Robert Spencer and Michael Coren discuss the new pope and Muslim persecution of Christians

Egypt: Three Christians murdered on church-building rumor
#MyJihad in Libya: Muslim mob attacks Benghazi church for the second time in revenge attack after Christians protest persecution
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  1. says

    Nothing ventured, nothing gained, Mr Spencer.

    You are a Catholic.

    Write to the new Pope, enclosing autographed copies of some of your books – in particular, ‘Religion of Peace: Why Christianity Is, and Islam Isn’t’, and ‘Not Peace But a Sword’ – and politely requesting an audience.

    Beg and implore him to give audiences not only to yourself but to Bat Yeor, Hans Jansen, Giulio Meotti, and Magdi Cristiano Allam . Plead with him to publicly speak out on behalf of apostate-from-Islam Lina Joy (who is Catholic), and also on behalf of Asia Bibi and Rimsha Masih, both of whom, so far as I know, are Catholics.

    A further thought: I would encourage the members of Former Muslims United – whether they be Christian [of whatever tradition] or anything else – to write a letter to the Pope, as well, and ask for an audience.

    Indeed, it might be good if Magdi Allam were to muster up and lead a delegation of ex-Muslims from what Allam called ‘the church of the catacombs’ all over Europe, those who have become Christian – Catholic, Evangelical/ Protestant, Orthodox and now mostly live and worship in hiding under changed names *in Europe* for fear of the Sharia assassins. Let former Muslims, from the Kabyle, from Turkey, from Persia, from Somalia, from Egypt, from Central Asia, step out into the light.

    Let that delegation, of hundreds of people – speaking on behalf of, possibly, thousands – go to on Rome, to St Peter’s Square, at the time of the Papal coronation, and march into that square, in white robes, carrying crosses, and banners with the names and even the faces of all those ex-Muslims from all over who are known to have been imprisoned or even killed for their Christian faith, and publicly call on the Pope – and the Cardinals, and the Bishops, and on the church as a whole – to challenge and denounce the Apostasy Law of Islam and to call upon governments of non-Muslim countries (and in particular, western and nominally Christian countries) to impose real Consequences on Muslim countries that persecute non-Muslims and that practise or condone the persecution and killing of apostates from Islam.