has urged people to tweet complaints about our truth campaign to @indiegogo, has advised Muslims to shun law enforcement and called U.S. troops “terrorists.”

True to form, the anti-freedom thugs have deliberately launched this campaign just as Pesach is about to begin — when they know that many freedom fighters will be busy with life.

Don’t let them get a jump on the lovers of freedom. Again: write to Indiegogo here and tweet to @indiegogo thanking them for allowing voices of freedom to use their service.

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  1. says

    Post-moderns of Gen-X have no moral compass apart from post-colonial guilt and anti-racism, poor substitutes for a real code of ethics. They have no moral code and what they take for morality is merely ‘feelings’ imbibed from multi-culti relativism.

    ‘Who are we to judge their violent jihad?’ (then moral equalence:) ‘Aren’t we Americans just as guilty?’

    So they let it slide. Gen-X does not value freedom because they don’t comprehend what it means not to have or to have to fight for it.

  2. says

    Muslims generally attack Jews and Christians during their holy days when their guard is down and they cannot as easily fight back. Muslim conference are usually scheduled at Christmas when there will be less observation. This is Mohammed’s method to attack when his victims were unaware and he could profit from their unreadiness. Muslims must immitate Mohammed.

  3. says

    I sent them a note. I hope it helps, but people are pretty easy to intimidate.
    Maybe what I should have said was: Either youse guys do what we tells you, or you’ll find yourself in cement shoes.

  4. says

    No offense intended to Pamela, freedom fighters “busy with life” on a holy day or a Sabbath when the enemy attacks, might be dead freedom fighters under the worst of circumstance or they might lose a battle under the best of circumstances. The enemy knows. Golda Meir learned that lesson in the early part of the 1973 Yom Kippur war – though her problem was more than an issue of lack of preparation due to the holy day – she bowed to pressure from Kissinger to allow the enemy to attack Israel first, thereby leaving Israel nearly defenseless. The Maccabees learned that hard lesson (I do not think more than once) when the enemy slaughtered Jews on the Sabbath. They did not repeat the mistake.

  5. says

    Islamic supremacist and leftist goons have launched a campaign to intimidate the fundraising site Indiegogo into taking down our AFDI fundraising campaign for our jihad truth ads.

    Isn’t this always the way with Jihadists and their dhimmi stool upporters?

    Anti-Jihad freedom fighters don’t try to limit the freedom of speech of Jihadists, vile though it always is”they just counter the bullsh*t with *truth*.

    But enablers of Jihad always try to limit freedom of speech, including by intimidation and violence. By their fruits you shall know them…