Judge rules against Fort Hood jihad mass murderer: trial will stay in Texas and he can’t plead guilty


He can’t plead guilty in a possible death penalty case. His lawyers, meanwhile, wanted to send jurors a supplemental questionnaire — what do you bet that was full of questions designed to make sure they bought the PC nonsense about Islam being a Religion of Peace? In any case, Hasan continues to tie up infidel resources with frivolous matters: “Judge in Ft. Hood case says Hasan can’t plead guilty,” by Molly Hennessy-Fiske for the Los Angeles Times, March 20:

A military judge ruled Wednesday that an Army psychiatrist charged in the deadly 2009 shooting at Ft. Hood could not plead guilty and that the trial would stay at the Texas base, officials said.

Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan, 42, is charged with 13 counts of premeditated murder and 32 counts of attempted murder in connection with the rampage at the sprawling central Texas Army base, the worst mass shooting on a U.S. military installation.

The judge, Col. Tara Osborn, rejected defense requests to move the trial, to select jurors from a military branch other than the Army and to send jurors a supplemental questionnaire….

Hasan allegedly was inspired by a member of Al Qaeda in Yemen, Anwar Awlaki, an American who was later killed in a U.S. drone strike.

The judge has said she plans to start seating a jury May 29, with testimony expected to begin July 1 and last for months.

The trial was originally scheduled to start last summer but was delayed when Hasan, a Muslim, grew a beard and refused to shave for religious reasons, despite orders and fines imposed by the judge then handling the case, Col. Gregory Gross.

Gross eventually ordered Hasan to shave or be forcibly shaved, and Hasan’s attorneys appealed. In December, the top U.S. military appellate court ruled in Hasan’s favor and removed Gross, whom they said had failed to remain impartial.

Gross’ order that Hasan shave before trial was set aside. Osborn, appointed to replace him, has yet to rule on the beard, although she hinted at a December hearing that Hasan might be able to keep it.

Like Gross, Osborn ruled that under military law, she could not accept a guilty plea from Hasan because he faces capital charges.

If convicted, Hasan faces the death penalty or life without parole. Military commanders gave prosecutors the right to seek the death penalty shortly after Hasan was charged, although his attorneys have requested that the death penalty be removed “” so far, without success….

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Fort Hood jihad mass murderer's trial date finally set
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  1. says

    Hasan allegedly was inspired by a member of Al Qaeda in Yemen, Anwar Awlaki…

    No he wasn’t…He didn’t shout Awlaki Akbar while shooting…Or maybe he did and was just misunderstood…I don’t think, ‘Awlaki made me do it’, is a very good defense…

  2. says

    I thought this was a court marshal. Since when do courts marshal have jurors? Yes, they may have a panel of officers who sit in judgement, but this panel is not the same thing. Who ever heard of a panel member being challenged the way that a civilian juror is challenged? Just another legal lunacy.

  3. says

    Geoffrey Corn, a former Lieutenant Colonel in the Army Judge Advocate Corps and now a professor at the South Texas College of Law in Houston said that after years of wrangling, Osborn is unlikely to accept any defense requests which would delay the court martial.

    “I think she is sensitive to the fact that this has dragged on for a long time, and it’s time to get this case to trial,” he said.


    Let’s hope justice is not delayed further.

  4. says

    If Col. Tara Osborn is so “sensitive,” then why not start the proceedings tomorrow? OK, how about a week from tomorrow? Guess that’s too much to ask after only 3 1/2 years to prepare? This has devolved into yet another islamic circus. And in the end–if we ever even get there–Obama will see to it that this bastard cheats the death-penalty he so richly deserves. This is a truly sickening exposition of our denial and impotence…

  5. says

    Ok, yes, of lesser importance I need to know if perhaps prison garb comes in crewneck? …or in his case burqa-style for men. I mean he’s such an unsightly hairball!

  6. says

    So, the “Major” refuses to shave “for religious reasons”.

    Funny, those same “religious reasons” didn’t stop him from shaving when he wore the uniform, or when he joined the Army in the first place.

    Why now? Ya think he’s trying to make fools out of the court?